The Tastier Lassi: Amul Or Mother Dairy? - Mishry Reviews

The Tastier Lassi: Amul Or Mother Dairy? – Mishry Reviews

There are only two major brands with nationally available sweet lassi packs – Amul and Mother Dairy. In a first, we review a category which has only two major brands. Does your favorite get top honours?

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

After 7 days and close to a dozen bottles/tetra-packs each down, we can say that Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi is our pick for the tastiest & healthiest lassi this summer. It’s got a refreshing taste and the creamier consistency makes it reminiscent of homemade sweet lassi from our childhood.


Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi: 


Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi is sweet and delicious. It’s the perfect drink to cool you down if you have been out in the sun, sweating it out and want something tasty and sweet.

Size: 200 ml, Price: Rs. 20*

*At the time of review

We also liked the easy-to-hold design of the bottle. In addition, it has a short shelf life of 15 days. This means less preservatives/stabilizers (the packaging doesn’t mention either), making it as close to how nature (or your Mom!) intended it to be. For all those reasons, Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi is our Top Pick for the tastiest, and healthiest, lassi this summer.


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Our Review Process:


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How Was Lassi Made In The Good Old Days?

Lassi is amongst the most inexpensive and nutritious drinks you could have during the hot summer months in India. Unlike traditional butter milk, which is the leftover liquid when butter is churned out of cream, lassi is made by churning curd and mixing it with sugar.

Lassi has a thicker consistency than buttermilk, and does not have a slightly sour taste like homemade buttermilk.

Lassi is mostly enjoyed chilled and with sugar. Though some also like it with a little salt and cumin. Buttermilk is almost always consumed with salt, cumin.

The Brands We Picked: 

Amul Lassi (Buy on Amazon)

Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi (Buy on Big Basket)


How We Picked Brands:

This category usually comes alive during summers, so we were actually surprised to see only two brands available everywhere. Considering these are both giant, legacy brands, and the most popular too, we decided to stick to only these two and not consider smaller, local brands that may not be available to a larger set of customers. We hope to update this review as more brands enter the fray!


Who Is The Review For? 

This review is for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and are looking for reasonably priced options for summer coolers. Both our contenders are reasonably priced and available across roadside kiosks as well as large stores across the country.

This review is also for people who like curd-based drinks, be it lassis or chhaas, and have enjoyed these at home over the years.


How We Tested:  

All brands we reviewed were checked for factors such as packaging, information on the nutrition labels and taste.

We arrived at our Top Pick after a series of taste sessions, including a rounds of blind-tastings.

This review was done on the go as well! Drinking these after having been out in the sun is undoubtedly different from enjoying them inside the comfort of an air-conditioned office space. And this is how most customers would usually experience this product category, and that’s what we did too.

We constantly make market visits to check out new products, check availability and source products for our ongoing reviews. We are often out during the hottest part of the day for these routine visits. Out in the sun, the creamier Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi provided the prefect relief.

But Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi came out tops on another crucial factor.

At Mishry we know, and as has been proven without a doubt, that the food we eat contributes heavily to our health. We know that when our readers are looking for something tasty, it does not automatically translate to something that is bad for health. It is something that we consciously keep at the back of our minds when reviewing products. In this case, Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi’s listed ingredients show no addition of preservatives. A short shelf life further alludes to that. This factor further contributed to its eventual ratings.


The Contender: Amul Lassi

Amul Lassi comes is a white colored tetra pack in two size variants. Its a good looking pack and has a hint of rose in it.


Amul Lassi has a mild rose flavor

The mild rose flavoring and will be liked by those who prefer their lassi with additional flavors. Amul Lassi has a shelf life of 180 days and when you are looking to stock up, this one could your choice of lassi.



Mother Dairy Sweet Lassi is our Top Pick for the tastiest (and healthiest) packaged sweet lassi to buy this season. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! If you don’t, please tell us why! And, which one is your favourite from this list. 

Food & Beverage is a constantly evolving segment with new categories of products being launched daily. Our endeavor here is to help shoppers buy better. Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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