IKEA’s Chopping Sheets Are A Kitchen Essential - Mishry Finds
ikea bendable chopping board

IKEA’s Bendable Chopping Sheets Are Easy To Store, Use & Maintain – Mishry Finds

IKEA’s chopping sheets are flexible and have a stable base. We quite like this product!

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4.5 / 5


IKEA’s chopping sheets have a foldable design and ensure hassle-free storage. From the usability to the cleaning, these score well in every aspect.

You know it! We know it! Chopping veggies the old fashioned way is not only accident-prone but also time consuming. Which is why chopping boards are such a boon. But chopping boards are not only restricted to a single material, size or shape. 

After some research on Amazon, we came across this amazing chopping sheet by IKEA that is bendable and flexible. Unlike other chopping boards, this is foldable and convenient to store. The product comes in a set of two pieces and is super easy to clean. Also, the anti-slip surface at the base ensures a good grip and sturdiness while use.

Say bye bye to your old chopping board and grab these amazing bendable chopping sheets by IKEA right away.

Quick product details of IKEA’s Chopping Sheets : 

IKEA Bendable Chopping Sheets  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 388 (price at the time of review)
Special Feature  Foldable Design 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating  4.5

Highlights Of IKEA’s Chopping Sheets 


Rectangular sheets with an anti-slip base.


Extremely flexible, easy to clean and compact

What’s Special?

It leaves no stains and has a stable base

Mishry’s Experience

IKEA’s chopping sheets are an easy way to chop vegetables and fruits. The fact that it is easy to fold and convenient to store is a major plus point here.

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ikea bendable chopping board quick look
These chopping sheets comes in a set of two pieces.
review in process of ikea bendable chopping board
Here's a quick look at our review process.

Design and Appearance 

These chopping sheets have a rectangular shape and are quite comfortable to use. It comes in a set of two pieces with different colors.

Design & Appearance - 4.5/5

Quality/ Performance

Quality-wise, this chopping board is sturdy and delivers excellent performance. It has an anti-slip surface that ensures high stability while using the board. In addition, these are flexible which makes it easy to tip off the cut vegetables.

Quality/Performance - 4.5/5


While reviewing the product in our review lab, we observed that the chopping board does not stain as easily. It is super easy to clean and maintenance is not an issue here.

Maintenance - 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on IKEA Chopping Board

As these chopping sheets are foldable, storing them in your kitchen will not be a hassle.

You can use a mild soap to clean this chopping board. Make sure to hand wash the chopping board always. 

Yes, absolutely! This chopping board has a firm grip that adds a lot of convenience and stability while cutting vegetables.

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while buying a new chopping board :

  • The material of the board.
  • Surface area.
  • The board thickness.

Ideally, stainless steel, wooden and silicone are the best materials for a chopping board. It is because they durable, easy to use and highly hygienic.

Final Words

IKEA’s bendable chopping sheet gets a thumbs up from Team Mishry. These chopping sheets are a quick way to chop vegetables, perfect for daily use and are easy to maintain too. Furthermore, the anti-slip surface adds comfort while using the product. 

Will you give this a buy? Let us know what you think about these.

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