Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Review - Nariyal Pani Khari Sing
jabsons nariyal pani khari singh review

Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Review – Nariyal Pani Khari Sing

Does this eclectic combination of peanuts with coconut water flavor work? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Fresh and crisp, Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing is a must-try. These are non-oily and emit an inviting aroma. This is a surprising flavor combination that works well.

An inseparable part of many dishes, including poha, chikki, bhel puri, and even pad thai, is the much-loved peanuts. Over the past year, we reviewed 9 different flavors of peanuts by Jabsons. Among its latest additions, the newest Nariyal Pani Flavored Khari Sing caught our attention. We ordered it instantly to test its flavor and crunch. Did it pass our review test? 

Catch all the details in our Jabsons Roasted Peanuts review below.

Here is a quick product details on Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing:

Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing  Product Details
Price  Rs. 170 
Net Quantity  400 gm
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Shelf Life  6 months
Mishry Ratings 4

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? Fresh tasting peanuts with an inviting aroma and a desirable coconut water flavor. 

To test Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing, we have set the following parameters : 

1. Taste

Peanuts are one of the most loved snacking options and are hard to stop at a few. Here we gauge the freshness, coconut water flavor, and overall taste. How tasty and fresh are these peanuts? As these roasted peanuts are nariyal pani flavored, the intensity of coconut water flavor was also crucial to gauge. 

2. Crunch

We check the overall texture, crunch, and crispness here. 

3. Freshness

The factors indicative of the freshness of the peanuts include the packaging and the taste. Quite often, on opening a bag of packaged peanuts, there is a lingering stale and oily smell. These signify peanuts not packed properly. Here we check how fresh do these peanuts taste on opening the pack? 

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4. Other Observations


How secure is the packaging of these peanuts? Are they vacuum-packed? Does the packaging ensure easy storage on opening? 


How competitive is the pricing? Does the quantity offer justify the pricing? 

Shelf Life 

Peanuts taste best when they are within the expiry date. What is the shelf life of these peanuts? 

Nine different flavors of Jabsons Peanuts tried by Team Mishry. Find out the best one here.

Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing – Detailed Review

Here’s what we found during our review process of Jabsons Nariyal Pani Khari Sing : 


Jabsons Nariyal Pani Khari Sing bags a dual packaging. The peanuts are vacuum-packed and then placed in a dark green plastic pack. None of them are resealable. 

For better shelf life, the brand mentions transferring and storing them in the refrigerator. Our review pack of 400 gm costs Rs. 170. It offers a shelf life of six months. 

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Appearance & Aroma

Appearance-wise, these are big-sized plumpy peanuts with a rounded body. A pleasant and sweet smell of coconut water was noticeable when we opened the pack. The aroma of roasted peanuts is inviting.

a look at the outer and inner packaging of jabsons nariyal pani khari sing
Jabsons Nariyal Pani Khari Sing comes in a dual packaging.

Main Ingredients 

Peanuts and rock salt (1.7% – sendha namak/Himalayan pink salt) are the primary ingredients used here. In addition, it contains artificial sweeteners (Sucralose – 0.5%). Natural and nature identical flavoring substance (Coconut – 0.1%).

Allergen Information : Contains peanuts. 


Bang on! The flavor of coconut water is best described as mild, sweet and slightly nutty and these are just that. These peanuts are sweet, salty and fresh tasting. The peanuts are well-roasted.

It delivers aptly on the promise of coconut water flavor. Overall these taste very fresh. Thumbs up! 


Texture-wise, these are super crisp. A good thing here is these do not feel oily. 

a close look at jabsons nariyal pani khari sing
Jabsons Nariyal Pani Khari Sing is crisp and fresh.
Taste- 4/5
Texture -4/5
Packaging - 4/5
  • Vaccum packed peanuts. 
  • The texture is crispy. 
  • We loved the fresh taste of these peanuts. 
  • No stale smell or flavor. 
  • The pleasant aroma of coconut water is inviting. 
  • It has no preservatives.
  • The flavor of coconut water is replicated beautifully.

Need something hatke? We highly recommend trying the Jabsons Nariyal Pani Khari Sing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing

As per the pack, the brand has mentioned storing these in the refrigerator once opened to ensure better shelf life.

Yes. These roasted peanuts are gluten-free.

Roasted peanuts are a relatively healthy snacking option compared to other packaged foods. These are a rich source of protein and contain mono & polyunsaturated fats, which are good for overall health. Consuming them in moderation is best. 

The shelf life of these roasted peanuts is 6 months.

No. Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing has no preservatives.

In Conclusion

The crux of our review is that Jabsons Roasted Peanuts Nariyal Pani Khari Sing are fresh tasting and have a crisp texture. The coconut water flavor is evident through the natural and mild sweetness. We appreciate that it has no stale smell or flavor. 

Have you tried nariyal pani flavored peanuts yet? Let us know how your experience turned out.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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