Best Buttermilk Brands (Chaas) To Buy To Buy In India - Mishry Reviews

Best Buttermilk Brands (Chaas) To Buy To Buy In India – Mishry Reviews

Hot summer months need cool refreshing drinks. Lassi and Chaas are amongst the most popular curd-based drinks we can all enjoy in the summer season. We reviewed 5 popular buttermilk brands to tell you the best one.

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Summers are here, and so is our constant search for chilled beverages. One of the best ways to quench thirst in these hot days is to drink buttermilk or chaas, which is commonly consumed in southern regions. While most people like to make buttermilk at home, there are some who generally prefer this drink on the go. There are a few buttermilk brands that are available in the Indian market. We reviewed 5 popularly available buttermilk brands in search of the tastiest and healthiest packaged chaas this season. We looked for a combination of taste and health and found Mother Dairy Tadka Chach to be our Top Pick.


Best Chaas/ButterMilk To Buy: Mother Dairy Tadka Chach


Mother Dairy Tadka Chach pack is a spicy combination of curd, jeera and green chilli. We like its refreshing taste and the flavorful green chilli kick at the end. Mother Dairy Tadka Chach has no added preservatives as per the brand and comes in an easy to hold green bottle.

Size: 200 ml, Price: Rs. 10*

*At the time of review


Also Recommended: Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Our Review Process


The Buttermilk Brands We Picked: 

Mother Dairy Tadka Chach (Buy On Big Basket)

Mother Dairy Masala Chach (Buy On Big Basket)

Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk (Buy On Basket)

Paper Boat Buttermilk (Buy On Big Basket)

Verka Namkeen Lassi (Buy On Big Basket)


Brands we picked during out review process


How We Picked Brands:

We picked all brands that offer buttermilk/chach/namkeen lassi. The idea was to find the best ‘savory’ lassi – from a taste, convenience and health perspective. Since this category is most a active only for a limited amount of time, we didn’t want to restrict brands. We noticed that the only major thing different across all buttermilk brands is their flavor combinations. Some put a hint of green chilli flavoring, while other may go strong on zeera or ginger. Well, this only tells us that buttermilk could be made in so many ways.

We also didn’t distinguish between packaging type and included both tetra packs and bottles.

Mother Dairy, in fact, has another savory variant, in addition to our winner (Mother Dairy Tadka Chach) The other one is called Masala Chach and comes in a tetra pack. Amul was also close, however, it didn’t win on the taste front.

The buttermilk brands we found are available across offline and online stores.


Mother Dairy Tadka Chach and Mother Dairy Masala Chach


Who Is The Product Review For? 

Everyone has their own recipe for buttermilk/chach in India. Some like it with zeera and salt alone, and others may want to add fresh coriander, or even curry leaves to it. Of course, nothing beats a glass of homemade chach! But if you like the idea of a savory curd-based drink like buttermilk to cool you down on the go, then you should definitely check out our recommended buttermilk brands.


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How To Set Dahi (Curd) The Right Away

A word of caution: Always only pick milk and curd based drinks like buttermilk or lassi from vendors who have appropriate refrigeration facilities, especially during summers. While tetra packs usually need no refrigeration until opened, bottles and other types of packaging may need to be kept in cool conditions for them to be fit for consumption. Check for shelf life and do not consume if the bottle seems puffy or leaking. Also shake well before you consume as all the masala tends to settle on the bottom on the pack.


How We Tested:  

We conducted several blind-tasting sessions and included brands that included Mother Dairy, Amul, Paper Boat, Verka, etc. and found the tastiest buttermilk. We observed all labels of the buttermilk brands closely to see nutrition values since we were also looking for healthier options.

Conclusion: Mother Dairy Tadka Chach is our Top Pick for the Best Chaas/Buttermilk brand to buy this season.

Buttermilk is a simple beverage that is made using curd, water and ingredients like salt, pepper, and green chillies and is popularly consumed in India. Buttermilk has a thick texture than that of milk, but it is not heavy on your tummy. This creamy product is perfect to quench thirst on a hot summer day, especially when you are not at home. Mostly, packaged buttermilk has a shelf life of about a week, and on the other hand, homemade buttermilk has a little more than 10 days of shelf life. Not only buttermilk is a cooling beverage, but it is also healthy. Read more benefits of buttermilk here:


  1. Buttermilk is loaded with calcium, which is important for strengthening bones and teeth.
  2. Buttermilk is a great remedy for acid reflux. Ingredients like pepper help fight against acidity in the stomach. Pepper helps neutralize the pH levels, therefore, keeping it away from acidity.
  3. Buttermilk is perfect for stimulating your digestion process, which is why it is mostly advised to drink buttermilk after meals. In case you experience discomfort due to indigestion, you know, buttermilk is the solution. Acid reflux can be very discomforting, therefore, you can easily bring buttermilk to your rescue.
  4. Buttermilk is naturally hydrating, which is why it makes for a great drink for summers. So, drink as much buttermilk to avoid heat stroke.
  5. The salt in the buttermilk helps keep the sodium levels up to the mark, especially when you lose most of it while sweating in the sweltering heat. Adding salt and black pepper can help keep your pH levels in check.
  6. The best part about having this product is that there no added preservatives and no added colors or added flavors.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! If you don’t, please tell us why! And, which one is your favourite from this list. 

Food & Beverage is a constantly evolving segment with new categories of products being launched daily. Our endeavour here is to help shoppers buy better. Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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