Alda Graphito Non-Stick Crepe Pan Review – Mishry
alda non-stick crepe pan review

Alda Graphito Non-Stick Crepe Pan Review – Mishry

Alda Graphito Non-Stick Crepe Pan is ideal for preparing crepes without using large quantities of oil/butter. Here’s how we reviewed it.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
Ease of Spreadability
4 / 5
Cooking Ability
3.5 / 5


Dosa, pancake, crepe, and a vegetarian omlete (cheela)- these were the four food items we prepared for reviewing Alda Graphito Non-Stick pan and we were fairly delighted with the results.

Noobs to pros, non-stick pans are a must-have in every kitchen. Whether its a crisp dosa or fluffy pancakes, this cookware is a kitchen essential that does it all. 

Adding to the list of pots and pans we’ve reviewed, we ordered one with a five-star rating online. In our Aldo Graphito Non-Stick Crepe pan review, we discuss all significant aspects from design and material to overall convenience.

Does this deserve a place in your kitchen?


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Alda Graphito Non-Stick Crepe Pan – Quick Glance

Key details about this non-stick pan are mentioned in the table below.

Alda Graphito Non-Stick Crepe Pan Product Details
Price Rs 1250/-
Material Aluminium
Key Features
  • Non-stick surface
  • Scratch-resistant
  • PFOA-Free
Buy Now On Amazon
Mishry Rating 3.8

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? Ease of use, sturdiness, cooking versatility, and overall design while reviewing Alda Graphito Non-Stick Crepe pan.

1. Design

Is the surface even and smooth? Is the overall structure of the pan ergonomic? Does the batter spread evenly and consistently?

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Other construction aspects like handle grip, sturdiness, material, thickness, and quality were gauged. 

2. Cooking Ability

Did this yield consistently browned and evenly cooked crepes? Were the resultant dosas crisp? How about the pancakes and cheela?

This is a non-stick tawa, does the batter spread smoothly or does it require oil to ensure the batter doesn’t stick? What about the cooking duration?

3. Spreadability

Besan, pancake, dosa- are batters easy to spread? Smooth or restrictive, is the thickness even throughout or just in the center?

4. Other Parameters

We also gauged the cleaning and maintenance aspect with the pricing and warranty of this tawa. 

Alda Graphito Non-Stick Crepe Pan  – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging

The tawa was placed in a plastic sheet which was placed inside a carton. It is priced at Rs 1290/- and comes with a 24-month warranty on the coating.

alda non-stick crepe pan packing
This is how the tawa was packed.


This tawa is made of aluminum and has a triple-layer non-stick coating. This coating promises oil-free cooking. The Greblon C3+ coating ensures scratch resistance. 

How we tested the tawa?

We made some dosas, pancakes, crepes, and besan cheela on the tawa. 

This helped us gauge the versatility as the batters for all four food items have varying consistencies. 

Stage 1- Dosa

We started by heating the tawa on a medium flame and sprinkling some water (this is a standard process). The surface was instantly wiped dry and we lowered the flame. 

Post this, we poured a ladleful of the dosa batter and used the back of the ladle to spread it in shape. We covered the tawa with a lid for better heat retention to cook the dosa through. We increased the flame and took the lid off in around half a minute. 

We then brushed the dosa with some oil and cooked till it was brown. 

Our Findings-

The dosa was soft, quite crisp but cooked thoroughly. The non-stick surface worked like a charm as a very small quantity of oil was needed (1 tbsp). We used a tablespoon but a similar level of crispness can be achieved with much less oil too. 

That said, the batter does not spread as easily or effortlessly as it did in other pans we reviewed for our Big Dosa Tawa review

The 30-cm diameter is good enough for preparing larger-than-average dosas at home. 

Stage 2- Pancakes

For stages 2 and 3 of our review, we used the Betty Crocker Pancake mix. 

Owing to the large diameter of the tawa, we poured the batter in three places. This tawa was placed on a medium-sized hob in our Test Kitchen at the Mishry HQ. 

Only the batter that had direct access to heat had browned well. The one towards the side had not browned evenly, it was a lighter shade of golden. That said, no pancake was undercooked or raw. These were cooked quite quickly and did not require a lot of fat. A minuscule quantity of butter was brushed on the tawa and the pancakes flipped with ease without sticking to the surface. 

PS- if your kitchen has larger hobs, you can use the entire surface of the pan and prepare 4-5 three-inch pancakes in a go. 

alda non-stick crepe pan pancake
We made three pancakes and as seen, one was slightly lighter.

Stage 3- Crepes

We used the same Betty Crocker mix and added some milk to it, as directed on the pack. While the batter was being prepared, we heated the tawa.

Despite a medium-sized hob, the tawa was heated up from edge to edge but the sides weren’t as heated up as the center. 

This is why when we poured the batter, the center of the crepe started browning earlier than the sides. We flipped and cooked the crepe from the other side as well to ensure there were no white, uncooked surfaces. 

alda non stick crepe pan crepe
The crepe was cooked well.

Stage 4- Besan Cheela

To prepare the cheela batter, we took some gram flour, seasoned it with salt, red chilli powder, and added some chopped green chillies. We mixed this with water until a flowy consistency was achieved and mixed it until there were no lumps.

As the tawa was heating on a medium flame, we brushed the surface with some oil and poured the batter. Besan naturally soaks up oil and it did so in our experience too. That said, the cheela did not look greasy or oily as we brushed a tiny amount of oil. Despite absorbing the oil, the cheela did not stick to the surface of the pan. The non-stick coating and smooth surface of the pan ensured an easy and evenly spread batter. 

alda non-stick crepe pan besan cheela
Here's a look at the besan cheela.
alda non-stick crepe pan post use
A few brown spots.
Design- 4/5
Ease of Spreadability- 4/5
Cooking Ability- 3.5/5
  • The non-stick coating is very efficient.
  • This is a large-sized tawa.
  • The rivets and handle were quite sturdy.
  • It is priced economically.
  • It is dishwasher and induction-friendly. 
  • Not suited for small and medium-sized hobs.
  • After a few uses the base and rivet start developing brown spots.

Slightly soft dosas, paper-thin crepes? Fan of these? Then we’d recommend you to try Alda Graphito Non-Stick crepe pan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Alda Graphito non-stick crepe pan

Yes, this is dishwasher-safe. 

Yes, this has a PFOA-free non-stick coating.

No, this is not oven-safe.

Yes, you can prepare pancakes with this pan. 

The non-stick coating is ceramic enforced and does not emit PFOA. 

Final Words

From dosas to pancakes, Mishry had a fairly decent experience with Alda Graphito Non-Stick crepe pan. It is easy to use, has a commendable non-stick coating, and a smooth surface. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance do not require high efforts.

How has your experience with non-stick cookware been? Share in the comments below. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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