List Of Vrat-Friendly Products We Found on JioMart
navratri products jiomart

List Of Vrat-Friendly Products We Found on JioMart

Looking for some fast-friendly Navratri products? Check out this list of products from JioMart curated by Mishry.

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If you thought observing the Navratri fast consists of boring, bland meals for nine days, you’re wrong. From wholesome meals to filling snacks, our list of Vrat-friendly products for Navratri from JioMart features savory snacks, some desserts, and a few essentials. 

Have a flavorful fast!

Do note that these products have not been tested by our team. Products are not arranged by any hierarchy or preference.

Fast-Friendly Products on JioMart


Quick and delicious, you may want to add these snacks to your regular diet.

1. Mother’s Recipe Sabudana Papad with Sendha Namak

mother’s recipe sabudana papad with sendha namak

This pack holds 75-grams of ready-to-use sabudana papad. It is prepared using vrat-friendly ingredients like sabudana (sago) and sendha namak. This can be served as a snack or a crispy side dish with meals.

2. Indiyum Vrat Special Foxnut

indiyum vrat special foxnut

This container holds 90 grams of roasted, salted foxnuts that are homestyle. Also known as makhana or popped lotus seeds, this makes for a nutritious snack that has a low glycemic index. 

3. Lion Dates

lions date

This pack contains 500 grams of deseeded dates. The brand boasts of consistent taste and quality. Naturally sweet, these dates may help curb dessert cravings. A filling and tasty snack could be a banana milkshake sweetened with these dates.

4. Laxmi Narayan Potato Chiwda

laxmi narayan potato chiwda

Addictive snacking with this chiwda mix that is made using potatoes, cashews, peanuts, coconut and all things yum! It uses groundnut oil and vanaspati as sources of fat.


1. Gajanann Foods Upavas Bhajani

gajanann foods upavas bhajani

This 200-gram pack of upvas bhajani is a blend of vari (barnyard millet), rajgira, and sabudana. This product claims to be prepared with the traditional proportion of ingredients for the signature taste and texture. 

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2. Good Life Sava Rice

good life sava rice

This is a 500-gram pack of sava rice. It is packed in a non-resealable pouch. You can prepare a savory khichdi or a sweet kheer using this.

These are larger than semolina but smaller than sago. Though it is called rice, these do not have the fluffy texture.


1. Tanawade Sabudana Kheer Mix

tanawade sabudana kheer mix

Dessert cravings hitting hard? Gathering ingredients seems like a task? 

Tanawade’s Sabudana Kheer mix may be the solution. This pouch holds 150-grams of the mix that prepares sabudana kheer in three simple steps. Add milk, stir until boiled, and serve warm or chilled. 

The ingredients used are sago, sugar, cashew nut, almond, pista, and cardamom. 

2. Suhani Elaichi Rajgira Tukda

suhani elaichi rajgira tukda

Suhani’s Rajgira Tukda is made using just four ingredients. Peanuts, jaggery, rajgira and elaichi come together to make a healthy, wholesome dessert-bite. This is a vrat-friendly dessert that you cannot say no to.

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In Conclusion

These are a few must-have Jiomart products we recommend you keep at hand during Navratri.

How do you plan to celebrate these nine days of fun and food this year?

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