ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets Review
itc master chef incredible plant based nuggets review

ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets Review

For someone who has recently shifted to a vegetarian diet, would the ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets be enough to curb the cravings?

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
Ingredients + Nutri Label
3 / 5


The ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant-Based Nuggets delivers on the u2018tastes and feels like chickenu2019 tagline. It is well seasoned, has a crispy outer covering and a juicy inside. The protein and dietary fiber claim is true when compared to a veggie and chicken nugget respectively.

If you’re a newly turned vegetarian who is fighting some meaty cravings, plant based foods can help to some extent to curb them. While some brands nail the flavor and texture of meat in a vegetarian, plant-based snack, some miss the mark completely.

ITC Master Chef, a brand known for its range of frozen foods, brings a new plant-based range consisting of burger patties and nuggets. We tested the nuggets in our review lab for their taste, texture, and ingredient list. Does the look, feel and flavor remind us of a meat-based nugget? Our ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets review reveals it all.

ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets – Quick Glance

All that you need to know about the ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets – 

ITC Master Chef Plant Based Nuggets Product Information
Price Rs 475/-
Net weight 250 grams
Number of nuggets 14
Shelf life 1 year
Mishry rating 3.6

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? A plant-based frozen nugget that comes close to a meat based one – texture and flavor wise. For someone who has recently turned vegetarian or vegan, would this be enough to satiate the cravings? 

Our parameters to review the ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets are – 

1. Taste

These are targeted at newly turned vegetarians who want to curb their craving for meat. Keeping them in mind, we gauged the flavor of this product. Does this taste like an actual meat-based nugget considering it has chicken flavoring (which is vegetarian in nature)? 

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These also contain textured veg protein (which is typically made using soybeans, but can also be made using oats and wheat). Are these seasoned well? Any herbs or spices we could taste in particular?

2. Texture – Crunch and Mouthfeel

When we say texture we mean two things – crunch and thickness of the outer covering and the meaty, juicy mouthfeel of the ‘meat’ filling. Does the nugget have that fleshy ‘meat’? How is the coating to filling ratio?

3. Main Ingredients + Nutri Information

What are the main ingredients used to make the nuggets? Are there any preservatives, artificial colors used? 

These aren’t labeled as healthy or low-calorie, so it wasn’t our priority to check the label for that anyway. As these claim to be protein rich and high on fiber, we checked for that along with calories, and fats. If compared to a chicken nugget – how much protein and fiber do they offer?

4. Others


The consistency in shape and size was considered. Do they look appealing and nugget-like? 


Owing to the many brands of plant-based nuggets now available in the market, is this priced competitively?


How well is it packed? Resealable? Tray packaging? 

Shelf life

These have a shelf life of 1 year.

ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets – Detailed Review

Packaging – The ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets are packed in a black non-resealable pouch. The nuggets are placed inside a seal-wrapped plastic box. The box helps protect the nuggets from breakage. None of the pieces we received were broken. 

Pricing – Each 250 gm pack contains 14 pieces of these nuggets, which can change as per the weight also. It is priced higher than its competition at Rs 475/- for 250 grams. The other brands are priced at 119/120 Rupees for 100 grams, this is Rs 190 for the same weight.

itc plant based nuggets packaging
Packaging of the plant-based nuggets by ITC Master Chef.

Ingredients – The main ingredients are textured veg protein, water, bread crumbs, refined palm oil, veg protein products 5%, refined sunflower oil, batter, seasoning, thickener, anti-caking agent, pea fiber. It also contains plant fiber and vegetarian chicken flavoring. 

Nutrition – 60 grams (1 serving – 3-4 pieces) of these nuggets provide around 142 calories, 5.3 grams of protein and 4.4 grams of dietary fiber. There is no cholesterol and the total fat content is 8.5 grams.

  • When compared to meat-based nuggets (chicken nuggets provide about 9 gms of protein for 60 gms), these have a lower protein content, lower cholesterol levels, higher dietary fiber content and marginally lower calories per 60 gms. So, the high fiber claim stands true.
  • As compared to regular vegetable-based nuggets, these are higher in protein.
  • The protein content is comparable to other plant-based chicken nuggets we have reviewed earlier.

Overall, this is a fairly decent plant-based snack for occasional consumption.

How do these look? In their uncooked form they resemble regular chicken nuggets with a breaded exterior. The shape and size are consistent, but the thickness is not.

itc master chef plant based nuggets before cooking
The ITC Master Chef Plant Based Nuggets look a lot like chicken nuggets.

How to make these? The pack mentions that these nuggets can be made using three methods – Baking, air frying and deep frying. How did we make them? We used the deep frying method and cooked them as per the instructions given on the pack. The nuggets were not thawed before cooking. 

Our observations – The nuggets took a little extra minutes as opposed to the time frame mentioned on the pack and achieved a beautiful golden-brown color. These do not feel too oily on the fingers, even though they are deep fried. And neither have they soaked up any oil. We tasted them twice – once when they were hot and again when they had cooled down. 

itc plant based nuggets after cooking
The exterior is crisp and golden brown.

Taste wise, the chicken flavor is spot on. There is no soy-like aftertaste. The seasoning levels are balanced throughout the filling and outer casing. This plant-based nugget does come close to the taste of an actual chicken nugget. 

The outer texture is very crisp, but there is a slight inconsistency in the filling ratio. Some nuggets are stuffed well, while some seem very flat and thin with lots of empty pockets of the casing. The texture of the filling is upto the mark and has a meaty, juicy, fleshy texture. It does feel very chicken-like. 

Even after a few hours, these have not turned dry and hard. The filling still remains juicy and fresh tasting.

Just like regular chicken nuggets, these would go with a number of condiments including ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Ingredients + Nutrition - 3/5
Packaging + Appearance - 4/5
  • Tastes like chicken nuggets.
  • The texture is very similar to that of a regular nugget. It is crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • The meaty flavors were very much there.
  • Balanced seasoning.
  • Do not soak up oil.
  • The claim that these have a high dietary fiber and protein (if compared to a chicken/vegetable frozen nugget) is true.
  • These are vegan.
  • These are priced higher than the competition without any significant changes in the taste and texture.

Hello veganism and meaty cravings! Wait, what? These plant-based nuggets are a good option for those who want to satiate these cravings without breaking their newly embraced vegetarianism/veganism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on ITC Master Chef Incredible Plant Based Nuggets.

These plant based nuggets are made using texture veg protein, water, bread crumbs, refined palm oil and more. It also contains chicken flavoring which is vegetarian in nature.

Packaged food must be consumed in moderation. Although these are plant-based, have a high protein level and dietary fiber, they still contain a lot of ingredients you would not want to eat regularly. We advise that you consume them occasionally.

Once opened, do not thaw them before cooking. Take out the desired amount and seal the pack with the remaining nuggets. Store in the freezer (-18 degree C).

As per information on the pack, these nuggets can be cooked using three methods – baking, air frying and deep frying. These should not be thawed for cooking.

The 250 gm pack holds 14 nuggets approximately.

Absolutely! That said, the vegetarian tasters in our team did not like them. This is the usual feedback that you would get from long-term vegetarians who are not accustomed to the taste of chicken. This product is better suited for the newbie vegetarians trying to satisfy their chicken cravings.

It is vital to understand that this is still a packaged product and contains additives. It isn’t something that you consume to fulfil your need for protein.


The tag line says, ‘Tastes like chicken, feels like chicken’. So does it? Well, yes! These nuggets do remind you of a regular chicken nugget, thanks to the flavoring, the crunchy outer breading and the fairly-juicy, somewhat meaty inside. The claim that this is protein and fiber rich is true as well. The ingredient list on the other hand could have been cleaner. 

Have you tried plant-based meats yet? If yes, do you like how they taste and feel?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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