Mahak Milk-N-Nut Review - This Candy From Mahak Group Is YUM!

Mahak Milk-N-Nut Review – This Candy From Mahak Group Is YUM!

Fan of the coconut flavor? Then you will love this! Read our review of the Mahak Milk-N-Nut toffee to know more about its taste and texture.

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4 / 5


Milk-N-Nut coconut toffees are sweet, chewy and quite delicious. The coconut flavor in them is unmissable. This is surely one of the best coconut flavored candies we had.

The rustling of the candy wrappers brings joy to our faces as free dhaniya-mirchi does. Our taste buds may become refined with age; we are never too old for candies and toffees. Now, are we? While chocolate, orange, and caramel candies are common and extremely loved, coconut candies also have loyal takers. Coconut flavors complement beautifully with candies and desserts, which is why the Mahak Milk-N-Nut is a hot selling item online.

We reviewed the Mahak Milk-N-Nut Toffee to see if its claim of ‘Toffee nahi, mithai hai‘ stands true. Is this candy a coco-nutty delight or not? Read our #FirstImpression to find out.

Facts About Mahak Milk-N-Nut

*According to information on the pack


  • Each candy is 3 grams each.
  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • Best before 9 months from date of manufacturing.
  • 100 grams of the product provides 400.7 Kcal of energy.


#FirstImpression Of Mahak Milk-N-Nut (Naryal Mithai)

Price and packaging – The Mahak Milk-N-Nut comes in a blue pack and the toffees are individually wrapped. A pack that contains 100 toffees is priced at Rs 100/-. So that comes to 1 toffee for 1 rupee each.


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Mahak Milk-N-Nut Toffee Candy

Ingredients – Liquid glucose, sugar, nariyal powder (9.4%), milk solids (6.8%), edible hydrogenated vegetable fat, rice crispies, emulsifiers. It contains permitted synthetic food colors and artificial coconut flavor.


Mahak Milk-N-Nut Candy

Texture and taste – When we review candies, our prime parameter is taste and how chewy or brittle it is. The Mahak Milk-N-Nut is delicious and we loved it for its coconuty taste.

The taste of this sweet, coconut rich candy is spot on and the rich nariyal aftertaste is extremely yum. It is one of those candies that start off being chewy and then dissolve away quickly. Even though it is mostly sugar, in the end, you feel you have tiny flakes of desiccated coconut left in your mouth.


Coconut lovers will love Mahak Group’s Milk-N-Nut Candy

The taste of the coconut candy takes you back to your childhood days when toffees were an everyday staple. If you keep the fact aside that it only has 9.4% coconut powder and the rest is liquid glucose, it is a really nice candy.


Mahak Milk-N-Nut

The coconut candy is delicious and chewy. We loved the Mahak Milk-N-Nut Toffee.

MRP – Rs 100/-

Number of toffees – 100

*Price at the time of review

You literally cannot stop at one if you love coconut flavors.


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