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lobhan dhoop cups

These Loban Dhoop Cups Are Perfect For The Festive Season – Mishry Finds

These lobhan dhoop cups are filled with enticing fragrance and a must buy for your pooja ghar. More details on the product below.

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4 / 5


These loban dhoop cups have an intense aroma and result in a long-lasting fragrance. You can use them during festivals or while performing pooja at home.

Lighting agarbattis, incense sticks, and dhoop is a common tradition in every family. Many people believe that burning them removes negative energy and purifies their homes. While looking for our next Amazon finds, we stumbled across these lobhan dhoop cups.

These cups are good for releasing positivity and imparting a natural aroma. Burning lobhan dhoop cups has numerous benefits, including calming the mind, purifying the air, and leaving an alluring scent.

Discover the transformative power of lobhan dhoop cups in our comprehensive article below. Explore how these little wonders can elevate your daily rituals and create a more harmonious living environment.

Quick product highlights about lobhan dhoop cups : 

Lobhan Dhoop Cups Product Details 
Price  Rs. 199 (at the time of review)
Special Feature Enchanting fragrance 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating  4.5

Features of the Lobhan Dhoop Cups

Burning Time

These dhoop cups have a burning time of 20 minutes


You can light these dhoop cups during pooja and other festive occasions


1. It has a long-lasting powerful fragrance

2. Made from natural organic herbs

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Mishry’s Experience

We tested these lobhan cups as part of our Festive special Mishry finds. It is easy to use and delivers a mesmerizing fragrance. There are 12 cups included in one tray which are neatly placed. All you need to do is light the lobhan cup over a large flame, place it on a steel plate and you are good to go. These are economically priced and perfect to use during festivals and other rituals. 

lobhan dhoop cups quick look
Quick look at the lobhan dhoop cups.
lobhan dhoop cups review in process
These impart a long-lasting fragrance.


These lobhan cups are easy to use and convenient to place. For using them, all you need to do is light them over a large flame (preferably) and you are good to go. In addition, it comes with a steel burner plate wherein you can conveniently place them on the steel burner plate.

Usage - 4/5

Burning Time

These lobhan cups have a burning time of around 20 minutes.

Burning Time - 4/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on lobhan dhoop cups.

These lobhan cups have a burning time of 20 minutes.

This is a personal preference. But the main difference between dhoop and incense sticks is that the latter imparts a long-lasting fragrance whereas the former produces more intense smoke.

There are 12 lobhan cups included in one tray. 

Traditionally apart from loban, these usually have yellow mustard seeds, cow dung, camphor and other herbs like nagarmotha, guggal, and jatamansi. The composition might differ from brand to brand.

Final Words

This was a quick review of the lobhan dhoop cups, tried and tested by Mishry. The attributes for which we give the product a thumbs up are – its convenient usage, enticing fragrance, and economic pricing. Perfect for poojas and other festivals, these are a must to include in your pooja ghar

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