Haldiram's Chutney Sev Review - Mishry (2022)
haldiram's chutney sev review

Haldiram’s Chutney Sev Review – Addictive & Chatpata (2024)

Haldiram’s Chutney Sev is a burst of flavors and you just cannot stop after one. Here’s why we loved it.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Filled with a burst of flavor, Haldiram's Chutney Sev is definately addictive. We liked the firm yet soft bite of these thick sev. This namkeen gets a thumbs up from Team Mishry.

While bhujia and aloo sev are the most loved namkeens in India, chutney sev is something that is fairly new. So what is it? A namkeen that has tangy, sweet, spicy notes which resemble the flavors of a chutney. These are comparatively thicker in size as opposed to thin aloo bhujia or nylon sev. You can have it as a snack, use it for garnishing your pohas and upmas, or as an ingredient in a bhel.

We picked the chutney sev by Haldiram’s to test it for its taste, texture, price and packaging. Read our Haldiram’s Chutney Sev review to know more about this namkeen.

Here’s a quick glimpse of all the product details you need to know about Haldiram’s Chutney Sev : 

Haldiram’s Chutney Sev  Product Details 
Price Rs. 30 
Net Quantity 150 gm
Calories (per 100 gm) 596 kcal
Buy Now On Amazon
Shelf Life 6 months
Mishry Rating

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting? Be it saunth, pudina-dhaniya or coconut peanut – Indian chutneys are a loved condiment that is a star of many homemade dishes. Although the core ingredients are vast, the mix of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavor profiles remain the same. We were looking for similar flavors in a pack of thick, but crunchy sev.

Taste and texture were primary factors of our review process. Additionally, appearance, aroma, price, packaging, and shelf life were the other contributing factors. 

All the details of the review parameters for Haldiram’s Chutney Sev are detailed below : 

1. Taste

The question of the hour – does this taste like a chutney? Slightly sweet, tangy, spicy and salty? The taste is the core aspect of our review process. Does it showcase a balance of flavors? Since it is a packaged namkeen, does it have a stale or off-putting oily taste?  

2. Texture 

How is the overall bite? Is it too hard or too soft? Do they feel greasy to touch or heavy on the palette? Did the poppy seeds add a mild crunch, or was it bold?  

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3. Appearance

How appetizing does this sev look? Are these thin or thick in size? Is the masala uniformly coated on all sev? 

Other than that, we also take into consideration the main ingredients, packaging, price, and shelf life.

Is Haldiram’s Lite Mixture a smart snacking option? Let’s find out. 

Haldiram’s Chutney Sev – Detailed Review

This section highlights the product details, pros, and cons of Haldiram’s Chutney Sev. 

Packaging, appearance & aroma 

Haldiram’s chutney sev comes in a green pack. Priced at Rs. 30 (for 150 gm), it offers a shelf life of 6 months. The packaging is not resealable. 

Do note that if you wish to store these after opening, transfer them to an air-tight container to retain the freshness.

Haldiram’s chutney sev is thick in size. It has a yellowish red color. These are evenly coated with a dry masala powder. We could also see some green specs and poppy seeds on the sev. 

This has an oily aroma followed by a lingering aroma of curry leaves. 

the packaging of haldiram’s chutney sev
Haldiram's Chutney Sev comes in a green color pack.

Main Ingredients 

The primary ingredients  – gram flour, edible veg oil (palmolein/cotton seed), spices and condiments (cumin powder, asafetida powder, red chilli powder, carom seeds powder, curry leaves powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, spice extract). 

Apart from the above, it has poppy seeds, sugar powder, iodized salt, sodium carbonate (INS 500 (ii)) and acidity regulator (INS 330), and natural and nature identical flavoring substances.

What did our review test reveal? 


These sev are a burst of flavors – sweet, tangy, salty, and chatpata, all combined in one. The spiciness is medium while the tanginess is unmissable. 

The presence of poppy seeds and curry leaves combine really well. We liked the lovely, nutty flavor that poppy seeds add. However, despite being coated with curry leaves the flavor of curry leaves was not as prominent. 


Haldiram’s Chutney Sev has just the right texture. Very often thick sev can become very hard to bite into. But that’s not the case here. These are neither too hard nor too soft. It has that perfect mix of a firm, yet soft bite. 

The poppy seeds bring in a delicate bite and soft crunch. 

close look at haldiram's chutney sev
Haldiram's Chutney Sev are ADDICTIVE.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Appearance - 4/5

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  • Ideal texture. Firm yet soft bite.
  • We loved the burst of flavors. Its tangy, lightly spicy and sweet. 
  • All the sev are evenly seasoned.
  • No oily aftertaste.
  • The flavor of curry leaves is not prominent.
  • We would have appreciated it if a better source of fat was used. This uses palmolein/cottonseed oil.

Haldiram’s Chutney Sev is a must try snack option for those who haven’t tried it before and like a mix of tangy, spicy and sweet flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s Chutney Sev.

No. Haldiram’s Chutney Sev is medium spicy.

This is a packaged fried namkeen that contains ingredients like palm oil and acidity regulators. We certainly do not categorize Haldiram’s Chutney Sev as a healthy product.

Sev is made using besan (gram flour), oil and salt. It is shaped into thin strands with the help of a sev press and then deep-fried. 

Bhujia, on the other hand, is also a kind of sev made using a mix of gram flour and moth flour and then seasoned with spices.  

The main difference between them is in the use of spices and the thickness. Bhujia is spicier while sev is commonly seasoned only with salt.

This chutney sev is made using palmolein and cottonseed oil.

This chutney sev is full of flavors, which makes them a perfect savory snack for tea-time munching.

Final Verdict

Haldiram’s Chutney Sev is tasty and addictive. It is medium spicy, sweet, tangy, salty and chatpata. You can add these as a topping on a fresh homemade bowl of poha or upma for an enhanced taste or savor it as it is with a cup of chai.

Have you tried chutney sev before? Let us know what you think.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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