Haldiram's Punjabi Tadka Namkeen Review: Crunchy & Chatpata (2023)
haldiram punjabi tadka namkeen review

Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen Review: Crunchy & Chatpata (2024)

Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen is loaded with flavors and is super crunchy. We highly recommend giving it a try.

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Be it between meals, for late-night binging, or with a cup of tea, snacks make everything better. And namkeens have a special place in every Indian home. Well-known for its lip-smacking variety of namkeen, Haldiram’s snack range only keeps on expanding. For our current review, we picked up a pack of Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka. 

Does this snack make it to Mishry’s list of favorites? Let us decode in our Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen review.

A quick view at the product details you need to know about Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen: 

Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen  Product Details 
Price Rs. 54 
Net Quantity  220 gms
Shelf Life  4 months 
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating  4

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting? A crunchy, flavorful namkeen with the right balance of spices. 

For our review of Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen, we have set the following parameters: 

1. Taste

The taste parameter holds prime importance here. There are multiple aspects we examine in this segment – the seasoning, spice levels and the overall taste. In addition, we also check if there is any off-putting flavor of oil or flour.

2. Texture 

Namkeens taste best when they are crunchy and have a crisp texture. How was our experience with Haldiram’s Punjabi Takda? At any point does it feel oily to touch or taste?  

3. Supporting Parameters 

The price, packaging and shelf life were also gauged during our review process. 

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Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka – Detailed Review

Packaging & Price 

Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka has a pink-purple color pack. It comes in a pouch packaging which is not resealable. Rs. 54 is the price for a 220 gm pack. It has a shelf life of 4 months. 


Appearance-wise, this bag of namkeen has short and long strands. They are neither too thick nor thin. These namkeen sticks have a yellow, masaledaar tone. 


As we opened the pack, we could whiff a prominent aroma of mixed spices. A point of appreciation here is that it had no oily smell.

haldiram punjabi tadka namkeen packaging
The overall packaging of Haldiram's Punjabi Tadka Namkeen.
first look at haldiram punjabi tadka namkeen
Review in process : Haldiram's Punjabi Tadka Namkeen.
a close look at haldiram punjabi tadka namkeen
This namkeen is masaledaar and crunchy.

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients are – edible vegetable oil (palmolein and cottonseed, rice bran), gram flour, potato flakes, moth dal flour, tapioca starch, and potato starch. 

The seasoning ingredients include – spices & condiments (coriander powder, cumin powder, red chili powder, black pepper powder, ginger powder, turmeric powder, big cardamom powder, clove powder, onion powder, garlic powder, spice extract), iodised salt, starch powder, and sugar powder. 

Apart from these, it also has – maltodextrin, dextrose, milk solids, acidity regulators (INS 330 & INS 296) and flavor enhancers (INS 627 & INS 631) and natural identical & nature identical flavoring substances. 

Our Findings 


Addictive! Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen is flavored just right. It is masaledaar, chatpata and yet not too spicy. It is very well seasoned and is loaded with flavor. Definitely a snack we would love going back to again and again.


We expected a bag of crunchy namkeen and crunchy namkeen is what we got. What we really appreciate is the fact that these are not oily to touch. These are super crisp and crunchy. 

Texture - 4/5
  • Well-seasoned and full of flavors. 
  • It is super crunchy. 
  • The texture is not oily. 
  • This namkeen is super addictive.

If you are looking for a medium spicy yet masaledaar snack, Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka should be your next pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka Namkeen

The ingredient list of Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka has maltodextrin, dextrose, acidity regulators and flavor enhancers. Hence, we recommend having this snack occasionally. 

Yes. This savory snack will taste delicious with tea or coffee.

Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka has a shelf life of four months.

Yes. This namkeen by Haldiram’s has preservatives. The following are the preservatives used here: 

Maltodextrin: The primary purpose of using maltodextrin is as a thickener. Apart from that it also acts as a preservative to increase the shelf life of packaged foods.

Dextrose: Besides acting as a sweetener, dextrose also works as a preservative to increase the shelf life of products.

If you are looking for some added crunch in homemade chaats, this namkeen by Haldiram’s will get the desired crunch.

What’s our final verdict?

Masaledaar, chatpata and super crunchy! Team Mishry recommends trying Haldiram’s Punjabi Tadka. This namkeen is seasoned to perfection and is not oily. Relish your tea time with this delicious, addictive snack and thank us later. 

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