Hello Healthy Green Tea Review - Peach & Ginger Tulsi (2023)
hello healthy green tea

Soothing Sips, Thanks To Hello Healthy Green Tea (2024)

Hello Healthy Green Teas are packed in muslin cloth potlis with a refreshing flavor profile. We tried two flavors – Peach and Ginger tulsi.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Hello Healthy Green Tea is not just packaged well but showcase exceptional flavors and aroma. These have a fresh taste and are genuinely refreshing.

Cultivated in China and Japan, green tea is a ‘true tea’ made from leaves of the tea plant. Owing to its potential health benefits, green tea is consumed globally. 

Unflavored, natural green tea has grassy, earthy flavors that not everyone is a fan of. For those who aren’t a big fan of plain versions, flavored green tea variants can be a welcome change. In this Hello Healthy Green Tea review, we talk about the flavors, the ingredients, and everything you’d want to know before buying. 

Is this worth trying? 

Here are crucial details about Hello Healthy Green Tea. 

Hello Healthy Green Tea Mishry Rating Buy Now
Peach 4 On Amazon
Ginger Tulsi 4 On Amazon
hello healthy green tea variants
These were the two variants we tried.

Our Review Factors

What were our focus parameters when reviewing Hello Healthy Green Tea?

The flavors, aroma, and appearance were the primary parameters. We also took into account the packaging, shelf life, ingredients. 

1. Flavor

Before we tell how a good cup of green tea should taste like, here what it shouldn’t taste like – medicine. Your cup of green tea should not taste bitter and have a bright, brisk flavor that is fresh and sometimes grassy.

Considering these are flavored green teas with added spices and fruit flavor – we checked for their strength and appealing flavor combinations.

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2. Appearance

Once brewed, how does the tea look? Is it clear or cloudy? What about the color?

3. Other Parameters

Here, we gauged the price, packaging, ingredients and shelf life. Under packaging we checked for the material and shape of the tea bag and to see if it has any staples.

Hello Healthy Green Tea Flavours – Detailed Review

For our review, we tried two variants- Peach and Ginger Tulsi. Here is our experience. 

1. Peach

Price + Packaging

There are 20 potlis, each holding 2 grams of the tea leaves. These are individually wrapped in sachets, and placed inside a box. Priced at Rs 275/-, these have a shelf life of 24 months. 

Main Ingredients

Green tea (34.4 grams), chamomile flowers (4.8 grams), and peach extract (0.8 grams) are the main ingredients. This also contains added flavor- nature identical flavoring substances- peach. 

How did we brew this?

As instructed on the pack, we used one tea bag for a cup and let it brew for three minutes. Optionally, you can add honey/lemon, once brewed. We didn’t add an sweetener.

hello healthy green tea peach
The packaging makes it convenient to carry to work.

Aroma + Appearance

This had an inviting, dominant aroma of peaches. The innate fruity sweetness could be sensed. As for appearance, it was a clear cup with a light tinge of yellow. 


Delicious! This green tea was not bitter at all. It has a fresh, fruity flavor profile thanks to the peaches. The delicate flavor of sweet peaches eliminates the need to add any sweetener

Although we enjoyed this warm, this green tea would taste even better as a cold brew.

hello healthy peach appearance
This had a mild fruity sweetness.
Flavor- 4/5
Appearance- 4/5
  • Staple-free packaging
  • Properly sized potlis, that help maximize flavors
  • Inviting aroma
  • Fresh tasting with notes of peach
  • Clear cup

Trying to incorporate green tea but dislike the taste? Hello Healthy Green Tea is flavoured with peaches that we recommend.

2. Ginger Tulsi

Price + Packaging

The packaging is identical to the above variant. These potlis are sealed without staple pins, which is a plus. 

What makes Hello Healthy’s packaging so impressive?

First things first, these are staple-free bags. In 2019, FSSAI announced that staple pins will be banned from being used in tea bags. This is because when the bags are brewed, they expand and the pins loosen, increasing the chances of ingestion of the pin by consumers.

Moreover, these muslin potlis have ample space, they are not densely packed which gives the tea leaves enough room to plump up and release flavors, and potentially beneficial properties.

Main Ingredients

Green tea (26.4 grams), ginger root (8.8 grams), tulsi leaves (4.8 grams) are the only ingredients used. 

How did we brew it?

The brewing process was identical as the first variant. Only the timing was different.

hello healthy green tea ginger tulsi packing
Each potli is sealed in a sachet.

Aroma + Appearance 

This tea was clear too, it had no foamy layer, or particles.

As for aroma, the most prominent was that of ginger.


This variant was fairly refreshing. The green tea didn’t have any bitterness or undesirable flavors. It had the herby flavors like tulsi does with the freshness of ginger. A very refreshing cup of green tea, indeed.

hello healthy green tea appearance
The leaves after brewing (L) and the tea once brewed (R)
Flavor- 4/5
Appearance- 4/5
  • Beautiful flavors
  • Refreshing sips
  • Packaging gets a thumbs up
  • Fresh tasting green tea with the flavor notes of tulsi and ginger
  • Ginger is super fresh and zingy

Feeling heavy or bloated after a big meal? We recommend trying Hello Healthy Green Tea in Ginger Tulsi as these ingredients are natural digestive soothers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Hello Healthy Green Tea.

Both, green tea and black tea contain caffeine. But the former has a lower caffeine content, making it the better choice for those with caffeine sensitivity. Other than this, both offer similar benefits.

No, it is always advised to consume tea after eating something. Otherwise, it may cause acidity. 

No, this has a clean ingredient list. 

When consumed warm, this will definitely help relieve symptoms of cough and cold. 

Our Verdict

Not just the flavors, but the packaging, its material, the overall quality feels premium. The green teas by Hello Healthy are very refreshing and soothing. 

Would you try these or stick to your regular cuppa?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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