Kent Grand Vs Aquaguard Water Purifier: Who Rules the Market?
Kent Vs Aquaguard Which Is Better

Kent Grand Vs Aquaguard Water Purifier: Which is Better?

Are you confused between Kent and Aquaguard water purifier for meeting your demands of clean water? Get all the answers here.

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Which water purifier brand is better in the market, which one would you buy? Are you seeking a fabulous water purifier brand that can fulfill all your requisites of clean water? Well, the market for water purifier brands is quite vast, and the Indian audience has no dearth of good choices. However, your right choice depends upon the fact whether you choose the right way or not. The Indian market of water purifiers is ruled by two major brands, Kent and Aquaguard. Thus, the question of comparing the purifiers boils down to.

Is Kent better or Aquaguard, which is one of the best water purifier companies? Which one should you buy? This is a question that has baffled many of us at one point or the other. Let us look at some significant points that can assist us in marking this difference. As per experts, there is no major difference between these two brands. Both the brands make it a point to include RO, UF, and UV technologies in their models. Even the filters of these brands are the same. However, the difference lies in the design as well as the buildup quality of these models. Let us have a detailed look at these differences between Kent water purifier vs Aquaguard, before buying a water purifier.

Delving into the background of both the firms and looking at their pros and cons, you can observe that both of them have made a niche for themselves in the water purification market. Kent RO systems are basically a two-decade-old firm that has been dominating the purification scenario possessing 40 percent of the market share. The best aspect of the company is that it owns the patent of the Mineral RO ™ technology. As per statistics, Kent drives 80 percent of its revenue from these purifiers. In fact, there are many best Kent RO water purifiers available in the market.

Aquaguard, on the other hand, is a perfect synonym for water purification. Eureka Forbes, the ruling firm of the Aquaguard brand, has been into the purification business for long and has been ruling the Indian industry for the past 35 years.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Water Purifier

When talking about purchasing a water purifier brand, there are some essential factors that a customer should consider. These essential factors can definitely lend you a helping hand in comparing the water water purifier brands which are Kent and Aquaguard.

1. Quality Of Water

The first factor to judge a water purifier brand is checking the quality of the water that you receive through the purifier. Depending upon the water quality, you can compare the two brands. However, while checking the quality, you need to count two aspects, TDS and the hardness level of the water. If there is a high level of TDS and hardness level, you should consider purchasing a purifier using RO technology. However, if the TDS and hardness levels are under permissible limits, you should go for UV or UF purifier brand.

2. Purification Technology in Use

The next point to consider while selecting between different purifier brands is the purification technology they make use of. Every water purifier uses a particular mechanism to remove all contaminants from the water. The RO purifiers make use of a semipermeable membrane for eradicating unwanted metals, ions, hardness, and even larger impurities in water. Some of the purifiers make use of UV technology for killing different germs and microorganisms in the water. Thus, it is advisable to know about the purification stages being employed by the purifier and the technology being used before going for a particular brand.

3. Storage Capacity Of The Purifier

Another essential factor to count upon when selecting a brand is the storage capacity of the water purifier. Adequate amount of storage capacity one needs, based on their daily water consumption, is an important factor to consider before deciding between any model of Kent or Aquaguard water purifier. Also, analyze your everyday water requirements before selecting a particular model with the required storage capacity. Considering the size of your family can also help you judge the storage output capacity of a purifier. Which is better can be judged as per the storage capacity of the two. Storage capacity completely depends on the number of members in the family.

Technology and Purification Stage

The basic difference between Aquaguard and Kent purifiers is the technology that they use.

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Kent water purifier

Since Kent has already patented the RO ™ technology, the firm makes use of a double purification system that is effective when it comes to handling municipal water supply as well as underground water. This RO ™ technology employed by Kent makes use of TDS controllers. These controllers are highly useful when it comes to replenishing the lost natural minerals during the RO process. This implies that water, when it enters, all the inlets of the purifier get purified and are rendered fit for proper consumption.

Aquaguard water purifier

On the other hand, Aquaguard makes use of a disruptive technology that is based on the nano cream filter. This is a type of filter that can productively sieve out toxic chemicals such as arsenic, lead, harmful bacteria, viruses. Aquaguard makes use of six-staged purifying technology. This is the reason why more and more people want to go for the best aquaguard water purifier brands.

6 Stage Purification in Aquaguard water purifier

The purification stages employed by Aquaguard for its customer are:

First Stage

Pre-filtration that is useful in removing large scale impurities.

Second Stage

Involves the process of chemi-block for the removal of organic components as well as a bad odor.

Third Stage

The purifier prevents the increase in the scaling up of calcium as well as magnesium present in the water.

Fourth Stage

Aquaguard water purifier makes use of the RO process for removing all types of metal traces present in the water sources.

Fifth Stage

At this stage, the purifier uses the taste enhancer in order to make the water sweet in taste and drinkable.

Final Stage

The final stage revolves around eliminating all types of disinfectants in the UV disinfection chamber.

This technology used by both the firms forms an imperative aspect of Aquaguard vs Kent water purifier brands.

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Designing And Build Up

Another essential aspect of differentiating between the two brands is their design and build up. Foremost, both brands make use of food-grade plastic. The best aspect of food-grade plastic is that it is highly durable as well as non-toxic in usage.

Kent water filter

The kent water purifier comes with visible filters covered by a transparent cover over them. Just below the filter, the purifier comes with a storage tank having an indicator of water level and a dispensing water tap. You can also find LED indicators for notification purposes in the kent purifier. Most of the reviews of Kent water purifier consider this to be a major advantage of these water reviews.

Aquaguard water filter

The Aquaguard model Geneus comes with modern looks as compared to the traditional looks of Kent Grand Plus. Also, the Aquaguard Geneus possesses reverse osmosis mode, service indicator, mineral-modular indicators, and indicators of water level in the purifier. In addition, the purifier comes with a traditional tap meant for dispensing of water just under the notification panel. The battle of Kent vs Eureka Forbes has been long and is still going on.

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Feature & Cons of Kent Vs Aquaguard Water Purifier

The detailed discussion and comparison of the features and cons of Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers. To find out which is better?

Kent Water Purifier

Kent water purifier review comes from the mouth of different first-hand users who have been using Kent purifiers for the past many years. Kent is one of the most renowned brands and has a good name in the world of purifiers brands offering the best RO water purifiers. The best aspect of Kent purifiers is that they come endowed with a unique water purifying technology that ensures that every Indian household gets only safe and water devoid of any impurities. Moreover, these purifiers are available at pocket-friendly prices that can help you in making a water purifier price comparison when it comes to Kent water purifier vs Aquaguard water purifier brands in India.

Most of the Kent purifiers utilize RO ™ technology during which reverse osmosis membranes work towards eliminating dissolved impurities in the water.


Some major specifications of different Kent water purifiers you must know before you choose a water purifier:

  • Enabling more than 50 percent RO water recovery
  • Possessing a storage capacity of 9 liters
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Multiple stages of purification including RO and UV
  • Complete computer-controlled operation
  • Alarm for filter change as well as the failure of UV

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Though the said purifier has many advantages to its share, there are some disadvantages attached to it as well. These are:

  • The filters of the Kent purifiers have to be changed frequently, in fact, after every two months.
  • Changing of these filters adds to the maintenance cost of the purifier.
feature of kent water purifier

Aquaguard Water Purifier

Aquaguard is among the best and oldest water purifier brands found in India. It is the flagship brand of Eureka Forbes. The brand enjoys more than 36 years of research and technology as well as a complete understanding of the Indian water conditions. These water purifiers are basically manufactured in 14001 and ISO 9001 licensed plants. Moreover, it is one of the brands possessing 18 water labs in the nation where they continuously test water samples from different parts of the country.


Some of the great features of the latest Aquaguard water purifier include:

  • Employs a triple purification process;
  • Possesses mineral guard that retains all the essential minerals;
  • The tight seal lid of the purifier prevents any type of water contamination;
  • Comes with taste enhancer which improves the taste of water;
  • Possesses features such as e-boiling, an electronic membrane life enhancer, etc.


  • The maintenance cost of Aquaguard water purifier is quite high, if you are getting it installed at home;
  • Some of the Aquaguard water models have low storage capacity; this capacity is good for small families;
  • Some models need a continuous supply of electricity to run.


feature of aqua guard water purifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answered a few FAQs about water purifiers of the two prominent brands in the market, i.e., Kent and Aquaguard.

1. Which is the better water purifier: Aquaguard or Kent? 

Kent and Aquaguard are both leading water purifiers brands with excellent water purification qualities. The major difference between the two comes in the design and built of models. 

Both brands use high-quality food-grade plastic, which is highly durable and nontoxic. Aquaguard has modern looks, while Kent enjoys a traditional look.

2. What is the maintenance cost of the Kent & Aquaguard water purifier?

The maintenance cost of Aquaguard water purifiers is relatively high. In addition, some Aquaguard water models have low storage capacity and need a continuous electricity supply to run.

While Kent purifiers’ water filters need to be changed frequently after every two or three months, which adds to the maintenance cost.

3. How many filters are in Kent & Aquaguard water purifiers?

Kent uses multiple purification processes to purify water. They use various filters during the purification process. RO purification has 3 stage processes: Pre-Filtration, reverse osmosis and Post filtration.

Aquaguard has a 6 stage purification process. It uses many filters to remove impurities and toxins. They use a nano cream filter.

Hence, both brands’ water purifiers use over one filter.

4. What are the advantages of Aquaguard over Kent?

Aquaguard uses a 6 stage filtration process. They possess a mineral guard that keeps all the essential minerals. It comes with a taste enhancer that improves the taste of water. The Aquaguard model comes with a tight seal lid that prevents any water contamination. Besides this, some of their built-in features are e-boiling, an electronic membrane life enhancer, etc.

5. What are the advantages of Kent over Aquaguard?

Kent water purifiers have fully automatic operations. It enables over 50% RO water recovery. It uses multiple technologies for water purification, such as RO and UV. It has an alarm that alerts during the time the filter needs to change as well as when there is any failure.


Well, it can be easily judged that though both the brands are highly similar, there are definitely some differences. The purification quality of both brands is definitely the same. Though some of the filters of both of these purifiers are different, they perform the same type of purification process. This is a major aspect to consider when it comes to the comparison of water purifiers.

The major difference between the two leading brands is in designing and build-up of the purifiers. Aquaguard enjoys modern looks while Kent purifiers have a traditional look. Thus, if you are more concerned about the décor of your kitchen, then you should go for Aquaguard water purifiers. However, if you have a desire for traditional looks, then Kent purifiers are your best bet.

Both brands are pioneers in the purification industry and there are different models to choose from the wagon of both the brands. However, if you wish to buy the right water purifier, study all the features and aspects of both the water purifier brands and then select the one as per your family requisites. Kent Vs Aquaguard water purifiers in India is a difficult question to answer, but studying the main differences between the two brands can help you in this regard. So before buying a water purifier brand, ensure that you do some research.

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