Happy Elephant Tea - Assorted Flavors: #FirstImpressions
happy elelphant

Happy Elephant Tea – Assorted Flavors: #FirstImpressions

To dip or not to dip? We tried Happy Elephant Tea in Assorted Flavors, will they live up to the expectations?

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Favorite book + Favorite corner of the house + Favorite tea = Heaven.

Tea lovers can vouch for the fact that a single beautifully made cup of tea can lift up your spirits like nothing else in the world. As much as we Indians love our kadhi hui, milk, and sugar-filled chai, we cannot deny that we have openly welcomed green tea and black tea into our lives. We tasted six flavors from the Happy Elephant Tea gift box (Green and black tea) and here is our #FirstImpression.

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What you need to know: Happy Elephants Tea – Assorted Flavors

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  • The tea leaves are handpicked
  • The entire box has 60 tea bags in 6 assorted flavors
  • The gift set is made from bio-degradable hand made paper


Happy Elephant Tea Selection

Happy Elephants Tea – Assorted Flavors

A vibrant packing and fresh fruity tea flavors make this tea box a good gifting option.

MRP – Rs 585/-

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression of Happy Elephant Tea – Assorted Flavors

The Happy Elephant Tea comes in a festive pink handcrafted box with silver details. It has a vibrant artisanal look and is a good gifting option. The box has six assorted flavors with two types of tea leaves – Green and black.

The flavor variations for black tea are – Earl Grey, Chai Tea, Peach Tea, and Mango Tea. The flavor variations for green tea are – Passion fruit tea and Pomegranate tea.

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We steeped all tea bags in hot water for 2 minutes. All the flavors of tea were tasted side by side to help judge the flavors better. The fruity tea variations have a fresh appealing aroma. Once the flavors are steeped they become much milder.

Mango and peach tea flavors are the only ones that continue to retain a distinct signature flavor. All the teas have a similar beautiful shade of golden yellow. The teas are not cloudy, alluding to good quality tea leaves used. We found the peach and mango flavors to be the ones that stand out the most.


hapy elephant
Happy Elephant Tea – Mango and Peach flavored tea


Functionality wise, we found it a little difficult to handle the tea bags as there were no strings attached. You will need tongs or a spoon to take them out once done steeping unless you are comfortable picking them up by hand.

Not a lot of information was provided about ingredients on the pack. No information about where the flavors were derived from – real fruit extracts or added artificial/natural flavors. No nutritional information was provided on the box.

Overall, a good gifting option for all tea lovers.




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