Go Desi Popz Candy Review – Imli, Aam & Kacha Aam
go desi popz candy review

Go Desi Popz Candy Review – Imli, Aam & Kacha Aam

Imli, Real Aam, and Kaccha Aam- we can’t pick our favorite Go Desi Popz Candy because they are all lip-smacking.

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Taste & Texture
4 / 5
4 / 5


Nostalgia in a bite- Go Desi Popz are soft, chewy lollipops in remarkable flavors. As indicated by the ratings, we liked Imli and Aam the best.

How does a tangy, fruity, chewy lollipop sound? Interesting, intriguing? 

Go Desi Popz Candy is a new entrant in the candy segment that is essentially a lollipop but with some unique flavors. We tried three- Imli, Aam, and Kacha Aam for our Go Desi Popz Candy review. The flavors, texture, price, packaging, and everything you’d want to know is covered in our post.

Which variant did we like best?

Here’s all you need to know about Go Desi Popz candy.

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Our Review Factors

What were we expecting from Go Desi Popz candy? We were looking for a lip-smacking blend of flavors with a pleasing texture. The price and packaging were also taken into account. 

1. Flavor

Sweet, tangy, and a bit tarty, this is what we expected from the imli variant. As for aam, a sweet, natural, and fruity taste and a raw, sour, eye-twiching flavor was anticipated from kacha aam. 

Overall, we gauged whether or not these tasted fresh, natural, with a rounded flavor profile. 

2. Texture

Candy-like hard, jelly-like soft, or fudge-like chewy? How were these Popz?

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3. Other Parameters

Under this parameter, we gauged the price, packaging, shelf life, and some other non-tasting parameters like appearance and aroma.

go desi popz candy variants we reviewed
Imli, Aam, and Kacha Aam are the three variants we tried.

Go Desi Popz Candy – Detailed Review

The following section details our experience with these lollipops.

1. Imli

Price & Packaging

The lollipops are individually wrapped in a transparent pack and tied with a pink thread. These are then placed inside a non-resealable pouch. There were four pieces inside the pack. It is priced at Rs 20/- and has a shelf life of 15 months.

Main Ingredients

Jaggery, tamarind, edible salt, cumin powder, curry leaves powder, chilli powder, refined sunflower oil, stabilizer (INS 414). 

As claimed, these are devoid of refined sugar and preservatives. 

go desi popz candy imli
These are individually packed and sealed with a thread.

Taste & Texture

Before we dive into the tasting, we’d like to highlight that the wooden sticks were quite sturdy and the Popz had stuck well to it. 

The Popz had a soft, chewy bite. The bite had some tamarind threads that added a unique texture. It had the typical stickiness that imli candies usually do. Taste-wise, this was tangy with a bold spice. The earthy warmth of cumin was popping through and the subtle sweetness tied all flavors together. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Innovation- 4/5
  • This is a refined sugar-free fix for sweet tooth.
  • It is devoid of preservatives.
  • The packaging is top-notch.
  • We LOVED the flavor profile.
  • The texture was quite good. 

If your sweet tooth is asking for something different than a bar of chocolate, we’d recommend trying Go Desi Popz Candy in Imli.

2. Aam

Price & Packaging

The price, packaging, and shelf life are the same as above. 

Main Ingredients

Jaggery, mango powder, raisins, amchur powder, black salt, refined sunflower oil, citric acid (INS 330), chilli powder, turmeric.

This also contains added nature identical flavor- ripe mango. 

go desi popz candy real aam
This was sweet, spicy, and tangy.

Taste & Texture

Soft, chewy, with a slight stickiness but lickable- this best describes the texture of Go Desi Popz. Flavor-wise, the fruity flavor of a natural, ripe mango was prominent. Additionally, there was also a spicy, zingy flavor which was balanced by the sweetness of jaggery. The chilli heat hit us with sweet and tangy flavors.

All-in-all, this was a burst of flavors. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Innovation- 4/5
  • Good quality material has been used.
  • The price and packaging are quite decent.
  • The natural flavor of ripe mango was prominent.
  • It had a well-rounded flavor profile.

Missing the season of mangoes? Here’s how you can relish the fruity flavors with a spice kick with Go Desi Popz in Aam. 

3. Kacha Aam

Price & Packaging

The packaging is commendable, it makes the candies easy to carry. These are individually wrapped and tied with a thread. 

With a shelf life of 12 months, a 36-gram pack is priced at Rs 20/- and holds x pieces. 

Main Ingredients

Jaggery, mango powder, raisins, amchur powder, black salt, citric acid (INS 330), refined sunflower oil, chilli powder. 

go desi popz candy kacha aam
This variant had a mild spiciness lingering.

Taste & Texture

The mouthfeel was exactly like the other two variants we reviewed. It was smooth and devoid of graininess. 

In terms of flavor, the salt level was spot-on. The sweetness was mild with spicy notes popping in between. There was a desirable tanginess too, and overall the flavors were working in sync. That said, a mild spiciness was lingering. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Innovation- 4/5
  • The innovation was quite nice.
  • We liked the well-rounded flavors. 
  • The texture was pleasing.

A candy without refined sugar and preservatives? A calorie-friend craving killer? May we recommend Go Desi Popz Candy in Kacha Aam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Go Desi Popz candy

A 36-gram pack priced at Rs 20 contains 4 pieces.

No, only the tamarind variant is prepared with the fruit. The mango and raw mango variants use mango powder and nature identical flavor. 

No, these are free of added preseratives but they do contain INS 330 which acts as a natural preservative. 

These Popz are rich in carbohydrates and consuming too many can spike sugar levels which will be harmful in the long run. 

As always, we recommend moderate and mindful consumption of packaged foods. 

These Go Desi Popz candies are sweetened using jaggery and are devoid of refined sugar. 

Final Words

Go Desi Popz Candy was yum enough, it made us wink at them (the tanginess was had our eyes twitching) Of the three variants, we liked Imli and Mango the best. These had a soft and smooth chewy bite with a well-rounded flavor profile.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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