Haldiram's Snac Lite Fun Fingers Review

Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers Review

Need something for quick snacking? Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers are crunchy and will remind you of your school canteen.

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Haldiram’s is a popular snack brand that almost every Indian is aware of. From Haldiram’s mathris to ready-to-eat minute meals, namkeen and even peanuts, we have reviewed them all. Some were a hit, while some did not do so well on our taste-o-meter. We reviewed the Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fingers for these parameters and here is our #FirstImpression. Let’s just say ‘lite’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good low-calorie snack.

What You Need To Know About Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains added flavors – Nature and nature identical flavoring substances.
  • 100 grams of this snack provides 500 Kcal of energy.

#FirstImpression Of Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fingers

Price and packaging – The Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers are priced at Rs 25/- for a 85 gram pack. The packaging is like that of a regular bag of chips/namkeen.

Label Reading – The list of ingredients includes palm oil, 36% refined flour (maida), tapioca starch, potato starch, corn starch, spices and condiments, INS 330, and maltodextrin. For a snack that says ‘lite’, this certainly wasn’t an ingredient list that we were expecting.

Appearance – The Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers have a shape that closely resembles penne shaped pasta. The otherwise white colored chips are coated in red-yellow masala.

Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fingers – Appearance

Taste and texture – The Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers have a very old-school nostalgia attached to it. You will be instantly reminded of the airy masala puffs we bought from our school canteens. These fun fingers are not over coated in masalas. It is lightly spiced, extremely crunchy, and airy. There is nothing, taste wise, that stands out but the snack is tasty overall.

Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers

Crunchy and lightly spiced, the Haldiram’s Snac Lite Fun Fingers make for a good snacking option.

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MRP – Rs 25/-

Net weight – 85 grams

*Price at the time of review

Overall, this is a good, value for money product that is meant for quick, crunchy snacking. It’s addictive and you cannot stop after 4-5 sticks.

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