Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights Toned Milk Review
keventer marvel spiderman delights toned milk review

Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights Toned Milk Review

Fortified with Vitamin A and D, the Delights By Keventer toned milk has a fresh taste and aroma with the characteristic consistency.

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Mishry Rating

Taste + Aroma
4 / 5
4 / 5
Nutri Label
4 / 5


We liked this because it is fresh tasting, has a natural milky sweetness and has no added sugars. Packed attractively and conveniently, this Marvel Spiderman toned milk by Keventer will be a good, healthy addition to your child’s snack pack/tiffin. The level of fortification (Vitamins A and D) is as per FSSAI’s standard.

Milk is a complete food source. Not only does it provide balanced proportions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, but milk also has a pretty impressive nutritional profile, in terms of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Toned milk offers more or less the similar nutrients like calcium, potassium, B vitamins among others. It is made by diluting full fat/full cream milk with skimmed milk and water.

Keventer, a renowned milkshake brand, joined hands with Marvel’s Spiderman to introduce a new range of milk and milkshakes under the name of ‘Delights’. In this Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights toned milk review, we decode its taste, consistency, details about fortification and more.

A quick look at the product details of toned milk by Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights – 

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Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights Toned Milk Product Details
Price Rs 20/-
Net quantity 200 ml
Shelf life Six months
Ingredients  Milk solids
Mishry rating 4

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? An attractive, kid-friendly tetra pack holding fortified toned milk with a desirable consistency, fresh taste and natural milky sweetness. We also checked its ingredient list and nutritional information. 

Here are the factors we tested the Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights Toned Milk on – 

1. Taste and Aroma

Any unflavored, unsweetened milk has a natural lactose-like sweetness which is considered desirable. The fresh milky taste and aroma is what we were looking for. It should not be sour to taste or smell. 

2. Consistency

The consistency of toned milk is not as thick as full-fat milk, but isn’t watery either. What is the consistency of this toned milk?

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3. Ingredients

The ingredient list mentions Milk Solids as the only ingredient. As we all know that milk is primarily made of water. When milk is dried/the water content is removed from milk, what remains are called milk solids.

4. Nutritional Information

Said to be fortified with Vitamin A and D, we checked the nutritional information provided on the pack including calories, fat, total sugar and calcium. 

What is fortified milk? Milk that contains added vitamins/minerals that are not found naturally in significant quantities or are lost during processing is called fortified milk.

Why is it important? Our diets often lack a proper balance of micronutrients which lead to a lot of vitamin deficiencies and health problems. An economical solution to bridge that gap is through food fortification.

Milk is fortified with Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It is considered as a good carrier for fortification because Vitamin A & D are fat soluble and Vitamin D helps in proper absorption of calcium.

As per the FSSAI standards, milk needs to be fortified with Vitamin A and D at a level of 270 µg RE – 450 µg RE per liter and 5 µg -7.5 µg per liter, respectively.

5. Other Parameters


How is this priced in comparison to other tetra packs of toned milk? 


Owing to the fact that this is targeted at kids, is the packaging attractive? Is there a straw with the pack? 

Shelf life

The average shelf life of an unopened tetra pack of homogenized UHT treated milk can be between 6-9 months. What is the shelf life of this pack? 

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Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights Toned Milk – Detailed Review

Packaging – Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights Toned Milk comes in a blue and white tetra pack. There is a big graphic of the character Spiderman on both sides of the pack. The plastic straw is packed in a plastic wrapper, which is recyclable. There is a big +F on the side of the pack which indicates that this is fortified.

packaging of toned milk by keventer
The toned milk is packed keeping their target audience in mind.

Ingredients – The list of ingredients mentioned are milk solids. The toned milk is homogenized and UHT treated (ultra high heat treatment). It does not require boiling.

Nutrition Label – 100 ml of this milk provides 59 calories, 3 gms of fat, 3 grams of protein, 4.95 grams of total sugar (this has no added sugar), 12 mg of cholesterol, and 130 mg of calcium.

The added Vitamin A is 27 µg and 0.5 µg of added Vitamin D. As per FSSAI’s standards this holds the specified amount of added vitamins and has 3% fat (percentage specified for toned milk).

color and consistency of toned milk by keventer
This tastes fresh and has a naturally milky sweetness.

Consistency + Color – The milk is white in color and has the typical consistency of toned milk (like what you get in a pouch-pack).

Taste + Aroma – This has the characteristic milky aroma and taste. It has a slight natural milky sweetness and is fresh tasting.

  • The fortification values of Vitamins A and D are within the range mentioned by FSSAI.
  • Attractive packaging that would appeal to children who love Spiderman.
  • Natural milky sweetness.
  • Fresh milky aroma and taste.
  • Desirable consistency.

For children who would like to carry a well packed, attractive looking pack of plain, unsweetened toned milk in their tiffins or while traveling.

Taste + Aroma - 4/5
Consistency - 4/5
Ingredients + Nutrition information - 4/5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Keventer Marvel Spiderman Delights Toned Milk.

Homogenisation of milk is a process where the milk is dispersed from a machine at a very high pressure to break down the milk fat. This helps make the product smoother and reduce its fat content.

UHT treatment means Ultra Heat Treatment where milk or any other liquid food is sterilized by heating it above 135 degree Celsius. The high temperature helps kill the microorganisms, thus preventing spoilage and making the milk last longer.

This is best before 180 days from manufacture. Once opened, consume within 2 days.

The answer to this lies in the difference of fat content. Toned milk has about 3% of fat while skimmed milk has 0.1% fat. 

The pack mentions that this toned milk does not require boiling before use.


To sum up, this is a fresh, naturally sweet tasting toned milk. The packaging is targeted at children and they will surely find this to be a ‘delight’. For kids who like to have unsweetened toned milk as a beverage of choice during school hours (tiffin) or after play time, this is packed conveniently and can be carried around. It is fortified with Vitamin A and D as per FSSAI’s standards. 

Have you tried this new range by Keventer yet?

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