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cremica crisp and lite biscuits review

Cremica Crisp & Lite Biscuits Review – Ajwain and Kalonji Crackers

Flavorful and crunchy! Cremica crackers were a hit on taste. But are they suited for weight watchers?

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Crisp, flavorful, just heavenly! Cremica crisp and lite biscuits make for a delightful tea time companion. These taste fresh and the flavors of Ajwain and Kalonji hit the mark. The only downside is the ‘lite’ claim.

From a rich cheesy dip to creamy hummus, crackers are one of the most overlooked side dishes that are super versatile. A quick appetizer with cocktails? Crackers with olives. Craving something sweet? Crackers layered with peanut butter and jelly! Soup for dinner? Pair with a few crackers.

Crackers are salty, crispy, and buttery. So when we came across these ‘Lite’ crackers we were intrigued to try them. Adding to the excitement, these crackers are flavored with Indian spices like ‘ajwain’ and ‘kalonji’.

Laced with a coconutty flavor, we reviewed the Cremica Coconut cookies earlier and liked them for the crisp bite and adequate sweetness. Similarly, the Vanilla and Strawberry creme biscuits were a hit too! From a different range by the same brand, here’s our Cremica Crisp and lite biscuits review.

Are these ‘lite’ or is it just a claim?

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Cremica Crisp & Lite Biscuits Review – What You Need To Know

cremica crisp and light biscuits reviewed variants
These are the variants we tried.

Here is all you need to know about Cremica Crisp and lite biscuits.

1. Available Variants

There are three ranges of ‘Crave a crunch’ crackers by Cremica- Premium crackers, Indian crackers, and the other range. 

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We reviewed two variants ‘kalonji’ and ‘ajwain’ from the Indian crackers range.

2. Available Sizes

Packs of 40, 80, and 150 grams can be availed.

3. Price Range

An 80-90-gram pack is priced at Rs 10/-.

4. Shelf Life

These crackers have a shelf life of nine months.

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Cremica Crisp & Lite Biscuits – Our Review Factors

The ‘lite’ claim and flavors of spices (ajwain and kalonji) were the prime focus of our review. In addition to these, the texture, crunch, freshness, mouthfeel, and visual appeal are taken into consideration as well. 

1. Packaging 

The crackers are simply packed in a wrapper, there is no tray packaging.

2. Main Ingredients

Regular crackers are prepared using refined wheat flour, oil (or butter), salt, and sugar. 

The ingredient list on Cremica shows refined wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, invert syrup, salt, milk solids, and 0.6-0.9% of kalonji/ajwain among other ingredients. 

3. Taste

Crackers are typically snacked on for their buttery-savory taste. On the other hand, ‘lite’ crackers are low in salt and fat content. Was this the case here or did these feel like regular crackers?

4. Flavor

Ajwain and kalonji, both have a very strong individualistic flavor. If added in extreme quantities, it can ruin the entire cracker. Is the flavor of these spices balanced or overwhelming? Do we recommend adding these to a platter, relishing them with a dip?

5. Appearance 

Crackers make for a crunchy, sturdy base for grazing platters. Since these are not packed in a tray, were some pieces broken? Does the baked, brown appearance look consistent? Could we see the ajwain and kalonji seeds?

6. Texture

We weren’t looking for a rich buttery texture, we were looking for some crunch and freshness. Is the bite crisp? Or does the reduced fat content (if that is the case) impact the texture?

7. Nutritional Facts

Essentially, anything labeled ‘lite’ means it is lower in calories than a comparable product. This could mean upto 50% less fat or sodium, or overall calories. Generally, 100 grams of crackers offer 450-500 Kcal and these Cremica Crackers provide…

Cremica Crisp & Lite Biscuit Flavors – Detailed Review

Our experience with Cremica crackers and whether or not we recommend these is discussed below.

1. Ajwain Cracker

Taste- 4/5
Crunch- 4/5
cremica ajwain cracker biscuit packaging
These crackers are packed in a simple wrapper.

Ajwain is one of those no-brainer ingredients that instantly uplift the taste and aroma (provided it is used proportionately). Strong, sharp, and pungent best describe the flavor of this herb. Typically, a teaspoon of ajwain is added to sabzis, dals, parathas, kulche for the contrasting background it lends. When dry-roasted, ajwain lends a unique bite and an intense flavor. 

Cremica Ajwain Crackers

As mentioned above, these crackers are not stacked in a tray which may increase the risk of broken pieces. However, despite lacking tray packaging, none of the pieces were broken. Visually, these are thin, rectangular crackers with a border pattern across the vertical edges. The ajwain bits were visible too. 

In terms of aroma, these felt exactly like homemade ajwain crackers. Invigorating and prominent, we dived right into the taste test. 

The taste and texture were both exceptional! These had a fresh and crisp bite. We could tell these crackers were baked quite well. Taste-wise, ajwain made its presence felt prominently. These are salted appropriately and would pair well with a cup of masala chai. 

Coming to the ‘lite’ claim. When we scrutinized the ingredient list, neither the quality nor the quantity of ingredients seemed to back this claim. Though these crackers have zero trans fat and cholesterol content, the overall calories are identical to regular savory crackers. These crackers offer 445 Kcal per 100 grams. 

overhead look at cremica ajwain cracker biscuits on a tray
No broken pieces!
cremica ajwain cracker biscuits on a tray
One pack holds approximately 16 biscuits.
closer look at cremica ajwain cracker biscuits on a tray
Here's a closer look at the Ajwain variant.
cremica ajwain cracker biscuits appearance
This cross-sectional view shows the seeds and texture.


  • An 80-gram pack is priced at Rs 10.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour [Maida (66.7%)], Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oils (Palm), Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Edible Common Salt, Raising Agents [Ammonium Bi Carbonate E503(ii), Sodium Bi Carbonate E500(ii)], Ajwain (0.8%), Malt Extract, Permitted Emulsifiers (Lecithin E322, Glycerol Monostearate E471), Acidity Regulators [Mono Acid Calcium Phosphate E341(i), Lactic Acid E270], Protease [Ins-1101 (i)]. Dough Conditioner (Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite E223). Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colours [(Tartrazine E (102)] And Added Flavours (Artificial Flavouring Substances- Butter, Milk).


  • Visual consistency is retained throughout the pack.
  • These taste fresh and have a crisp bite.
  • The taste and aroma of ajwain is inviting.
  • These are quite pocket friendly. 


  • We didn’t really get the point of labelling these crackers ‘lite’

Best Suited For

Looking for a savoury switch? We recommend the Ajwain Cremica Crackers. Fresh and crispy, these would make a delectable base for a cheese/hummus platter. 

2. Kalonji Cracker

Taste- 4/5
Crunch- 4/5
cremica crisp and lite kalonji cracker biscuit packaging
This variant is packed in an orange-yellow pack.

Those seeds that make bagels look pretty, that add a lovely tempering to bowls of dal, or simply make a boring salad super interesting- kalonji or nigella seeds are loved in the culinary and medicinal worlds!

Since kalonji is from the onion family, the pungency is often compared with that of onions. It is also slightly bitter.

Although both crackers are from the same range, there are a few differences visually. The Kalonji crackers have a square shape and these are sprinkled with some sugar crystals. 

Similar to our experience with the first variant, all pieces were intact and had a supreme crunch.

In terms of taste, the addition of sugar crystals helps balance out the inherent bitterness from Kalonji seeds. Onion-like pungency, sweetness, savoriness all play their roles well resulting in a cracker that tastes quite good. The seeds lend a unique bite that we really liked. 

overhead look at cremica kalonji cracker biscuits on a tray
Similarly, there were no cracked or broken pieces here.
closer look at cremica kalonji cracker biscuits on a tray
With this closer look, you can see the Kalonji seeds and sugar crystals.
backside look at cremica kalonji cracker biscuits
The seeds and sugar crystals can be seen at the back as well.
cremica kalonji cracker biscuits appearance
A closer look at the texture.


  • A 90-gram pack is priced at Rs 10.
  • The shelf life is the same as above. 
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour (Maida 59.6%), Edible Vegetable Oils (Palm), Sugar, Raising Agents [Ammonium Bi Carbonate E503(ii), Sodium Bi Carbonate E500(ii)], Invert Syrup, Edible Common Salt, Milk Solids, Kalonji (0.66%), Malt Extract, Permitted Emulsifiers (Glycerol Monostearate E471, Datem (Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Ester of Mono And DiGlycerides E472e, Soya Lecithin E322), ), Protease E1101(i), Dough Conditioner (Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite E223)]. Contains Added Flavours (Nature Identical Flavouring Substances- Butter and Artificial Flavouring Substances- Lemon and Vanilla).


  • Taste and texture are spot-on!
  • The crackers have a crisp bite.
  • These were a delight to our taste buds. 


  • Same as above

Best Suited For

These crackers show a delectable interplay between sweet, bitter, and savory flavors. We recommend giving this a go-to make your cup of tea interesting. The crackers will also make a great addition to your cheeseboard. 

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

One of the toughest calls we’ve ever had to make- Ajwain or Kalonji.

While both crackers show the taste of flavoring agents beautifully, Kalonji surpassed the other variant due to the flavor and bite.

Final Words

Cremica Crisp and Lite biscuits make for a great savory alternative to the usual sweet, cream-filled biscuits. The taste, the texture, the crunch, and freshness, we liked them all. However, the ‘lite’ claim left us confused. The calories and macronutrient breakdown are quite similar to that of regular crackers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cremica crisp and lite biscuits.

1. Do these biscuits contain additional flavor enhancers?

Yes, additional flavors like lemon, vanilla, and milk are added. 

2. Do these biscuits contain preservatives?

Yes, E322 is an added preservative and refined wheat flour is a natural preservative. 

3. How many biscuits are there in total in one pack?

Each pack holds about 16-18 biscuits. 

4. Can these biscuits be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes, you can pair these with tea or coffee. Alternatively, you can also use these crackers in a cheese/hummus platter. 

5. What is the calorie intake of each of these biscuits?

Each biscuit would have 19-22 Kcal. 

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