Cornitos Salsa Dip Review

Cornitos Salsa Dip Review

We reviewed the Cornitos Salsa Dip 4 in 1 pack for its taste, consistency and aroma. Here is what we thought about it.

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Nachos without salsa is as incomplete as a Bollywood movie without a dream song sequence! Are we correct or are we absolutely correct? We conducted a taste test between three popular nacho brands in our quest to find the tastiest cheese flavored nachos earlier. Doritos, Cornitos and Makino were put to test and Cornitos Nachos won our taste test because of its dominant cheese flavor and the wonderful crispiness. After Cornitos won, we wanted to try out their salsa as well. Let us find out how did the Cornitos Salsa Dip fare in our taste test.

What You Need To Know About The Cornitos Salsa Dip

*As per information on the pack

  • Shelf life – 6 months
  • Contains class II preservatives (INS 202, INS 211)
  • 100 grams of this salsa dip provides 67.6 Kcal of energy.

#FirstImpression Of Cornitos Salsa Dip

Price and packaging – The Cornitos Salsa Dip 4-in-1 pack comes in a bright red and mustard yellow (almost nacho colored) box. There are 4 small individual 50-gram salsa cups inside this pack. This box containing four salsa cups is priced at Rs 100/-. The packaging is convenient for traveling or when packing a snack box for young adults.

Appearance, consistency, and texture – The Cornitos Salsa Dip has bits of tomatoes but it is not chunky like homemade salsa dips are. It is almost dark brownish-red in color. It has a semi-thick, very sauce-like consistency.

Taste and aroma – The pack says it uses natural tomatoes and the aroma of the salsa supports that claim. The aroma is very tomatoey and has a spicy hit to it. The jalapeños bring a lot of heat to the salsa, but it’s not overpowering. The salsa is very well-seasoned and not over-salted. Most store-bought salsas hit you in the back of your throat once you’ve had 2-3 big bites, but this one doesn’t, and that’s a big plus.

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Cornitos Salsa Dip

The Cornitos Salsa Dip is tart, tasty and makes for a very convenient accompaniment to your bag of nachos.

MRP – Rs 100/-*

Net weight – 200 grams

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*Price at the time of review

What could have been better was the texture. We wished the chunky, fresh tomato flavor was a bit more dominant. Overall, the product will remind you of the Multiplex movie-watching experience.


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