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vegetables that start with letter z

List of Vegetables That Start With Letter Z

Doesn’t it feel nice when you know something that the crowd isn’t familiar with? You might feel that you do not need to fill your head up with all the information on the internet but reading it does no harm. You never know what might stay with you.

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Despite being low in calories, vegetables make the most part of our meals. This is because they are rich in fiber which keeps our stomach full for a longer duration. Adding more vegetables to one’s diet is a decision that we all should make. 

More vegetables mean more nutrients and minerals to your body. This adds up to a healthy lifestyle. While there are numerous vegetables starting with almost all alphabets. There is one alphabet that is a step behind in diversity but you can’t blame it because it is the letter Z.  

Even if we look at the scientific name of vegetables starting with any alphabet, we could find only two vegetables of the letter Z.

Vegetables Beginning With Z

In order to expand your knowledge about these vegetables, we have made a list of vegetables starting with the letter Z.

1. Zucchini

zucchini vegetables
Zucchini Vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is the first and maybe one of the most known vegetables that start with Z. Its scientific name is Cucurbita pepo and is summer squash. It is oblong in shape and dark green in color.

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2. Zizania Latifolia

zizania latifolia
Zizania Latifolia [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is the scientific name of a vegetable that starts with M, known as Manchurian wild rice, which is grown widely in Asia. The stem and grain both are edible. This is the last vegetable we could find in the category of vegetables of the letter Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

After listing vegetables that commence with the letter Z, here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about it.

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1. Which of these vegetables are expensive?

Zizania Latifolia is more expensive than the locally available vegetables.

2. Which of these vegetables are exotic?

Zizania Latifolia, also known as Manchurian wild rice, is mostly grown and available in the eastern part of Asia. This vegetable is exotic to parts of the United States and Canada.

3. Which of the vegetables that begin with the letter z are common in India?

Both the vegetables that begin with the letter Z which is zucchini and zizania latifolia are available in India.

4. Which of these vegetables are available throughout the year?

Zucchini is available throughout the year. It looks like a cucumber but it belongs to the Cucurbita family. It has low calories and is high in fiber content.

Final Words

These were all the vegetables that start with Z. 

Do try them out if you haven’t already and also, read our other articles if you wish to read about vegetables of letter P or vegetables that start with O.

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