7 Different Shaped Idli Plates - Mishry (Mar 2024)
idli with a twist – different shaped idli plates

7 Different Shaped Idli Plates – Idli With A Twist (Mar 2024)

Give your fluffy idlis a twist with different shaped idli plates.

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One of the easiest ways to add a twist to idlis would be idli plates in different shapes. Idlis are such a loved Indian food and are a staple in almost every household. Be it for breakfast or a brunch, idlis are always enjoyed when they are fresh and piping hot. Nothing beats home made, fluffy idlis with some sambar and a thick coconut chutney. For you to enjoy those plump idlis at home, having an idli maker is essential.

Let us discuss about the different types of idli stand. The idli plates inside an idli maker are available in different shapes, and multi shaped idli plates too.

A look at the Top Picks for Different shaped Idli Plates brands:

1. Best Top Picks Idli Cooker Brand: Prestige SS Triangular Shaped Idli Plates

2. Best Premium Idli Cooker Brand: Expresso Dhokla Stand

3. Best Budget Friendly Mini Idli Cooker Brand: Trapti Kitchenware Idli Stand

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Summary Table: Different Shaped Idli Plates

There are many different shapes of idli plates and idli cooker brands in India, but it’s difficult to choose the right one based on your needs. Therefore, we listed the popular brands that are easily available in the Indian market both online and offline.

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Best Different Idli Plates in India

If you’re looking for idli plates in different shapes, this article will interest you. Idli stands are easily available online as well as at local utensil-stores as well.  A lot of options are available like – thatte idli stand, plate idli stand, and countless others.

A typical three-tier idli stand comprises three tiers or compartments and is generally priced between INR 200 and INR 300.  The idli stand price can vary according to the material used and shape of the idli plates.

Psst..Bonus points for teaching the toddlers shapes through idlis. What fun!

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1. Square Shaped Idli Plates

Square shaped idli plates, though hardly used, aren’t uncommon. Adding some shapes to your regular idlis is always a good idea. Square shaped idli plates can be bought online or from a store as well.

square shaped idli plates
square shaped idli plates

Product Features:

  • Makes 16 square idli
  • Exciting square shape
  • Convient, versatile and quick

2. The Classic Round Shaped Idli Plates

Nothing beats some round, plump and fluffy idlis. These idlis stands are very easy to find and can be of different materials like plastic (for the microwave), stainless steel or aluminium. They can be 2 tiered, 3 tiered, 4 tiered or even 5 tiered. Purchase according to the size of the family.

the classic round shaped idli plates
the classic round shaped idli plates

Product Features:

  • Is made of Food Grade Material
  • Has Exotic Shining
  • Package Contents: 4 idli plates and one centre rod ( diameter of each plate=16.5cms)

3. Heart Shaped Idli Plates

What a cute result will these different shaped idli plates will produce! Heart shaped idli plates are quite rare, but when you get your hands on them, these would look super in your idli platter!

heart shaped idli plates
heart shaped idli plates

Product Features:

  • Multipurpose
  • Ease to use
  • Exciting heart shaped idli

Find out the Best Instant Rava Idli Mix here.

4. Mini Idli Plates

Want to make an idli fry or button idlis for kids?

A set of mini idli plates will definitely be a brilliant addition to your kitchen. A simple rai and curry leaves tadka atop soft, mini idlis with some coconut chutney is ideal for an evening snack.

mini idli plates
mini idli plates

Product Features:

  • 4 Idli Plates with 18 Cavities
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Mini Idli stand with 4 plates

5. Thatte Idli Plates

Thatte idli or plate idli are every idli lovers heaven. Just dunk some in a bowlful of hot sambar and you are an inch closer to nirvana. Each of these flat idlis are equivalent to 2-3 pieces of round idlis.

thatte idli plates
Thatte Idli Plates

Product Features:

  • Dhokla plate
  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Is dishwasher safe

6. Shell Shaped Idli Plates

Scallop shaped idlis for breakfast, anyone? Yum!

Even though the shape does not affect the taste of the idli, it surely makes for a pleasant looking meal. These come in a non-stick variety as well.

shell shaped idli plates
shell shaped idli plates

Product Features:

  • Exciting shell shaped idli
  • 6 plates with 24 cavities
  • Is non stick

7. Triangular Idli Plates

Bored of classic circle idlis? There’s one more shape to make your meal more appealing. Triangular!

Though shapes won’t change any taste, but for a change this triangular idli goes best. Also, if arranged in a similar fashion like pizza, we get pizza idli.

triangular idli plates
triangular idli plates

Product Features:

  • Triangular shaped idli
  • Has 4 idli plates with idli stand
  • Made of stainless steel material

Don’t know how to make idlis from scratch? Worry not! Haldiram’s Rava Idli mix is perfectly balanced and the outcome is a batch of soft and fluffy idlis. Read our review to know more about this pre-mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered a few frequently asked questions about the different shaped idli plates. Though, nothing beats the classic round and fluffy idlis. But one can give a nice twist with these various shaped idli plates to the idli platter.

Prestige is one of the most popular companies when it comes to cookware. It offers a wide range of cookware and in different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and anodized. Listing famous Prestige Idli Cooker with plates:

  • Prestige Stainless Steel Super Idli Cooker
  • Prestige Classic Idli Cooker 4 Plates
  • Prestige S.S. Multi-Shaped Idly Stand

Prestige idli cookers range from 500 INR to 4000 INR depending on the liters, no. of plates, the material of cooker, additional accessories, and warranty.

Prestige idli plates have holes around the edge of plates. Idli plates have holes to allow the steam to move faster from bottom to above which fastens the cooking process.

Prestige offers multiple options for idli plates. Prestige S.S. Multi–Shaped Idly stands have 4 plates of different shaped sets, which are heart-shaped, triangle-shaped, apple-shaped, and flower-shaped.


Overall, the different shaped idli plates have not only added to the creativity and innovative ways of preparation of idli, but also to the shape, size and texture that they add to the idlis. The different shaped Idli plates are often made out of high-quality stainless steel. Aluminium and plastic (for microwave) varieties are also available.

Some brands add a non-stick teflon coating as well. As we have discussed earlier, there are also different shaped idli plates available in the market. These idli plates are of varied types, such as 2-plates idli cooker, 3-plates idli maker, and even large 6-plate varieties and so on.

Have you tried any other idli shapes till now? Let us know in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to try our top picks: Prestige SS Triangular Shaped Idli Plates , Expresso Dhokla Stand and Trapti Kitchenware Idli Stand.

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