Kati Patang NOT Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cocktails Review
Kati Patang NOT Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cocktails Review

Kati Patang NOT Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cocktails Review

Kati Patang NOT Non-Alcoholic Sparkling cocktails are fizzy beverages that are inspired by flavors of three classic cocktails. These come very close to the originals.

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Kati Patang NOT Non-alcoholic cocktails review left us delightfully stunned. The brand has done a fairly good job in terms of taste and quality. The secure packaging is another plus.

Festivals and occasions are all about celebrations, not calories. But, just like food, drinks are an equally significant part. 

However, if you’re the designated driver or underaged or are simply trying to reduce your alcohol intake, there are virgin cocktails!

Non-alcoholic cocktails. Sounds NOT fun and NOT delicious, right? 

In our Kati Patang NOT Non-alcoholic sparkling cocktails review, we were pleasantly surprised! It’s not every day you come across carbonated beverages inspired by flavors of classic cocktails crafted with all-natural ingredients. 

Kati Patang NOT – a Non-alcoholic cocktail that comes in three variants. Unlike cocktail mixers, there’s no need to spike these beverages. 

1. Packaging

We ordered the assorted pack that comprised two bottles of each variant. There are two labels – on the bottle and the bottleneck. 

If you closely look at the graphics, you’d see how ingredients/flavors have been displayed. These were delivered in a sturdy cardboard crate.

kati patang not non-alcoholic sparkling cocktails
The assorted pack holds six bottles.

2. Available Flavours

The brand currently offers three flavor variants. These are-

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  • Kati Patang NOT Gin & Tonic
  • Kati Patang NOT Cosmopolitan
  • Kati Patang NOT Old Fashioned

3. Nutritional Information

Following is the caloric breakdown (per 100 ml) of the three Kati Patang variants we tried-

  • NOT Gin & Tonic- 47.48 kcal, 11.87 g of carbohydrates (out of which 10.97 g is sugar)
  • NOT Cosmopolitan-29.76 kcal, 7.44 g of carbohydrates (out of which 6.80 g is sugar)
  • NOT Old Fashioned- 19.2 kcal, 4.8 g of carbohydrates (out of which 4.36 g is sugar)

There is negligible protein and fats in all three variants. 

4. Shelf Life

These non-alcoholic beverages have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing. 

Kati Patang NOT Non-Alcoholic Cocktails  – Our Review Factors

At no stage does the brand mention these beverages need to be spiked/mixed with alcohol. Do the Kati Patang NOT Non-Alcoholic cocktails do justice to the flavors of the originals?

1. Appearance

Overall, the bottles have a polished look. The labels are informative but not too bold. The graphics on them are descriptive yet minimalist. 

These well-crafted seltzers have lovely hues coming from the permitted natural food colors used.

  • NOT Gin & Tonic- colorless
  • NOT Cosmopolitan- rosy
  • NOT Old Fashioned- deep amber

2. Aroma

Do the aromas back the ingredients used in each of the variants? If yes, are they too overpowering?

  • NOT Gin & Tonic- a sweet, fruity/citrusy, and minty aroma
  • NOT Cosmopolitan- cranberries and oranges
  • NOT Old Fashioned- a prominent vanilla aroma

3. Flavor

Fruity, citrusy, or the undeniable bitter taste of alcohol, are the non-alcoholic cocktails flavored adequately? 

What has been used for said flavoring?

4. Calories

Cocktail mixers are generally not too high in calories. Per 100 ml, you’d get 50-90 kcal. Are these fizzy beverages suitable for those on a cut?

Did You Know-

Soda, sparkling water, tonic water, and seltzer aren’t the same though they might look quite identical?

The critical difference between these bubbly beverages lies in the flavor profiles and processing methods. 

Seltzer is the simplest. It is carbonated plain water that is sometimes flavored with natural fruit essences/oils.

Soda is similar to Seltzer but contains additional minerals like sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, phosphate, etc. It works best with cocktails.

Tonic Water, the base of a G&T, is becoming a popular choice due to its low caloric content. 

Kati Patang NOT Non-Alcoholic Cocktails – Detailed Review

kati patang not non-alcoholic sparkling cocktails reviewed variants
These are three variants we tried.
Parameters NOT Gin & Tonic NOT Cosmopolitan NOT Old Fashioned
Main Ingredients Carbonated water, pineapple juice concentrate (11%), sugar, malic acid.

Quinine free

Carbonated water, pineapple juice concentrate (11%), sugar, malic acid. Carbonated water, pineapple juice concentrate (11%), sugar, zero alcohol aromatic bitters. 
Price INR 130 INR 130 INR 130
Shelf Life 12 months  12 months  12 months 
Calories 47.48 kcal 29.76 kcal 19.2 kcal


1. Gin & Tonic

Taste- 4/5
Innovation- 4/5


  • Kati Patang G&T is quinine free.
  • Per 100 ml, it offers around 50 kcal.
  • This variant has a blend of sweet and minty aromas. 
  • Pineapple juice concentrate has been added to this concoction. 
  • It is recommended to be stored away from direct sunlight. 


  • This Kati Patang variant comes closest to the original alcoholic version.
  • A freshness in the flavor was noticed. We loved that!
  • The typical tonic water bitterness was present too.
  • A detailed nutritional label is always appreciated. 

Best Suited For

This non-alcoholic G&T is a great way to cut down on alcohol intake without compromising a lot on taste. 

Compared to a regular alcohol-based G&T (200+ kcal), Kati Patang’s version has less than 140 kcal. If you were looking for a sign to relish that extra slice of pizza, this is it. 

kati patang gin and tonic cocktail in a glass
Kati Patang G&T is almost completely colorless.
closer look at kati patang gin and tonic cocktail
You can see the fizziness here.

Typically garnished with a slice of lime, G & Ts are served on the rocks. The ratio of gin to tonic broadly varies based on how strong or light you want the cocktail to be. 

2. Cosmopolitan 

Taste- 3/5
Innovation- 4/5

That NYC-based movie was where we first learned about this ultimate girly drink- Cosmopolitan. Cranberry juice, lime juice, vodka, and triple sec, the recipe variations on a Cosmopolitan are just a matter of preference. 

Visually, Kati Patang NOT Non-alcoholic Cosmopolitan is extremely pleasing. 

kati patang cosmopolitan cocktail in a glass
The NOT Non-alcoholic cocktail has a rosy hue.
closer look at kati patang cosmopolitan cocktail
This bubbly beverage has a bubble gum-like aroma.


  • Kati Patang’s Cosmopolitan has a sweet, bubble gum-like aroma.
  • Cranberries and pineapple add tartness.
  • Orange is used for a citrusy flavor and some sweetness.
  • Added natural flavors and nature-identical flavoring substances have been added.
  • It also contains permitted natural food color. 
  • This comes in 275 ml bottles in packs of 4,6, and 12. 
  • It has a 12-month shelf life. 


  • This uses no artificial preservatives/flavoring.
  • The sweetness (taste) is not as intense as that in the aroma.
  • We like the fruity punch it has!
  • The color is lovely.
  • It is fizzy which adds to the refreshing factor. 

Best Suited For

Downtime with your girls? This ready-to-serve Cosmopolitan makes hosting easy. This is quite an innovative product that is laced with a fruity aroma and taste. 

3. Old Fashioned

Taste- 3/5
Innovation- 4/5

As the name suggests, Old Fashioned is as relevant today as it was 200 years ago. A sugar cube soaked in bitters, splashed with a shot of Bourbon and an orange peel- preparing this classic drink is as easy as ABC.

Oftentimes, bourbon is replaced by whiskey. Both these spirits enhance the sweet, bitter, fruit flavors quite well. 

Does Kati Patang’s non-alcoholic version of the timeless classic have the bold bitterness? Does it showcase the delicate nuttiness with a fine essence of vanilla?

kati patang old fashioned cocktail in a glass
Kati Patang Old fashioned looks just like the alcohol-based version.
closer look at kati patang old fashioned cocktail
It had a beautiful vanilla aroma.


  • This is the lowest calorie variant of the three.
  • In addition to pineapple juice concentrate, zero alcohol aromatic bitters have been added.
  • One bottle holds 275 ml of the beverage.
  • We observed a combination of bourbon and vanilla aromas.


  • This tastes like a whiskey-flavored beverage, without the alcohol!
  • This is made with all-natural ingredients.
  • The addition of aromatic bitters takes this even closer to the real thing. 

Best Suited For

Tired of head-hurting hangovers? Kati Patang’s non-alcoholic beverages might be a good choice. 

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Without a doubt, Kati Patang NOT non-alcoholic gin and tonic was a collective favorite. It comes surprisingly close to its original counterpart. 

All-in-all, we think this initiative is exceptionally innovative. Replicating the taste of alcohol without the primary ingredient sounds almost impossible. 

Although the flavors aren’t 100% alike, at the base level, all three variants do a fairly good job of tasting like the classics they were inspired by.

Final Words

Why would one opt for non-alcoholic cocktails? Does that not take out the fun?

No, not really! Kati Patang NOT Non-alcoholic cocktails taste surprisingly close to our favorite classic cocktails. 

We recommend these non-alcoholic cocktails for quick and convenient hosting without collecting and measuring ingredients, for the nights it’s your turn to drive your friends home or to simply have a refreshing lower-calorie cocktail almost instantly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Kati Patang NOT Non-alcoholic cocktails

1. Which flavor of these cocktails is the best?

We liked Gin and Tonic the best. 

2. Do these cocktails contain any artificial flavors?

No, Kati Patang NOT Non-alcoholic cocktails are devoid of artificial flavors. 

3. Do these cocktails contain any preservatives?

No, Kati Patang NOT Non-alcoholic cocktails do not contain added preservatives. 

4. How do I purchase these cocktails?

You can order assorted/single flavor packs of 4,6, and 12 from the website or Amazon. 

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