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A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits

This article is about different season fruits in India and summer fruits in particular. A list of summer fruits is given here, along with their health benefits. The importance of consuming seasonal fruits is also discussed here elaborately.

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Season fruits are those which grow in a particular season. They need that specific temperature and weather to grow and bloom. Thus, we have several seasonal fruits. These fruits make every season more special. They also help us to cope up with the changing season. For example, the list of summer fruits includes watermelon. Watermelon is 90% made of water. So it keeps us hydrated and provides us all the necessary nutrients to survive the heat. Thus, all-season fruits benefit our health and keep us fit.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits

There is a wide variety of seasonal fruits in India. Every season, you can see a large variety of fruit in India harvested in the fields. There are summer fruits, winter fruits, spring fruits, and many others. Some fruits and vegetables also grow throughout the year. Let us talk about some of the fruits available in India.

Different seasonal fruits

Let us talk about season-wise fruits in India.

List of all-season fruits

These fruits grow throughout the year. The weather charge doesn’t influence their growth.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits

The list of all-season fruits is given below:

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  • Avocados
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Coconut
  • Papaya
  • Lemon
  • Kiwano

List of summer fruits

These fruits in India are considered the tastiest and juicy fruits. These summer season fruits in India grow throughout the summer. All of them are rich in nutrients.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits

Indian summer fruits include:

  • Pear
  • Mango
  • Cherries
  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Grapes
  • Muskmelon
  • Jackfruit
  • Lime
  • Peaches
  • Watermelon
  • Apple
  • Mulberry
  • Black plum

List of winter fruits

These fruits grow from December to February. Winter season fruits in India only last for a few months, but they are great for our health.

The list of winter fruits in India includes:

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  • Orange
  • Cherimoya
  • Dates
  • Grape
  • Kiwifruit
  • Pear
  • Tangerines
  • Pummel

List of spring fruits

Spring is the best time for fruits and flowers. It is the time of bloom. Nature is filled with flowers and fruits during the spring season.

The list of spring season fruits in India includes:

  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Oranges
  • Apricots
  • Melon
  • Honeydew
  • Lychee

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits

So this is the list or list of the seasonal fruits of fruits that grow in different seasons in India. This list is enough to give one a broad overview of Indian seasonal fruits.

What are summer fruits?

Summer can be challenging for survival. Summer fruits in India help one by providing all the hydration and nutrients during summer. All the mentioned summer fruits are available throughout the summertime. The fruits grown in summer need heat and warm temperatures for growth to harvest during the summer season in India. All of them have the best taste and flavor.

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Summer fruits in India: List of summer fruits

Tasty summer fruits make summer extra special to us. Because India is a tropical nation, we enjoy summer for a longer time. Usually, summer stays from March to June in India. We also suffer side effects.

Indians have to face an excessive amount of summer heat compared to many other nations around the world. This affects our bodies a lot. Most of us suffer from dehydration and sunburns. But still, we wait for summer because, in summer, we get to taste all the juicy and tasty fruits in summer.

Fruits of summer give us the required energy boost that we need during the heat of summer days. Fruits available in summer are loaded with essential minerals and water that cool our bodies and reduces our tiredness. A glass of fresh fruit juice during summer days tastes heavenly. A list of summer fruits is given below that includes all the worth mentioning summer-special fruits.


Mango is a major fruit belonging to the list of summer fruits. It is also called the King of all fruits and the national fruit of India. Its tasty pulpy wonder makes us fall in love with it. This fruit of India is mentioned in Hindu Puranas and Vedas.

There are various types of mangoes available in India. They are:


This type of mango has a mixed flavor of tanginess and sweetness. This mango can be easily identified as it has a red color on its outside mixed with yellow.

It is grown in Maharashtra. This mango is quite large, weighing between 150 to 300 grams. This breed of mango is the most expensive. This mango has a hint of red color on its top.


This mango was introduced in the sixteenth century during the reign of Sher Shah Suri. The mango was named after a small town in Bihar. It has bright yellow skin.


This type of mango has a sweet taste and aroma. It is very popular in Orissa and West Bengal and has a net weight of around 300 grams. These are green outside with a juicy creamy pulp inside.


It was originated in Varanasi. Its name is very significant. The word ‘Langra’ means a man without a leg. This mango was first cultivated by a farmer who has lost one leg. This mango is green in color even after it gets fully ripe.

So these are the major types of mangoes available in summer. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, C, D. calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, and beta carotene. So, they make the best fruit in India during summer.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Mango is a fiber-rich low-calorie fruit


Watermelons make great summer fruit. On hot summer days, tasty and juicy watermelon is all you need. They will soothe your soul and fill up your heart with joy. That is why watermelons are one of the most popular fruits in the list of summer fruits. 94% of a watermelon weight consists of water. So, to restore the water balance in our body, watermelons are a great option.

Another interesting fact about watermelon is that they are negative calorie fruits, which means they burn our calories. So, if you are planning to go on a diet, include watermelons in the list. You can add watermelon to your diet in many forms, such as have it as a fruit or can it in salads by cutting it into different forms and shapes.

Watermelons also have vitamin C, A, and lycopene. All of them are great for our heart, hair, skin, and eye health. All the nutrients present in watermelon also cool our bodies and remove all toxins. The minerals present in watermelon make our bones strong. They also prevent cell damage and heart disease.

During summer, watermelon grows abundantly, so we can say, summer is the watermelon season in India.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Watermelons are 92% water


It is also known as Cucumis melo or Kharbooza. It is one of the most cultivated and loved fruit in the list of summer fruits in India. They are very refreshing and nutritious fruits and fall among the summer fruits list. The cantaloupes derive their bright color from beta-carotene, and the antioxidant is great for our eye health.

Muskmelon is very rich in vitamin A and C. vitamin C present in muskmelon keeps our skin lively and prevents infection. Even Muskmelon seeds can be consumed as a snack. The high level of the alkaline present in muskmelon makes it a great summer fruit. They keep our bodies hydrated and reduce acidic effects. They act as a great body cooler.

Research says that one cup of muskmelon fulfills the 50% of vitamin A and C requirements of our bodies daily. With vitamin A, C, iron, magnesium, and other minerals, Muskmelons are a must-have summer fruit of India.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Muskmelons are loaded with important nutrients


These are sweet and sour fruits. Mulberries are not only about flavor, they are also beneficial for our health. Since ancient times, mulberries have been used for medical purposes. The whole plant has different medical uses. All its parts are very rich in antioxidants.

They also help to fight cancer. These small berries are great for our digestion and are overloaded with vitamin C. As we all know, vitamin C is good for our skin, hair, and overall health. Due to their numerous benefits, they are worth mentioning in the list of summer fruits.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Mulberry’s most species are cultivated in Asia

Black plum

It has a rich color that makes the Indian fruit very vibrant. This dark color comes from its rich antioxidants. Black plum is also called ‘the fruit of Gods’ and is packed with iron, vitamin C, and calcium. It also has a fair amount of vitamin B.

So, they are not only tasty, but you get a lot of health benefits. Thus, they make a great variety in the list of summer fruits.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Black Plum is an evergreen tropical fruit


Kiwi is another fruit in the list of summer fruits. These are full of nutrition and fulfill the nutrient needs of our bodies effectively during summer. Kiwi is packed with vitamin A, C, B6, iron, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and folate neutralizes the PH balance in our bodies and makes our immunity system stronger. They are a great blood count increase.

Heart, liver, hair, and skin get benefited if we consume kiwi regularly. Last but not least, they heal sleeping disorders. Kiwi is one of the most loved fruits in India.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Kiwi is enriched with rich nutritional values


Oranges contain almost 80% water and 20% fruit pulp. It makes them an important Indian fruit in the list of summer fruits as these keep our bodies hydrated and provide the necessary nutrients. As we sweat heavily during summer days, we lose body potassium. Oranges are packed with potassium. They fulfill the requirement of potassium in our bodies.

Oranges also have vitamin C, A, pectin, and calcium in high quantities. All of them help us to fight kidney problems and even cancer. Organs also maintain our blood pressure.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C


Papaya can be eaten throughout the year, so it is one of the all-season fruits in India. Their high dietary fiber makes them worth mentioning in the list of summer fruits. They help in bowler movement and enhance the health of our intestine. Papaya nourishes our bodies as it has plenty of vitamin A, B, C, beta-carotene, and folate.

Being rich in antioxidants, papaya helps to reduce inflammation and cell damage. They also prevent cancer and other deadly heart diseases.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Papaya contains papain that is good for the digestive system


Pineapple keeps us hydrated during summer. While we are discussing the list of summer fruits, we cannot miss pineapple. They are packed with vitamin C, B6, A, minerals, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other fibers. They have some enzymes that enhance our digestion.

Pineapples also increases our metabolism rate. When we consume pineapples, the antioxidants keep us safe from many diseases and infections. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. Pineapples heal arthritis and burn extra calories. So if you are planning to maintain a diet, do add pineapples to your diet chart.

Pineapple belongs to the Bromeliaceae family


Guavas are tropical fruits in India that have a lot of health benefits. They are very nutritious, packed with vitamin B6, A, and C. They also have iron, magnesium, and calcium. As they stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar, they are great for diabetic patients. Potassium can be found in Guavas abundantly. The fruit keeps our heart healthy and heals muscle cramps.

Vitamin C improves immunity and the metabolic system. These are also great for our skin and eyes. Guavas also cure mental health. Thus they are one of the most important fruits in the list of summer fruits.

A List Of Summer Fruits And Their Health Benefits
Guava helps in lowering blood sugar level


Plum is one of the best fruits grown in summer. They are very tasty and juicy. Plums are of a small sound shape and full of dietary fibers. They improve our digestion and relieve constipation. The potassium present in plums controls our blood pressure level. It also reduces the chance of stroke remarkably.

The antioxidants found in plum protect us from several heart diseases and cancer. As they are low in calories, you can eat them without any worry of weight gain. They bring a significant variation in the list of summer fruits.

Plum is one of the majorly produced fruits


It is an all-year fruit of India. They are rich in magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C and B6. They also have several antioxidants. If you want instant energy, you must eat bananas regularly. They also prevent asthma, diabetes, and cancer.

Bananas are great for people suffering from constipation. They keep our heart healthy and maintain blood pressure.

Apart from these, bananas take care of our overall health and provide us all the necessary nutrients during summer days. Thus they are included in the list of summer fruits.

Bananas are among the very popular fruits in India


Grapes make delicious summer fruit. They are round or oval in shape and very juicy. During grapes season in India, they grow abundantly. They are usually green in color. This summer fruit is rich in antioxidants and necessary vitamins. Grapes also have some rare minerals and fibers.

Grapes have numerous health benefits like boosting our bone health, enhancing our heart condition, and improving our immunity system. They also fight infections in the body and reduce blood sugar levels. Grapes are packed with vitamins A, C, B6, and potassium.

One of the best things about grapes is that they protect us from sunburn, making them one of the prominent fruits in the list of summer fruits. Grapes are one of the best fruits in summer.

Grapes are also used for making wines, jams, jellies etc.


A glass of lemon juice removes our tiredness and rejuvenates our bodies instantly. Lemon juice is a very popular lover drink during summer. They cool down our body and balance the alkaline levels. Lemons are very rich in vitamin C, which boosts our immunity system. They also help us with indigestion. Lemons also have vitamin B6 and potassium that prevent many severe diseases like kidney disease and cancer.

Another interesting fact about lemon is that they cut down our extra fat, so people desperately want to lose weight and drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with honey every morning. With all its goodness, lemon cannot be missed from the list of summer fruits.

Lemons come under the category of the world’s most popular citrus fruits

What are the benefits of summer fruits?

Like all other seasonal fruits, summer fruits also have numerous health benefits. They not only make our bodies accustomed to the heat of summer, but they also provide us with essential nutrients. All the nutrients help us to fight the diseases that can be caused by extreme heat.

  • Summer fruits help us to fight infections.
  • They strengthen our immune system
  • The fruits help us to regulate our blood pressure
  • Summer fruits keep the level of body glucose in check
  • They protect and rejuvenate our skin
  • Summer fruits keep our bodies cool during summer days
  • They maintain the water balance in our bodies.
  • If we consume summer fruits regularly, we will not suffer from dehydration.
  • Summer fruits protect our hair and enhance its growth
  • They flush out free radicals from our bodies
  • Summer fruits are great for our kidneys, heart, pancreas, and liver.
  • Summer fruits keep us away from heat-induced conditions like diarrhea, headaches, heat strokes, and nausea.
  • Some of the summer fruits cure severe diseases like cancer and kidney issues.
  • Summer fruits like mulberry are used for medical purposes.

So, these are all the health benefits of summer fruits in India. There are many other fruits in the list of summer fruits which are very beneficial for our health. All of them help us to survive summer and enjoy its true taste.

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