Goeld Frozen Tikkis Review: Beetroot & Dilliwali Dal Aloo
goeld frozen tikkis review

Goeld Frozen Tikkis Review: Beetroot & Dilliwali Dal Aloo

Goeld Frozen Tikkis come with lip-smacking chutneys. We tried Beetroot and Dilliwali Dal variants. Here’s more about them.

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4 / 5


Super convenient and super crispy, these Goeld Frozen Foods are a satisfying evening snack. Other than the packaging, we had a positive experience with these.

The frozen food aisle has gained popularity, particularly among millennials. Pre-portioned servings, maximum convenience, and economic prices, frozen snacks are just perfect when you have unannounced guests, untimely cravings, or when you’re feeling a little lazy. 

Out of the freezer, into the frying pan, and onto your plate in a matter of minutes, we tried some not-seen-before frozen snacks. We fried and tasted the Beetroot Cheese and Dilliwali Dal Aloo variants for our Goeld frozen tikkis review. These come with exclusive low fat chutneys.

We covered two variants in this Goeld Frozen Tikkis review.

goeld frozen tikki variants
The Goeld frozen snacks variants we covered in our review.

1. Available Variants

The frozen tikkis we reviewed fall in the ‘Drooly Snacks’ category. Other snacks offered by the brand include Soya Shami Kabab, Veg Seekh Kabab, Quinoa Patty, Oozy Cheesy Corn Bites, Spinach Cheese Pocket, Mac & Cheese Pops. They also have variety of paranthas and desserts. 

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2. Packaging

These frozen tikkis are packed in vibrant packs that have basic yet eye-catching lettering and images. 

3. Cooking Instructions

There are three methods of preparation recommended by the brand- deep frying and shallow frying.

Air Fry- Brush some oil on the tikkis and air-fry 100-300 g for 8-15 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. 

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Shallow Fry- Preheat some oil in a pan to 200-220 degrees celsius. The recommended oil level should not be more than half the thickness of the frozen tikkis. Place tikkis in the pan and cook for 4-5 minutes, flipping them every minute till both sides are golden brown. 

Deep Fry – Deep fry in hot oil on a medium flame for 4-5 minutes until the tikkis are crisp and brown. 

Using a spoon or a pair of tongs for flipping is recommended. 

4. Available Sizes

These Goeld frozen tikkis come in packs of 240 g.

5. Nutritional Information

Goeld Beetroot & Cheese Tikki – 141.58 kcal of energy, 8.77 g of protein, 16.02 g of carbohydrates, 3.17 g of sugar, and 4.72 g of fat. 

Goeld Dilliwali Dal Aloo Tikki – 142.87 kcal, 4.49 g of protein, 26.56 g of carbohydrates, 3.19 g of sugar, and 2.08 g of fat.

Goeld Frozen Foods – Our Review Factors

Frozen foods are widely popular for the convenience they offer. In addition to taste and texture, the visual appearance too is a parameter for our review. 

1. Taste

Does the taste do justice to the flavor labels? 

2. Texture + Crispness

Are these frozen tikkis crisp? How is the outer covering? In the dal aloo tikki, is the stuffing smooth and pasty or could we feel bits of dal? In the beetroot tikki, how is the texture of the beetroot and the cheese? Does it pair well? 

3. Appearance

The shape and size play a key role in the appearance of tikkis and their evenness of cooking. Do they look identical? Is the thickness consistent? Do they take too long to turn golden brown? 

4. Price

6-8 pieces in a pack, is this a value for money product?

Goeld Frozen Tikki Variants- Detailed Review

frying goeld tikkis
Frying a batch of both variants in vegetable oil.
Product Details Goeld Beetroot & Cheese Frozen Tikkis Goeld Dilliwali Dal Aloo Tikkis
Main Ingredients Beetroot (34%), Potatoes, Onions, Mozzarella Cheese (11%), Processed Cheese (11%), Cheese Binder, Salt, Cheese Powder, Yeast Extract, Semolina, Garlic, Mixed Spices, Coriander, Potato Starch.  Potatoes (31%), Lentil (38%), Potato Flakes, Bread Crumbs, Potato Starch, Refined Sunflower Oil, Green Chillies, Coriander Leaves, Mixed Spices, Dry Mango Powder, Salt. 
Price INR 150 INR 135
Net Quantity 240 g 320 g
No Of Pieces 6 pieces 8 pieces
Shelf Life 1 year 1 year

1. Beetroot & Cheese Tikki

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5

The Beetroot & Cheese tikkis are paired with a low-fat garlic chutney. The recommended methods of cooking are shallow frying and air frying. We shallow fried these frozen tikkis. Sadly, only two pieces were identically shaped. The other tikkis were broken into large chunks.

These are pink-hued tikkis with a crispy coating on the outside.Taste-wise, the beetroot flavor boldly made its presence felt. The earthiness of beetroot was balanced with the savoury cheese flavor. 

When we started frying the tikkis, a prominent beet-cheese aroma covered our test kitchen. 

This got us thinking that it could make for a good burger patty for experimental vegetarians. 

goeld beetroot tikkis contents
Beetroot and cheese tikkis during the raw test stage.
goeld beetroot tikkis chutney
The chutney that comes with beetroot tikkis.
goeld beetroot tikkis post frying
The beetroot color was retained post-frying.
cross sectional goeld beetroot tikkis post frying
Here’s how the tikkis look from the inside.


  • A blend of mozzarella and processed cheese is used.
  • 34% beetroot goes in the making.
  • These frozen tikkis are coated with semolina.
  • The bright pink hue is very pleasing to look at.
  • One tikki weighs approximately 40 g.
  • They are larger than an average biscuit.


  • These frozen tikkis cook to perfection very quickly.
  • Post-cooking, the pink color is retained.
  • The semolina coating adds a nice grainy crispness.
  • We like the textural variation- mushy insides and a crisp exterior.
  • These are not overly spicy and have the right amount of salt. 
  • The chutney complements the tikkis beautifully.
  • It has a homestyle taste.


  • Four out of six pieces were broken. A tray packaging would be appreciated.

Best Suited For

Looking for a super convenient way to add beetroot to your diet? These frozen tikkis could be it! Plus, the addition of cheese- cherry on the cake! And the low-fat garlic chutney deserves a special mention. On its own, it has a strong, spicy, garlicky taste, and when paired with the beetroot cheese tikkis, it tastes exceptional.

2. Dilliwali Dal Aloo Tikki

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 3/5

100% vegan, the Dilliwali Dal Aloo tikkis, just like the first variant, are made in a 100% vegetarian kitchen. However, unlike the beetroot and cheese tikkis, these must be shallow/deep-fried.

One pack holds eight pieces of pale yellow, biscuit-sized tikkis. They were quite thick. To cook these, we heated the recommended quantity of refined oil. The aloo casing started coming off as the tikkis began cooking/browning. We fried three separate batches only to experience the same as the first. 

Though they cook evenly, the browning of the surface is fairly uneven. 

The tikkis are crisp, undoubtedly, but we felt that the dal-aloo ratio was a little off. The aloo casing is thinner and the dal stuffing a bit more generous than desired. 

goeld dal aloo tikkis before frying
Dilliwali Dal Aloo tikkis are identically shaped.
goeld dal aloo tikkis open shell post frying
While frying, the aloo casing came off.
goeld dal aloo tikkis chutney
The low fat tamarind chutney.
goeld dal aloo tikkis post frying
Post-frying, these tikkis looked like puris.
cross sectional view of goeld dal aloo tikkis post frying
These were generously stuffed.


  • This 320 g pack holds eight pieces of Goeld Frozen food.
  • You aren’t required to thaw/defrost them prior to frying.
  • 38% of lentils have been added to the mix.
  • It has a shelf life of one year. 
  • The flavor of dal precedes that of aloo. 
  • An exclusive low-fat chutney is included.


  • It contains no added sugar, colors, or flavors.
  • None of the tikkis were broken. 
  • All were identical-looking.
  • There was a rich garam masala aroma.
  • It is super crisp. 


  • The casing caused massive hindrance during frying.
  • This stuffing to aloo ratio is something that could be worked upon.
  • In some places, the potatoes show a chalky texture. 

Best Suited For

These frozen tikkis make for a super convenient snack. One can easily make a meal by building upon this, adding a few more ingredients. Add some chutneys on top with anaar and seviyaan and you have a market-style tikki. If you’re a fan of Jaipuri dal hing kachoris, you might like these. 

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

How do you declare the winner between a pack of broken tikkis and one with an off-balance ratio between the casing and stuffing? The better tasting one, ofcourse.

Dilliwali Dal Aloo tikkis were stuffed generously with a tasty filling of lentils and aloo. However, the Beetroot and Cheese tikkis stole the show! The earthiness beetroot typically has, paired with cheese, was delicious. But the garlic chutney with it was exceptional! And this is why we recommend the latter.

Final Words

As an evening snack, a filling starter, or a wholesome meal Goeld Frozen Tikkis don’t just offer convenience, but they taste delicious too! We really like how thick the tikkis were, the unique flavors, and the chutneys that come with them.

Prepared in 100% vegetarian kitchens, we’d give them more Mishrys only if they came packed in trays or something that prevented the breakage during handling. 

Another interesting observation – the pack mentions these tikkis are free of added preservatives, but the ingredient list says otherwise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Goeld Frozen Foods

1. Are Goeld frozen tikkis healthy?

These can easily fall in the healthy food category as they have a decent amount of calories and a good macronutrient breakdown. That being said, frozen food is not something that you should consume often.

2. Do these frozen tikkis contain trans fats?

No, these tikkis have zero trans fat.

3. Do these frozen tikkis contain gluten?

Yes, both variants contain gluten. 

4. How many pieces will come in a single packet?

Dilliwali Dal Aloo tikkis have eight pieces and Beetroot and Cheese has six pieces. 

5. How should these frozen tikkis be stored?

You are recommended to store them under refrigeration at -18 degrees celsius or below. It is recommended to not refreeze them once defrosted. 

6. What’s a good side dish for these tikkis?

The chutneys that are included complement the flavors well. Alternatively, you could serve these with a salad or even make burgers and bun tikkis. 

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