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goeld samosa review

Goeld Punjabi Samosa Review

Goeld Punjabi Samosa has our heart! From a house party to a cup of tea, this frozen samosa makes the tastiest, crunchiest companion.

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Goeld Punjabi samosa is a generously stuffed and economically priced frozen snack. From an evening snack to a filling meal, these frozen samosas have our hearts!

A piping hot samosa dipped in tamarind chutney, just as we write this there is a pool of drool on the keyboard. This exaggeration perfectly fits this relatively new brand of frozen snacks – Goeld. From classic favorites like shami kebabs to innovative oozy cheese bites, a fairly new addition to their range is the Punjabi Samosa. 

Usually packaged frozen variants are either broken or have an industrial taste. During our Goeld Punjabi Samosa review, we were delightfully surprised!

Keep reading to know more about these frozen samosas that come with three chutney variants. 

Goeld Punjabi Samosa Review – Everything You Need To Know

Goeld Punjabi Samosa strikes the perfect balance between the local vendor and homemade variants. This section discusses all you need to know about these frozen samosas. 

goeld punjabi samosa box
The samosas and chutneys come in this vibrant green box.

1. Packaging

Packed in a smart-looking carton, these samosas are first placed in a tray. Not only does this prevent breakage, but it also adds a touch of premium to the product. Do not throw the carton away, it is advised to slide the tray back once the desired quantity is used.

2. Cooking Instructions

For deep frying, add 4-5 samosas in preheated oil (160-170 degrees celsius) for 4-5 minutes or until they turn golden brown and crispy. 

For air frying, preheat the air fryer to 200 degrees celsius, place 4-5 samosas. Let them bake for 6-7 minutes on one side, flip and repeat. 

3. Taste

Casing- This showcased a prominent taste of caraway seeds (ajwain) and has balanced salt levels. 

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Stuffing- No fancy ingredients have been added to the stuffing (and we aren’t complaining). The potato filling has a bit of everything. It is spicy but not excessively. Similarly, the salt and garam masala have been added in such quantities that no one flavoring agent overpowers the other. We also taste a slight tanginess and heat that the filling has. But what we loved most was how FRESH the stuffing tasted!

Mint Chutney- Easily our least favorite of the three, the mint chutney was too watery and lacked flavors. Since this has a very watery consistency, it tends to freeze. We recommend you either keep it in the fridge or take it out a few hours before serving. 

Tamarind Chutney- The tamarind chutney is made with jaggery and tamarind as the primary ingredients with spices and oil. It has a glossy brown appearance and tasted just as it should- majorly sweet, slightly tangy, and delicately spicy. 

Schezwan Chutney- This wildly resembles the flavor of a homemade tomato-garlic chutney. This uplifted the overall taste of the samosa in a way we didn’t think was possible. 

4. Crunchiness

In addition to how well the dough has been kneaded, the resting duration, the proportion of flour, water and oil, there are certain other factors that play a crucial role in the crunchiness. 

It is essential that the oil is preheated and samosas aren’t added to oil that’s at room temperature. If such is the case, the casing browns quicker, does not crisp well, leaving the stuffing relatively cool. 

In our Goeld Punjabi Samosa review, initially, we fried a batch on low-medium heat. The result- samosas weren’t cooked through. 

For the next batch, we set the flame at the lowest possible, and in less than five minutes, we had perfectly browned samosas with the stuffing cooked through.  

5. Quality of Filling

Traditionally, samosas are stuffed with spiced, mashed potatoes. With time came the innovative additions of paneer, dry fruit, noodles and even macaroni.

Goeld’s samosas classic filling tastes fresh and authentic! There’s a combination of potatoes, green peas, whole coriander seeds, and finely chopped bits of coriander leaves. Loaded with potatoes, we liked that the green peas were only sparingly added. It’s not something that everyone welcomes whole heartedly in their samosas.

6. Quantity of Filling

Spot-on! The quantity of this filling was just right. Be it the left corner or the top one, no bite felt empty. At all times, a crisp casing was followed by a soft and spiced stuffing. 

7. Freshness

These samosas tasted surprisingly fresh. The casing as well as the stuffing were devoid of any weird sour or bitter taste. 

8. Nutritional Information

Following is the caloric breakdown for Goeld Punjabi Samosa per serve/per piece (40 g)-

106 kcal of energy, 4.24 g of fat, 14.76 g of carbohydrates, and 2.3 g of protein. 

9. Price

Goeld Punjabi Samosa price is INR 165. For 15 pieces of samosas, this is a super-economical option. 

Goeld Punjabi Samosa Review- Detailed Review

Here’s a gist of our experience with Goeld Punjabi Samosa.


Parameters Goeld Punjabi Samosa Review
Price INR 165
Net Quantity 600 g
No Of Pieces 15 
Shelf Life 18 months
Mishry’s Recipe Recommendations
  • Dahi Samosa Chaat
  • Samosa Pav with Tamarind Chutney
  • Desi Chinese Samosa
  • Chole Samosa
  • Pair with a kadak chai
goeld punjabi samosa packaging
The samosas are further packed in a tray to ensure no breakage.
a look inside the goeld punjabi samosa pack
Here is how they look before frying/baking.
uncooked pieces of goeld punjabi samosa
All samosas look identical and consistently sized.
goeld punjabi samosa chutney variants
There are three chutneys.
goeld punjabi samosa post frying
The surface turns golden brown evenly and quickly.
cross sectional view of the goeld punjabi samosa post frying
The samosas are generously stuffed!
closer look at goeld green chutney
The green chutney was quite watery.
closer look at goeld red chutney
This chutney lent some sweet and tangy flavors.
closer look at goeld tomato chutney
Our favorite- tomato garlic chutney!


  • The 600 g pack of samosas holds 15 pieces.
  • Each piece weighs approximately 40 g.
  • There are two recommended methods of heating.
  • In premium packaging, these samosas come with three chutneys.
  • They have a shelf life of 18 months.
  • Per serve, these samosas offer around 100 kcal. 


  • We really appreciate the individual ingredient lists of the casing, filling, and each of the chutneys.
  • These are packed in a tray to ensure no breakage. Great packaging is always a plus.
  • The casing is prepared really well.
  • The potato stuffing tastes FRESH!
  • It is flavored exceptionally. 
  • All spices/seasonings have been added in adequate quantities.
  • We LOVED the crispness. 


  • The low fat mint chutney didn’t really have a bold flavor. 

Best Suited For

From hosting a Diwali party to a relaxing weekend brunch, and even something extravagant like chole samosa/samosa chaat, Goeld Punjabi Samosa is super versatile. 

These are perfectly sized and spiced which makes them ideal to be served with beverages ranging from chaas to chai. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Goeld Punjabi samosa review.

1. Are Goeld Punjabi samosas 100% vegan?

Goeld Punjabi samosas are made using vegan-friendly ingredients. 

2. Do these samosas contain any allergen?

Yes, the casing of these samosas contains gluten.

3. How many samosas will come in a single pocket?

A 600 g carton holds 15 pieces of medium-sized samosas. 

4. What’s a good side dish for these samosas?

The dips/chutneys that are included in the pack complement the flavors well. You can also serve butter-toasted pav or break the samosas into halves and serve with chole and dahi. 

Final Words

Premium packaging, premium taste- Goeld Punjabi samosas were gobbled down by our team! All elements of this samosa, from the casing to the chutneys, were noteworthy. 

The dough for the casing was kneaded really well. The crunch and flakiness were proof of this. The filling was spot-on, in terms of taste and texture. Those who aren’t fans of peas are sure to like this. 

The variety of chutneys is another plus. We also liked how well the samosa was packed. 

Would you try these frozen (and surprisingly yum) samosas for your next party?

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