Haldiram's Multigrain Bhujia Review - Mishry (2022)
haldiram multigrain bhujia review

Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia Review – An Addictive Namkeen (2024)

Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia is spicy, tasty and crunchy. Here’s an in-depth review on the same.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
3.5 / 5


This namkeen is fresh, crispy, and super addictive. Despite being made using multigrain flours, there is no compromise on the taste and texture. However, we would have preferred a better source of fat.

Multigrain chips and multigrain bread? Sure. But, multigrain bhujia? Now that’s something unique.

Haldiram’s offers a large variety of sweets, beverages, snacks and namkeen. When we spotted Haldiram’s multigrain bhujia, we ordered it to gauge its taste and texture in detail. How different does it taste from a regular bhujia? Did we like it or did we stop after a single bite?

We have all these answers and a lot more detailed information covered in our Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia review.

Here’s a table showcasing all the required information related to Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia : 

Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia  Product Details
Price Rs 35/-
Net Quantity 150 gms 
Main Ingredients Tepary beans, gram pulse flour, sorghum flour, soya flour, oats powder and quinoa powder
Shelf Life 5 months
Mishry Rating (on 5) 3.8

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? We are looking for a fresh tasting namkeen with the right level of salt and spice levels. We also expect this namkeen to be crunchy just like that of a normal bhujia sev (primarily made using gram flour). The ingredients shoule be in sync with that is promised on the pack.

We have examined Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia on the following review factors: 

1. Taste

Namkeens are often addictive and needless to say, the taste plays a key role in our review process. Too spicy, too bland, or flavored just right? What did we observe? Did we notice any oily aftertaste? How different is the overall taste of this multigrain bhujia from a regular bhujia? The level of salt and seasoning is also checked here. 

2. Crunch

Does this namkeen hold a prominent crunch, or are these extremely soggy? Is it oily to touch? Since these are made using multigrain flours, does the texture appear dry? 

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3. Main Ingredients 

The ingredients hold importance here since this snack is labeled as multigrain bhujia. What are the different flours used? If yes, what is the percentage of each? What is the source of fat used? Did we find the presence of any preservatives or added flavors? 

4. Other Observations


How different are these sev in appearance compared to normal bhujia sev? 


Is the packaging resealable? Is it easy to open and convenient to store? 

Price & shelf life 

Does the quantity justify the price tag? For how long will this namkeen remain fresh? 

Your quest for the Best Aloo Bhujia brands in India ends here.

Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia – Detailed Review

Here’s what we found during our review process : 

Price + Packaging

Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia has a purple color pack. It costs Rs. 35 for a 150 gm pack. It is not resealable. 

Appearance + Aroma

Look-wise, these are similar to normal (bhujia) sev. It is neither thick nor thin. This sev is yellow in appearance and small in size. It has an oily aroma.

packaging of haldiram’s multigrain bhujia
Haldiram's Multigrain Bhujia comes in a non-resealable pack.

Nutrition Label 

The main ingredients are – tepary beans, gram pulse flour, sorghum flour, soya flour, oats powder, and quinoa powder. 

The source of fat/oil used here is cottonseed, corn, and palmolein oil. We would have appreciated if an alternative source of fat was used. Though the ingredients mention the different flours used, we observed that the percentage of individual flours was not mentioned.

As per the pack, this namkeen is filled with protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. To examine this claim, we compared the above figures with the nutrition content as found in a 100 gm quantity of regular bhujia sev. 

Per 100 gm, Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia has 566 kcal of energy, 15.1 gm of protein, 43.6 gm of total carbohydrates, 4.1 gm of sugar, and 36.8 gm of total fat. 

So what did we find? Per 100 gm, a bowl of regular bhujia sev has 572 kcal of energy, 12.5 gm of protein, 3.6 gm of sugar, 42.3 gm of carbohydrates and 39.2 gm of total fat. 

We did not observe any huge difference in the nutrition content between the two. 

close look at haldiram’s multigrain bhujia
Macro shot of Haldiram's Multigrain Bhujia.

Taste & Texture 

It is a super fresh and tasty namkeen. These sev are very well seasoned. It maintains a balance between the multiple ingredients (multigrain flours) used. The spiciness is tolerable, neither too much nor too little. We did not observe any rancid or off-putting oily taste/aftertaste.  

Overall the taste of this multigrain bhujia felt exactly like a normal bhujia with an apt amount of spice levels.  

In terms of the texture, we have no complaints. These multigrain sev have a lovely crunch and crispness. They are not hard to bite. The best part here is that these are not oily to touch. 

Despite being made using multiple flours, the texture is commendable and comes close to that of a normal bhujia sev.

Taste- 4/5
Crunch - 4/5
Ingredients- 4/5
  • Well seasoned and fresh tasting namkeen. 
  • It has no off-putting oily taste. 
  • The different ingredients are added appropriately. 
  • The texture is just right. Super crunchy and crisp.
  • This namkeen is made using different types of oil (palmolein, cottonseed and corn) which we think could have been replaced with a better alternative. 

Have you ever tried multigrain bhujia? If not, we highly recommend you to get your hands on Haldiram’s Multigrain bhujia. You can have it as a topping, mix them in homemade bhel or indulge in them as it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia

Despite being made using multigrain flours, this namkeen uses cottonseed and palmolein oil which are not ideal for regular consumption.

Bhujia tastes best when topped on a piping hot bowl of homemade upma or poha.

As per the pack, 100 gm serving of Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia contains 566 kcal of energy.

We recommend transferring the contents to an airtight container post opening the pack. It will help retain the freshness and will prevent any moisture from entering. 

Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia has a shelf life of 5 months.


Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia is well-seasoned, non-oily, and tasty. With a well-balanced seasoning, it has a medium spicy taste. The ingredient list is fairly clean, but there are two things that could have been better. Firstly, an alternative source of fat would have been an ideal choice. Secondly, the brand has not disclosed the percentage of individual flours used.

Will you give Haldiram’s Multigrain Bhujia a try?

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