Mamaearth Natural Henna Paste Review - Mishry Finds (2023)
mamaearth natural henna paste review

Mamaearth’s Natural Henna Paste Could Be Better. Here’s Why! (2024)

Mamaearth Natural Henna Paste is a ready-to-use natural hair color. Convenient packaging and usage aside, we do not recommend this for its inconsistent results.

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
3.5 / 5


This Natural Henna Paste by Mamaearth impressed us with the packaging and overall convenience of application. Inconsistencies in results were disappointing. This could not cover greys as efficiently.

Greying hair could lead to a lot of stress and vice versa. Covering greys is no easy task especially if you are concerned about hair damage due to excessive coloring. Synthetic colors can damage the quality of your hair in the long run, which is why a lot of people are now opting for traditional hair coloring methods – henna.

But lets get this straight, it’s a comparatively lengthier process, although natural and safe for prolonged use.

Mamaearth is now a well established name in the beauty segment. Our team of researchers at Mishry ordered Mamaearth’s Natural Henna Paste to check how effective the results are. We practically examined the product and here’s what we think. Is the product worth trying? Let’s find out.  

Quick details of Mamaearth’s Natural Henna Paste : 

Mamaearth Henna Paste Product Details
Price ₹ 249 (at the time of review)
Special Feature Direct application 
Mishry Rating 3.5
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Mishry’s Experience

This comes in a squeezy pouch pack. A 200 gm pack is priced at Rs 249/-.The main ingredients include water, henna, coffee, indigo an d manjishtha amongst others.

Mamaearth Henna Paste has a deep, dark shade which is a blend of olive green and brown. It has a smooth, thick consistency. This is packed in a pouch and can be closed, stored, and reused. 

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The application is effortless, you just need to loosen it with a brush and apply. No additional ingredients are to be added. 

Henna color is best observed a day or two after application and that’s what we did. However, the results are not as expected. This could  not cover greys as efficiently. If you’re looking for full coverage, this is not for you. This would be ideal for smaller touch ups.

mamaearth natural henna paste packaging
Quick look at the packaging of the product.
mamaearth henna paste review process
Review process of Mamaearth's Natural Henna Paste.
mamaearth henna paste result
The final result was not impressive!


The ingredients are natural but this product does not really perform well.

Performance - 3/5

Ease of Use

This henna paste offers a beginner-friendly application.

Ease Of Use & Ingredients - 4/5

Mamaearth Natural Henna Paste Highlights


Perfect for all hair types


It comes in a pouch pack


It is to be applied directly with a brush

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mamaearth natural henna paste.

This is to be applied directly. You can use a dyeing brush and gloves.

No, this is made with all natural ingredients. It is crucial to perform a patch test beforehand.

Henna is a natural hair coloring agent. It is derived from the leaves of the Lawsone plant.

This depends on how frequently you wash your hair. One application should last 3-4 weeks.

Final Words

Mamaearth’s Natural Henna Paste offers convenient application and packaging. However, this does not perform too well and was unable to cover greys efficiently. The results were inconsistent which is why we rated this 3.5 on 5.

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