On a Keto Diet? Try these Keto Coconut Cookies From Ketofy – Mishry Review

On a Keto Diet? Try these Keto Coconut Cookies From Ketofy – Mishry Review

These Keto Coconut Cookies by Ketofy are made using premium ingredients. These keto cookies are high on the coconut flavor and have a wholesome bite, and delightful taste.

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These keto coconut cookies by Ketofy are gluten and sugar free. Though these keto coconut cookies may seem overpriced, the ingredients that are used to make them justify the cost.

Somedays sticking to the diet plan is nothing less than a challenge. When the motivation has faded but the desire for a lean physique remains the same, these keto coconut cookies will let you have the cake and eat it too! Ketofy is a Gurugram based company that manufactures keto-friendly snacks that not only intend to help you follow the diet well but without compromising on the taste. From savory snacks to sweet bite-sized cookies, Ketofy products have got you covered. So whether it’s a random craving for something sweet in the middle of the night or between meals, these keto cookies make for the perfect snack without being too heavy but leaving you feeling satisfied at the same time. We reviewed the Keto Coconut Cookies by Ketofy for their taste and texture.

Quick Review

Ketofy Coconut Cookies

These keto cookies have a beautiful coconut flavor without being too crumbly.

MRP – Rs 499/-*

Net weight – 400 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • Best before 180 days from the date of manufacture. 
  • Two pieces of these cookies provide 99.1 calories.
  • Erythritol is used to sweeten the cookies.

Natural Butter, Coconut, Erythritol, Vigna Mungo, Watermelon Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Nilotica Gum, Almonds, Himalayan Pink Salt, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder.

Quick Review Of Ketofy Coconut Cookies

Price and packaging – The coconut cookies, like other Ketofy products, come in a black color pouch which is resealable. A 400-gram bag of Ketofy’s Coconut Cookies is priced at Rs 499/-. Definitely not suited to all pockets, but world-over, Keto snacks, and food products tend to be placed in the premium category, and the use of good-quality ingredients is what justifies the price.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

What makes this a keto friendly cookie? High fat and low carb – this is the primary requirement for a food item to be keto-friendly. Nuts and seeds are naturally high in good fats and proteins. In addition to this, they have minimal-carb content, which is mostly fiber. Similarly, Vigna mungo, commonly known as ‘kaali dal’ is an excellent source of slow-digesting protein and fiber for vegetarians and vegans. Since the combination of all these superfoods results in a high amount of good fats, proteins, and minimal carbs, Ketofy products help bridge the gap in the Indian market for the availability of keto friendly snacks. 

Taste and texture – Coconut cookies can get crumbly and create a mess when you bite into them because of the texture of grated coconut. They can also become rancid and greasy due to the natural oils secreted by a coconut. However, these keto coconut cookies are not crumbly and dry, nor are they greasy. These aren’t wafer-thin cookies that have a crispy texture, these are much smaller and thicker, and have a good bite. Small, coin-sized cookies, we tasted and reviewed these over weeks, and noticed that even a single cookie keeps you feeling full for a more extended period. 

Ketofy Coconut Cookies
Ketofy Coconut Cookies

Now coming to the flavor of these keto cookies. Coconut has a very tropical, sweet, milky flavor which showcases itself brilliantly in these cookies. These coconut-flavored keto cookies do justice to the name. There is a rich coconut flavor that we could taste in each bite. Anyone who enjoys a coconut-based sweet snack or dessert would go gaga over these eggless coconut cookies by Ketofy.

Sweetness – People have been moving away from refined sugar to healthier and unprocessed alternatives like stevia, honey, jaggery, and date sugar, to name a few. However, these sweeteners contain more or less the same calories as sugar. This is why, for a product that claims to be keto-friendly, the sweetener used in the product becomes one of the most important factors influencing the buyer’s purchase decision. This cookie is sweetened using Erythritol which is an alcohol-based sweetener. The sweetness in these coconut cookies is low and can be enjoyed with a milky coffee or tea. 

Ketofy Coconut Cookies
The coconut keto cookie by Ketofy is delicious.

Typically cookies made without flour can be tough and dense. However, these keto coconut cookies have the perfect crunch and wholesome bite. Their mild sweetness makes these coconut cookies a great evening or mid-meal snack while giving you a satiating feel. What’s even better is the list of ingredients used. The seeds used in these keto coconut cookies are full of good fats and slow-digesting proteins. Similarly, the addition of vigna mungo (kali dal) adds more protein and fiber. Just because a keto diet consists of eating more fats and low carbs don’t mean you can munch on a plate of deep-fried, greasy food. This is where keto-friendly snacks come in. Since there aren’t many keto-friendly options available for vegetarians or vegans in the market, these Ketofy products look very promising. 

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