Hello Tempayy Spiced Tawa Masala Tempeh Cubes Review Mishry (2023)
hello tempayy tempeh cubes

Protein Needs Sorted With Hello Tempayy Tempeh Cubes (2024)

The nutrition values and flavors of Hello Tempayy cubes were pleasantly astonishing.

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Hello Tempayy Spiced Tawa Masala Tempeh cubes make meal prep easier with their balanced flavors. These are pre-seasoned protein cubes that are a decent replacement to animal-based protein sources.

Easily one of the most thought-provoking concerns surrounding a vegan switch is that of giving up juicy meats and creamy paneer. What if we told you, there’s an (almost) equally protein-dense option that’s derived from soy.

‘But isn’t soy ‘rough and dry’ and essentially ‘bland’, you ask. 

Enter- tempeh. Introduced to us by dieticians, nutrition experts, celeb chefs, influencers, we hopped on this bandwagon with our Hello Tempayy Spiced Tawa Masala Tempeh Cubes review. All information, A-Z, from how its made to calories and protein to taste and usage- our review is your one-stop shop. 

What made us add tempeh to our weekly meals?

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The following table has all the details you need to know. 

Hello Tempayy Tempeh Cubes  Product Details
Price Rs 165/-
Net Weight 200 grams
Main Ingredients
  • Soybeans
  • Rhizopus
  • Spices and condiments
Mishry Rating 3.6
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Our Review Factors

The taste, texture, and nutritional values were key review-forming parameters of our Hello Tempayy Tempeh Cubes review.

We also share details on other aspects like the price, packaging, shelf life, etc. 

1. Taste

Tempeh is known to have savory notes combined with nutty, earthy flavors, fairly similar to that of mushrooms.

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Apart from the natural taste of tempeh, how well are the cubes seasoned? Considering that the flavor of soy isn’t loved by many – does the masala mask the original flavor of the tempeh? 

We gauged the freshness and the boldness of ‘Spiced Tawa Masala’. The blend of spices used, their depth, and whether or not they pair well-these were sub-parameters in this section. 

2. Texture

Defined as a cake-like substance, tempeh is made by fermenting soybeans and shaping them in a patty/block. This is slightly firmer when compared to tofu.

Did these ready-to-cook cubes have a similar texture? Can we see the layers that tempeh is known for?

3. Nutritional Quotient

The calories per 200 grams, macronutrient distribution of Hello Tempayy were compared with the same of lean meat, paneer, and tofu. 

4. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, shelf life were gauged here. 

Hello Tempayy Tempeh Cubes – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

These plant-based protein cubes were packed in a vacuumed pouch which was further covered in a brown pack. 200 grams is priced at Rs 165/- and has a shelf life of three months. You do not need to freeze them. These need to be kept under refrigeration.

Main Ingredients

Soybeans, Water, Rhizopus (culture), Iron, Vitamin B12, Onion, Tomato, Iodised salt, Ginger, Garlic, Sunflower oil, Rice flour, Hydrolyzed soya protein, Spices and condiments are the ingredients that go in the making. 

What is rhizopus?

Rhizopus, commonly known as bread mould, is a multicellular fungi used as starter culture in tempeh. It helps to bind the beans and create the cake-like texture by enhancing the antioxidant activity of the wheat germ cake. 

hello tempayy tempeh cubes packing
This was double-packed with the second layer vacuum-packed.

How is tempeh made?

Tempeh, a fermented food, uses soaked and cooked soybeans with genus of Rhizopus. It is a process of controlled fermentation, as the temperature and duration must be accurate. While growing, the bacteria binds the beans together into a dense, white cake. 

The container must be chosen carefully, it should allow for air ventilation but not with large vents as they may dry out the cake. 

Tempeh, tofu, seitan- which is the best plant protein source?


Contrary to popular belief, vegans are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a protein source. Tempeh, tofu, or seitan. 

We know how tempeh is made.

Tofu also uses soy, but in the form of milk. Seitan is completely different as it is made using gluten from wheat. 

For a detailed comparison of the nutritional information, check the chart below.

hello tempayy tempeh cubes nutri

Mishry verdict

As seen, tempeh has more protein and fiber than tofu, but tofu is lower in calories and fat. While both can be included, it is crucial to consume a variety of protein sources like lentils, legumes. 

200 grams of Hello Tempayy cubes offer 36 grams of protein with approximately 14 grams of fat and the net carbohydrate (carbs minus fiber) is 6.4 grams. Not only is the macronutrient distribution impressive, but 36 grams of protein in 350 Kcal is quite good.

How did we cook these tempeh cubes?

We heated the cubes using some oil (2 tsp for 100 gm), and tasted them as is to gauge the flavor. We then lightly mashed them, and added then between buttered buns.

Aroma + Appearance

These tempeh cubes were almost even-looking dices coated in a reddish-brown masala. They were slightly clumped together, so we had to break them apart. The aroma of mixed masalas and ginger garlic were quite prominent. 

hello tempayy tempeh cubes closer look
The tempeh was cut into cubes.

Taste + Texture

Right off the bat, the taste of tempeh is an acquired one, like most soy products or strong-flavored mushrooms. You develop it over time.

As explained above, tempeh has an earthy nutty flavor which, in all honesty, may not be the most appetizing. But the spice blend used by Hello Tempayy masked it up pretty well in a balanced manner. Neither the spice, nor the salt was overpowering and the tempeh cubes seemed to have soaked the flavors well.

On to the texture, it was a melange of the soy-like chewiness, the firm juicy bite of meat, with the unique, slightly springy bite of mushrooms, but predominantly meaty.

We sliced a cube diagonally and could see the layers. 

hello tempayy tempeh cubes appearance
Before mashing the cubes.
hello tempayy tempeh cubes keema pav
Testing the tempeh cubes.
Taste- 3/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutrition Label- 4/5
  • Clean ingredients
  • Inviting flavor
  • Texture and aroma, on point

Embarking on the path of veganism? Need to up your protein intake? With good flavors? We recommend trying Hello Tempayy Spiced Tawa Masala cubes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Hello Tempayy tempeh cubes

These can be cooked and mashed into keema (like we did), or eaten like a cube-shaped snack, or rolled in a paratha, or even added to your biryanis and sandwiches.

The spice is very well balanced. It is not overpowering.

You must keep them in the fridge between 0-4 degrees. Consume within 2-3 days of opening.

So, Should You Get This?

That’s a wrap on Mishry’s review of Hello Tempayy cubes. Not only do they make for a decent protein source, but these pre-seasoned cubes add convenience to everyday meals. 

In addition to tawa masala, this is also available in natural, peri peri, schezwan, chettinad, and sriracha. Which variant would you go for first?

Our reviews are unbiased, and we pay for the samples ourselves. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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