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Lays Wafer Style Potato Chips Review – Thin, Light & Crispy!

We reviewed the Salt & Pepper, Tangy Treat , and Sundried Chilli variants from the newest Lays Wafer Style range. One flavor was slightly better than the others. Let’s find out!

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4 / 5
4 / 5


Lays Wafer Style Potato Chips does justice to the wafer style tag line. These are thin, crisp and tasty. Taste-wise we prefer the Sundried Chilli and Tangy Treat variants more than the Salt With Pepper one.

One of the most common snack items that is relished around the world is a bag of potato chips. Be it a late-night party, a get-together with friends, or a movie night, a bowl full of wafers and chips is not an uncommon site.

Lays is one of the oldest and most popular brands when it comes to packaged potato chips. Recently, it has come up with a new line of wafer style potato chips which the brand claims is their thinnest ever. We reviewed all three variants- Salt with Pepper, Tangy Treat, and Sundried Chilli in this post. In our Lays Wafer Style Potato Chips Review, we tell you about our experience related to its taste and texture.

Which variant did we like best?

Here’s a peak at the three Lays variants we reviewed.

Lays Wafer Style Potato Chips Buy Now Mishry Rating
Sundried Chilli On Amazon 4
Tangy Treat 4
Salt with Pepper On Amazon 3.7

Lays Wafer Style Potato Chips – Our Review Factors

Are these truly Lays’ ‘thinnest’ wafers ever? In addition to revealing this, we reviewed Lays Wafer Style Potato chips on their flavors, aroma, appearance, price, and packaging. 

1. Taste

The core review parameter is taste. From the balance of seasoning to the justification of flavor tags, how do these chips perform? Do they have an oily taste or any other particular seasoning that is overpowering? 

2. Texture

Lays released its latest range of wafer-style chips highlighting that these are flat cut and thin. How well does the brand live up to its claims? Do they nail the crispy and thin wafer-like texture?  

3. Appearance

Here we examined how visually appealing these chips look? Is the masala well coated? Did the pack contain any broken chips? 

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4. Crunch

The signature sound as you take a bite of any wafer is enough to judge these are super crunchy and crispy. 

The crunch of any packaged chips depends upon how well these are fried, packed, and stored.  We closely reviewed the crunch of these wafers.

5. Freshness and Quality 

Lastly, we judged these wafers on the level of freshness and quality. Are these chips fresh tasting? Too oily? Is it fried in good-quality oil? Any stale smell and aftertaste that indicates otherwise? 

Lays Wafer Style Potato Chips Flavors – Detailed Review

For our Lays Wafer Style Potato chips review, we ordered all three variants. We have detailed an in-depth review highlighting the features, likes, and dislikes of all variants.  

Before we start divulging the details individually, here are a few common noticeable for the variants. These are medium-sized wafers. They are fairly consistent in size and thickness and none of them were broken.

Their packaging is not resealable and if you’re storing them, make sure you reseal the pack tightly or transfer the contents to an air-tight container.

1. Sundried Chilli

Price & Packaging

A 52-gram pack is priced at Rs 20/-. This variant is packed in a pastel sea green pack and is not resealable. These wafers have a shelf life of four months.

Main Ingredients

Potato, edible vegetable oil (palmolein, rice bran oil), seasoning (spices and condiments, iodized salt, maltodextrin, sugar, acidity regulator (INS 330), salt substitute (potassium chloride), flavor (natural and nature identical flavoring substance), anticaking agent (INS 551), edible vegetable oil (corn oil)

Contains onion and garlic.

lays wafer style sundried chilli
The packaging was a pretty sea green color.

Appearance & Aroma

The pack had a mix of full-sized and some broken pieces. These had a light vermilion hue that was the coating of the seasoning. Despite being a fried snack, these didn’t have an oily aroma. It was more prominent on the dried red chili powder. 

Taste & Texture

These wafers were thin and light. They weren’t oily, neither on the palate nor the fingers. The bite was very crisp and wafer-like thin. The salt levels were well-rounded with a desirable flavor of garlic. The chilli flavor was bold but not to the point that it would cause you to rush for a glass of milk/water. There was no displeasing rancid oily aftertaste. 

lays wafer style sundried chilli appearance
Thin and crisp with an even seasoning.
Flavor- 4/5
Crunch- 4/5
  • These had a light, crisp bite.
  • The flavors were complex and desirable.
  • Thumbs up as there was no oily/rancid aftertaste.

Looking for something crunchy and flavorful for that homemade burger? Look no further.

2. Tangy Treat

Price & Packaging

The price, packaging, and shelf life are the same as the above variant. 

Since these are the newest range of chips, the pack mentions an introductory offer of 30% more. 

Main Ingredients

Potato, Edible Vegetable oil (Palmolein, Rice bran oil), Acidity regulators (330, 334), and Milk solids. 

lays wafer style tangy treat packaging
Lays Wafer Style

Appearance & Aroma

This has a strong aroma of tamarind as soon as we open the pack. These chips are dusted with masala that is light orange in color.

Taste & Texture

The texture of these chips is spot on! It nails the super light and crunchy texture. 

Taste-wise, these chips have a delicious imli flavor. They are tangy and have a very Indian-style taste. That said, it is not spicy. They are highly appetizing and hard to stop at two or three.

lays wafer style tangy treat chips on a plate
The Tangy Treat chips placed in a plate for our review process.
Flavor- 4/5
Crunch- 4/5
  • These chips are thin and crispy. 
  • It has a fresh taste. 
  • These chips have a prominent flavor of imli. 
  • This variant is super addictive!

For someone who loves tangy potato chips, this variant will not disappoint you. 

3. Salt With Pepper Flavor

Price & Packaging

Like other variants in this range, a 52-gram pack is priced at Rs 20/-. The shelf life is four months.

Main Ingredients

Potato, Edible Vegetable Oil (Palmolein, Rice bran oil), Anticaking agent (551), and Flavor enhancers (627, 631). 

lays wafer style salt with pepper potato chips packaging
The Salt With Pepper variant comes in a light blue color pack

Appearance & Aroma

As we opened the pack, we observed that these chips were unbroken. 

The chips are light, thin, and crunchy.

Taste & Texture

Taste-wise, these chips have a prominent flavor of garlic. They have a mix of garlic and onion flavor. The salt level is balanced. However, the flavor of pepper is missing. 

lays wafer style salt with pepper potato chips on a plate
The Salt With Pepper chips were well intact after unpacking
Flavor- 3.5/5
Crunch- 4/5
  • The flavor of garlic and onion taste delicious. 
  • These chips are light and crisp.
  • None of the wafers were broken.
  • These chips taste fresh. 
  • The salt is well balanced. 
  • It lacks the punch of pepper we were looking for.

If you are someone who is not a fan of bold masalas and tang, this variant is a must try. You can have these chips with homemade grilled sandwiches, burgers, or as a crunchy snack with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Final Words

Impressive! Team Mishry had a positive experience reviewing Lays Wafer Style Potato Chips. All the variants are super light and crunchy. 

The Salt With Pepper variant had a well-balanced salt level but gives the pepper flavor a miss. The Tangy Treat and Sundried Chilli variant on the other hand deliver flavors much more suitable for the Indian palate.


Have you tried Lay’s new range of Wafer Style Potato Chips? Which one is your favorite from the list? Do share with us your thoughts in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Lay’s Wafer Style Potato Chips.

This depends on the variant you choose. The sundried chilli flavor is spicier than the other two. Tangy treat is chatpata, but not spicy. 

These chips are 100% vegetarian. But they do contain onion and garlic. 

Yes. These potato chips will make a delicious pair with your evening tea or coffee. 

Over consumption of any packaged potato chips is not the best idea. These chips contain the presence of palmolein oil among other things. Hence, it is best to consume potato chips occasionally. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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