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fruits that start with letter x

List of Fruits That Start With X

Eating fruits is an enjoyable start to your regular day. Adding fruits to your breakfast can elevate your mood by levels. Not only are they packed with minerals and vitamins, but are also exploding with flavors.

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There cannot be a better way of starting your day than a bowl full of delicious, distinct and diverse fruits. Speaking of distinct, let us explore the fruits of letter X. Searching for a fruit that starts with X isn’t easy. It might take you hours to think about just one. But thankfully, you will have to spend only minutes to know all that there is about fruits that start with X. 

This article is all about fruits that start with X.

Here is a list of all fruits starting with X.

Fruits Beginning With X

Read this list to increase your knowledge in the fruits category, at least for the fruits that start with X.

1. Xigua

xigua fruit
Xigua Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]

This is a watermelon that is found in Africa. This is the first fruit that starts with X. It has a yellowish-green exterior and red fleshy interior. Its scientific name is Citrullus Lanatus and it is a rich source of vitamin C.

2. Ximenia Caffra

ximenia caffra
Ximenia Caffra [ Image Credit: WIkipedia ]

It is the scientific name of sourplum and is known by many names. Among other fruits that start with X, this is rich in potassium and has a sour taste.

3. Xylocarp

afzelia xylocarpa fruit
Afzelia Xylocarpa [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]

This fruit has a hard exterior and is similar to coconut. It is relatively large in size and its scientific name is Afzelia Xylocarpa. This is the last of fruits that start with X.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the fruits that commence with the letter X.

1. Which of the fruits starting with letter X have the highest water content?

Xigua, a watermelon found in Africa, has the highest water content. Watermelons have more than 90% water content in them.

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2. Are smoothies and juices of the fruits just as nutritious as eating fruits?

To obtain all the nutrients and benefits from the fruits, it is better to consume them raw. Once the fruit is juiced or turned into smoothies, some of its nutritional value is lost during the process.

Smoothies and juices can be made more nutritious by adding nutritious additions such as seeds, nuts or dry fruits.

3. Which of the fruits starting with letter X are rich in proteins?

A 100 grams of a ripe Ximenia Caffra has a protein content of 18%.

4. Which of the fruits starting with letter X are rich in Vitamin C?

Xylocrap, also known as Afzelia Xylocarpa, has high levels of Vitamin C. The 100 grams of the edible part of this fruit has 160,26 mg of Vitamin C. 

Another fruit that has a high content of Vitamin C is Ximenia Caffra also known as sour plum. 

Final Words

This is all we have for fruits of letter X.

Fruits that start with X are already quite rare and exquisite. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try them. Keep trying other fruits of the letter a, b, c or whatever you like for a healthy body. In addition to that, keep reading about fruits beginning with other letters as well. Fruits starting with different letters have varied names but they all are beneficial to us in some way or the other, so try to know about as many as possible. 

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