Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream Review - Mishry (2023)
amul caramel ice cream

Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream Is A Creamy Delight (2024)

Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream is a delightful dessert. It gets 4 on 5 Mishrys for its flavor and texture.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Amul Creme Rich Caramel Ice Cream is nothing short of refreshing. It has the perfect sweetness with a smooth, rich texture that keeps you going back for seconds.

For most, summers are synonymous with ice creams. While everyone has their preferences, there’s something about a creamy, milky ice cream cup that no one can say no to.

This season, Amul has introduced a new flavor – Crème Rich Caramel. In this Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream review, we uncover the flavor, texture, and what sets this new range apart from other ice creams?

Buy or bye for this flavor?

Quick product highlights of Amul Caramel Ice Cream : 

Amul Creme Rich Caramel Ice Cream  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 45
Net Quantity  125 ml/ 87 gm
Calories (per serve 87 gm) 214 kcal
Shelf Life  1 year 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating 

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? We are looking for a rich, creamy ice cream with promising flavors of caramel.

Our Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream review is based upon the following parameters: 

1. Taste

Caramel is classified as a sweet flavor. Did the ice cream replicate it well? If yes, was the sweetness balanced or overwhelming? Is the ice cream milky?

2. Texture

The texture of ice cream is heavily dependent on factors like the fat content of the milk and the churning process. 

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A higher percentage of fat will result in a richer, creamier, smoother texture. Similarly, the churning process should be such that it encourages the water in the ice cream mix to form seed-like crystals which add to the richness.

The ice cream should not be icy, but have a rich, creamy mouthfeel.

3. Other Parameters

Here, we recorded the price, packaging, main ingredients, and shelf life. 

Not all tubs are made the same.
When you’re walking down the freezer aisle, it’s important to note frozen dessert is not the same as ice cream. So what makes the two different?
The ingredients! Ice creams are made with dairy products like milk or cream while frozen desserts are made using vegetable oils and other ingredients like gums, flours, artificial fillers.
The production. Ice creams are churned in a controlled manner, while frozen desserts is simply the mixing and freezing of ingredients.

Amul Caramel Ice Cream  – Detailed Review

Product Details

Amul Caramel Ice Cream comes in a premium-looking black and gold plastic cup. The 125 ml cup costs Rs. 45/-. This ice cream has a shelf life of one year. 

The ingredients include: Milk solids, Sugar, Dextrose, Emulsifiers (471, 491) and stabilizers (407, 412), Artificial flavoring substances (milk caramel eclair), and Color (150d)

What did we observe during our review process? 


This ice cream had a beige hue. It wasn’t a deep brown or caramel-like amber tint. 

amul caramel ice cream packing
The tub looks premium.


Caramel, characteristically, is sweet. This sweetness was well-captured in the flavor of the ice cream. It had a fresh, milky taste too, which resembled that of condensed milk. 

Overall, the sweetness was balanced and this had a fresh taste. There was no undesirable industrial aftertaste. 


Delivering complete justice to the name, this ice cream had a rich, creamy texture. Right from scooping out the ice cream to relishing it, this Amul ice cream had a soft smoothness and creamy mouthfeel that was appreciable.

amul caramel ice cream appearance
Smooth and creamy, the texture was beautiful.
amul caramel ice cream texture
This tasted fresh and milky with the right sweetness.
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • No ice crystals! Thumbs up
  • Delightfully creamy and rich
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • Perfectly balanced sweetness
  • Captures the caramel flavor well

Tired of the same ol’ vanilla and chocolate-flavored ice cream? Need a switch? May we suggest Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream?

Due to high temperature at the HQ, our ice cream started to melt at a quick speed. We used another tub to taste the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream.

This is suitable for vegetarians. Vegans cannot consume this as it contains milk solids. 

Yes, this variant of Amul Ice Cream does not contain any nuts.

Sure, you can add a scoop with some milk and sweetener for a luscious milkshake.

This ice cream contains emulsifiers like 471 and 491 with stabilizers 407 and 412. 

You get a satiating portion for under Rs 50. The texture and flavor speak of the quality. So yes, this is a value for money product. 

Wrapping Up

Mishry had a positive experience with Amul Crème Rich Caramel Ice Cream. The flavor was fresh with just the right balance of sugar. This was creamy and had a smooth mouthfeel like any well-churned ice cream would. So we give this a thumbs up.

What Amul products have you stocked in your pantry? Let us know in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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