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maggi masala onion poha review

Maggi Masala Onion Poha Review – Healthy And Tasty

Will Maggi’s Masala Onion Poha remind you of mom-made goodness? Read our review to know more.

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Poha is one of the most loved breakfast foods throughout India. Crunchy peanuts, some sautéed onions, and potatoes with curry leaves and spices are mouth-watering. Every grandma has her own recipe which the grandkids have proclaimed as ‘the best poha ever’. Some stay classic with potatoes and onions while some add tomatoes and load it up with veggies. Which is your favorite version of the good old poha? 

Lately, as there has been significant growth in packaged foods with instant meals, big brands have been launching desi breakfast foods. Maggi went the desi way too and introduced poha which can be made in minutes by just adding warm water. We tried Maggi’s Masala Onion Poha and here is our #FirstImpression.

maggi masala onion poha
Maggi Masala Onion Poha

Maggi’s Masala Onion Poha is tasty and reminiscent of the same old Maggi flavor.

Maggi Masala Onion Poha – What You Need To Know

Sr No.



1. M.R.P. 25 INR
2. Net Weight 65 grams
3. Main Ingredients Rice Flakes, Palm Oil, Roasted Peanut and Mixed Spices.
4. Calories Provides 242 calories per pack
5. Shelf Life 9 months from the manufacturing date
6. Contains Added Flavors (Natural and Nature Identical Flavors)
7. Allergy Information May contain Gluten and Milk

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Maggi Masala Onion Poha- Detailed Review

After analyzing and tasting Maggi masala onion poha, we are here to share how it tastes like along with everything you need to know about the product before adding it to your pantry.

1. Price

It is priced at just Rs 25/- which is very affordable, but we feel that the quantity is a little less if someone is very hungry and needs to fill themselves up. It provides 260 calories and is a good snacking option for sure.

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2. Packaging 

Maggi Masala Onion Poha comes in a small yellow and blue packet.

3. Ingredients

We know what goes in the homemade poha. So, let’s check out the ingredient list of Maggi masala onion poha. The brand has listed an in-detail ingredient list with the percentage it’s been used.

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The ingredients are – rice flakes (74.3%), palm oil, roasted peanuts (3.6%), mixed spices (3.3%). It also contains added flavors.

dry mix of maggi masala onion poha in a glass bowl
In the making – Maggi Masala Onion Poha 

4. Instructions to Make

We added 70 ml water to 65 grams of Maggi poha. According to the pack, 70 ml is sufficient, but we felt it was too little and added 20 ml more. Once you add lukewarm water just mix it properly so that the masala and hot water are evenly distributed in the entire bowl. We still felt that 90 ml was not enough and made Maggi Masala Onion Poha again. This time we added a little more than 100 ml and this time the rice flakes were plump and soft.

5. Taste & Flavor

Maggi Masala Onion Poha has a lemony flavor. It has hints of jeera and hing. Thankfully, it is spiced mildly and is not over-salted like some of the packaged products you usually find in the market. The peanuts, curry leaves and onions add a wonderful crunch to it. 

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Final Words

The poha is quite tasty and reminds you a bit of the same old Maggi flavor. On a side note, if they added some more peanuts to the poha, it would have been even better.

Overall, Maggi’s Masala Onion Poha is a tasty treat if you are pressed for time and need some poha loving on a busy morning.

Tip – Add some bhujia and lemon juice on top of your poha for that yummy crunchy experience.

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