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This Boho Macrame Wall Hanging Is Just Under 400 Bucks! Mishry Finds

Planning to add a bohemian style decor to your home? Consider purchasing this gorgeous macrame wall hanging.

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4 / 5


Need a boho element in your home? This off-white macrame wall hanging comes in a set of 2 and we loved the quality it offers.

Wall decor adds character to a plain, boring wall. While some prefer a minimalistic look or an elegant mirror, some like to make it fun and boho. If you fall under the last category, then this is for you.

This wonderful macrame wall decor is our most recent Amazon find. Macrame is a form of textile art produced by creating knots. This wall art is perfect for any house wall because it is simple in design and easy to style. 

Read our post below for additional information about the product. Add to cart or not? Let us examine.

Quick product details of the macrame wall decor : 

Macrame Woven Wall Hanging

Product Details 
Price  Rs. 429 (at the time of review)
Special Feature  Easy to Style 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating  4

Mishry’s Experience

Add an artistic touch to your walls with this aesthetically designed macrame wall decor. It features beautiful knots and has a well-designed pattern. Easy to style, we quite loved this minimalistic decor item.

close look at the macrame wall decor
A close view of the macrame wall hanging design.
review in process of the macrame wall decor
This macrame wall hanging can be placed in multiple ways.

Design and Appearance 

In terms of the design, this macrame wall décor is simple and the muted white-beige tone looks extremely elegant. Place it on an empty wall that needs to be jazzed up a little. Add a few planters around this to amp up the space. 

Design - 4.5/5

Quality/ Performance

This macrame wall décor is a handmade product. It is made using cotton material and showcases excellent durability. The best part is that it is easy to hang and remove. 

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Quality/Performance - 4.5/5

Features Of Macrame Wall Decor


It has a size of 20 x 33 cm


It has an off white color


Durable cotton

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on macrame wall decor.

Yes. The material of this macrame wall decor is extremely durable.

There are multiple places wherein you can hang this macrame decor item such as – living room, or bed room. In addition, you can also place it on a shelf to add some warmth and chic decor look. 

Macrame is usually made using these materials – cotton twine, linen, jute, leather, yarn, nylon, and hemp.

Macrame is essentially a crafting technique that uses knots to create different textiles. In other words, it makes use of knots to form the basic shape of a given piece.

The three main types of macrame knots are – the square knot, the spiral knot and the half-hitch knot.

Final Words

Macrame wall decor items are a fun, boho-style addition to your home decor. We quite liked this product for its durability and how easy it is to style this with other elements.

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