Haldiram's Crispy Stuffed Kachori Review - A Crisp Tea-Time Snack
haldiram's crispy stuffed kachori review

Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori Review – A Crisp Tea-Time Snack

Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori is masaledaar and showcases that characteristic khasta texture. Read on our review to find out more.

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Generously stuffed with a delicious masaledaar filling, Haldirams Crispy Stuffed Kachori is ideal for tea-time snacking. However, we would have loved it if these kachoris had a slightly softer bite.

A hot cup of tea seems incomplete without a crispy snack. What better way than pairing it with a delicious and crunchy kachori.  Kachori tops the list of the Indian street foods and is a snack that can be had as it or can be turned into a delicious chaat.

From dal stuffed kachori to onion kachoris and matar kachori, these are some popular varieties loved all across the world. While halwais serve it with some meethi chutney and a spicy aloo sabzi, many brands have come up with kachori in the form of dry crispy snacks.

Haldiram’s offers a range of different ready to eat products that spreads from bhujia sev to wafers, namkeens, gulab jamuns, peanuts and even ready-to-eat meals. Team Mishry was excited to review Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori. We discuss everything about this product in our Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori Review.

Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori – Everything You Need To Know

haldirams kachori
The kachori was well sealed and packed

Here we cover the packaging, ingredients, price, taste and other crucial factors to help you know better about Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori.  

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1. Packaging

The Haldriram’s Kachori comes in a red color packaging. The pack is sealed securly. To retain the freshness of the kachori, it is best to transfer the kachoris in an air-tight container. The 200 gm pack includes 9 nine small pieces of the kachori weighing 24 gm each. 

The pack also includes a small sachet of Cremica ketchup which might not be sufficient looking at the number of kachoris included in the pack. 

2. Main Ingredients

Refined wheat flour (27%), Gram pulse flour (15%), Edible Vegetable Oil (Palmolein Oil), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Edible common Salt and Tamarind powder are the main ingredients used.  

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3. Taste

Taste-wise, we give the Haldiram’s Kachori full marks! The flavor of coriander and fennel was quite prominent in each and every bite that we took. This kachori had a spicy flavor with a slight touch of sweetness. 

We could see whole spices like sookha dhaniya and saunf. Unlike regular kachori, dry kachoris contain a mix of spices and gram flour. This makes them ideal to store for a longer time and perfect to have as a snack option with tea.

Haldiram’s Kachori is well-stuffed with the filling and is seasoned to perfection. The filling was masaledaar and lip-smacking. 

4. Texture

Kachoris are well known for their khasta texture. Here we reviewed how close the texture of the Haldirams kachori is to that of an authentic kachori

These are definitely khasta and have a crisp bite. The ratio of the filling to the outer covering was spot-on! The outer covering had a well-balanced salt level. The presence of khada dhaniya and saunf gave a coarse texture to the filling.

5. Appearance

These kachoris are small, round shaped which makes them ideal for consumption in a single bite. The outer covering has a light brown color. 

6. Aroma

On opening the pack, we could whiff a strong aroma of the different spices. The aroma of amchur (dry mango powder) was the most noticeable. 

7. Crunchiness 

This parameter judges how well a snack item has been fried so that it gets that perfect khasta texture. On the crunch factor, we give the Haldiram’s Kachori a thumbs up! 

8. Price

The MRP of the 200 gm pack is available for INR 50. 

9. Shelf Life

The product has a shelf life of 5 months from the date of manufacture.

Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori – Detailed Review

Parameters  Haldriram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori
Price  INR 50
Main Ingredients
  • Refined wheat flour 
  • Gram pulse flour 
  • Edible Vegetable Oil (palmolein oil)
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil 
  • Sugar
Net Quantity  200 gm
Calorie Intake (100 gm) 543 kcal
Shelf Life Best before 5 months from manufacture


The 200 gm pack that we ordered for reviewing the Haldiram’s kachori had a red color packaging. Though these are perfectly sealed, the brand specifically mentions to store them in an air-tight container post opening. The pack includes a small sachet of Cremica ketchup.

The strong aroma of spices hit us instantly upon opening the pack. On breaking the kachori into two pieces, there was a visible greasiness on our hands. Whole spices like sookha dhaniya and fennel seeds were quite noticeable.  

We loved how generously the filling was added . The texture of the filling was coarse. The Haldiram’s kachori scores full marks for a perfectly seasoned filling and outer covering. The ratio of the filling to the outer covering was apt. 

The outer layer of the kachori was khasta. However, it was a little hard to bite into.

overhead look of haldirams kachori on a plate
The overall contents of the kachori accompanied with a pack of ketchup
haldirams kachori on a plate
We loved the khasta outer covering of this kachori
overhead look at haldirams kachori
The filling was well seasoned and tasted delicious!


  • The 200 gm pack of this kachori comes at a price of INR 50.
  • It is well packed and sealed.
  • The shelf life of this product is 5 months from the date of manufacture.
  • The nutritional information is mentioned on the back .
  • It is best to store the contents in an air-tight container after opening the pack.


  • The ratio of the filling to that of the outer covering was perfect.
  • It contains a generous amount of filling.
  • The filling is well-seasoned. 
  • The outer covering of this kachori is crispy/khasta.


  • It was an effort to bite into these kachoris. The outer covering of these kachoris was slightly hard and difficult to bite into. 

Best Suited For

People who love having masaledaar and crispy snacks during their tea-time, we highly recommend you to try the Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori. These kachoris are perfect to carry while travelling. You can also serve these during any social gathering with a homemade meethi or hari chutney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori.

1. Are kachoris healthy to consume?

Due to the presence of certain ingredients, consuming these kachoris on a regular basis is not a good idea. Any packaged food is best consumed in moderation.

2. Are these kachoris a vegetarian food item?

Yes, this kachori is a vegetarian product.

3. Can kachoris be eaten with a topping of mayonnaise or tomato sauce?

Having these kachoris with mayonnaise depends upon person to person. However, these will taste best when served with tomato ketchup or homemade green chutney/saunth

4. Are these kachoris fried or non-fried?

The Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachoris are fried. 

5. Can these kachoris be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes, these kachoris will taste delicious with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Final Words

Our experience of reviewing Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori was a positive one. It has a delicious stuffing and a khasta exterior. This dry-snack is best served with a hot cup of tea. 

Will you give Haldiram’s Crispy Stuffed Kachori a try? Leave us a comment below expressing your views.

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