Tastiest, Sweetest Frozen Peas - Mishry Reviews

Tastiest, Sweetest Frozen Peas – Mishry Reviews

Green peas with a seasonal sweet taste are quite hard to come across throughout the year. So, for this review, we decided to find the Tastiest Frozen Green Peas brand to help satisfy your cravings.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Households where Matar-Paneer is enjoyed round the year, buy packets of frozen peas regularly. Especially during off-season months, storing frozen peas in the freezer can come handy when you are making dishes like pulao, aloo-matar and of course, matar paneer. We reviewed three commonly available brands of Frozen Peas in our test kitchen. After tasting and cooking with all three, we found that Safal Frozen Green Peas are indeed the softest, sweetest and tastiest peas (matar) you can have during the off-season months when fresh peas are sparse, but you still crave for them.


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Mishry Top Pick: Tastiest Frozen Green Peas

Safal Frozen Green peas

Safal Frozen Green Peas

For its fresh green, and uniform appearance, and for its unmissable sweetness, Safal Frozen Green Peas emerged as our top pick for the Best Frozen Green Peas in the market.

Why Safal Frozen Green Peas are our Top Pick:

* With peas that have a healthy green hue, are uniformly round and big, Safal Frozen Green Peas were not only visually appetizing, but they also tasted the best when cooked as part of a simple recipe.

* The sweetness of Safal Frozen Green Peas is unmissable, and you could forget that the peas came from the freezer and not from a neighborhood mandi.

* We reviewed frozen peas from some of the most popular brands in the country and based on parameters such as appearance and taste, Safal Frozen Green Peas effortlessly took the top honors.

Our Review Process

Brands We Picked

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Safal Frozen Green Peas

Godrej Yummiez Green Peas

Farm Fresh Frozen Green Peas


How We Picked Our Brands

There is no doubt that the brands that we have picked for your frozen green pea review are well-known. Safal and Godrej are brands that one can consider as household names when it comes to frozen foods. Farm Fresh, on the other hand, is not as well-known as the other two, yet it is emerging as a reliable brand for supplying its customers with some great quality products. In addition to that, all of the brands are in the same price range and are economical.


Who This Is For?


The fondness of green peas is something that everyone shares. Though before you go further in order to find out the best tasting frozen peas, you must note that frozen green peas cannot accurately replicate the kind of taste you get from fresh green peas in general, especially when they are in season. However, if you like the sweet taste of this humble pea all year long, then frozen peas might be an adequate option for the rest of the year.


Tasting: Parameters To Consider


The nutritional content of green peas is just the right way to differentiate between various frozen green pea brands, but because all of them might have the same value of nutrients with respect to their weight, we had to make taste the all-important factor. It was also crucial that the peas looked healthy and were uniform and round. One of the brands was found to have unequal, and almost shriveled peas, appearing to be of lower quality. Since we first eat with our eyes, it is important that we go for options that are appetizing too.


Texture: The texture of these small peas plays an important role in the overall experience linked with its consumption.

Appearance: Amongst the most vital aspects of any food that appeal to a consumer is its appearance. In fact, it is the very first thing that one notices. A frozen green pea still covered in a green pigment would be considered as fresh.

Taste: The list of parameters is incomplete without the addition of taste. As the ultimate test, the taste of the product was out main focus for this taste, but products that fulfill the other two parameters were also flavored.


How We Tasted?


The complete tasting process for these three brands was done in two different stages. The first one was the uncooked stage, in which raw tasting was done, and the brand’s ranking was based on the above-mentioned parameters.


best frozen green pea review
During the first stage, raw peas were judged based on their appearance and freshness.


For our second test, which was the Mishry secret sauce, we decided to stir-fry them along with a few other basic spices. We made sure that the other ingredients don’t suppress the flavor of green peas.


best frozen green pea review
For our second test, we stir-fried some green peas along with other spices.


Results-Based On Initial Raw Tasting


As for our raw green peas tasting, several peas from Farm Fresh and Godrej looked rather yellowish in color, and their taste too lacked that seasonal freshness which is usually associated with green peas. Safal Frozen Green Peas, on the other hand, consisted of large, round peas and they had a bright green color that pointed to their freshness.


Results-Based On Mishry Secret Sauce


The result for our second taste test is similar to that of our first. Safal Frozen Green Peas emerged as our Top Pick in the cooking and taste test that followed. The sweet-seasonal grassy taste had a flavorful impact on the simple dish, and it was tastiest among the other three by far.

Tastiest Frozen Green Peas: Safal Frozen Green Peas


Safal Frozen Green Peas

For its fresh green, and uniform appearance, and for its unmissable sweetness, Safal Frozen Green Peas emerged as our top pick for the Best Frozen Green Peas in the market.

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