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Ganesh Vegetable Chopper Review: Cut Vegetables With Ease

Faster cuts and chops, reduced prep time- the Ganesh Vegetable Chopper is a modern kitchen must-have!

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With easy cleaning and maintenance, the Ganesh Vegetable chopper gets a thumbs up for the convenience it offers. We like the sharp blades and the smooth-operating cord.

Manual vegetable choppers are undoubtedly one of the most underrated kitchen tools. No electricity needed and maximum safety- here are few reasons to invest in a manual chopper.

Apart from the obvious time and effort-saving aspect, manual choppers are relatively less messy. How, you ask? Well, since the ingredients are chopped inside a container, there are no bits and pieces over the counter. Which means a faster clean up! That said, you still need to wash the blades and container after each use. 

Additionally, they are a great way to introduce little ones to the cooking process. And best of all, they are fun to use!

How well the blades are placed, how sharp they are, a push-down or pull motion, are some prime factors when it comes to purchasing a manual chopper for your home. 

With over 35,000 ratings online, we were intrigued to try out the Ganesh Vegetable chopper. Can it be used for coarse as well as finely chopping? What about roasted nuts? 

Read our Ganesh Vegetable Chopper review for answers to more such questions. 

Ganesh Vegetable Chopper – Everything You Need To Know

ganesh vegetable chopper appearance
Ganesh Quick chopper has a vibrant pool green surface.

With a vibrant turquoise-colored container, Ganesh quick chopper offers a large capacity. A chunky salsa or a smooth puree- this manual chopper does it all!

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1. Packaging

This manual chopper comes packed in a recyclable cardboard box. In this box, you would find a set of blades, the container, and the lid. 

All the units were packed in plastic. 

2. Body Material

The body of this manual chopper (lid and container) is made of plastic. It is equipped with an anti-skid base which enhances the overall ease of use. 

3. Blade Material

The blades on this manual chopper are made of stainless steel and plastic. Out of four, three blades are stainless less. The bottom-most blade is made of plastic. 

4. Capacity

The container has a 725 ml capacity. It can also be used as a storage container. 

5. Ease of Cleaning

Since detaching the blade and the lid from the main unit is hassle-free, it makes cleaning and maintenance easy too. Additionally, this manual chopper is dishwasher-safe. 

Mishry Recommends- placing the container upside down in the dishwasher and washing the blades manually. 

6. Weight

This lightweight kitchen tool weighs a little over 250 g. Easy to use and easy to store!

7. Price

Ganesh vegetable chopper is priced at INR  620. 

We purchased it online via Amazon.

8. Warranty Information

Warranty is typically seller-subjective. 

You must confirm the terms of the warranty before purchasing the product. 

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Ganesh Chopper Vegetable Cutter- Detailed Review

Here is all you need to know about Ganesh manual vegetable chopper. 

Ganesh Quick Chopper Product Details
Price INR 620
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Body Material Plastic
Color Pool Green
Dimensions 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.5 cm
Capacity 725 ml
ganesh vegetable chopper unboxing
Here are the parts of this manual vegetable chopper.
ganesh quick chopper anti skid base
The anti-skid base provides a sturdy grip when in use.

For our Ganesh quick chopper review, we tried chopping ingredients across textures. Juicy tomatoes, crunchy onions, roasted chana, almonds, chilies, and the Indian kitchen staples ginger and garlic. We tried ingredients one would use daily as well as for preparing special dishes. 

The food item you’ve planned on chopping in this manual chopper must be roughly chopped before adding to the container. If the chunks/pieces are too large, they may get stuck between the blades, disrupt the flow of the cord, and do the opposite of saving time and effort. 

One of the plus points of using a manual chopper is liberty. Liberty in terms of how large or finely chopped veggies the dish calls for. For instance, if you’re planning to prepare carrot stuffed parathas or manchurian balls, you’d need the carrots to be as thinly chopped as possible. This would enhance the texture of the prepared manchurian balls, by adding that crunch once fried. 

On the other hand, if there’s veggie-loaded fried rice on the menu, that would require smaller cubes of the same. 

Although this goes without saying, we’d like to mention manual choppers are not recommended for fruits or vegetables with a higher water content like capsicum, cucumber, and others like eggplant and ladyfinger as they require specific cuts that a manual chopper cannot assist with. 

vegetables nuts and spices used in review process
Here are the ingredients we chopped using this manual chopper.
chopped chillies in ganesh chopper
We chopped a bunch of green chillies. It was quite easy!
chopped almonds in ganesh chopper
Almonds were roughly chopped before adding to the manual chopper.
chopped gram in ganesh chopper
We added a handful of roasted chana dal too. Some slit into bits, others were powdered.


  • This is a manual vegetable chopper. 
  • It is easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain.
  • This vibrant-colored chopper does the job of over 350 knife cuts in under 20 seconds. 
  • It is a lightweight kitchen appliance.
  • You are recommended to pull fewer times for coarsely chopped vegetables and more times (as many as 20) for a paste consistency.
  • A large handle and a non-skid base are other commendable features.


  • We like how the lid shuts securely.
  • The cord is approximately 15 inches long and allows for easy pulling.
  • The stainless steel blades are razor-sharp!
  • These blades are placed strategically and result in desired cuts. 
  • Ingredients from vegetables to nuts can be cut/chopped using this manual chopper. 

Best Suited For

A manual chopper may provide relatively slow results when compared to its electric variant. However, looking at the bigger picture, a manual chopper is lighter on your pocket, easier to clean, and the best part? No extra consumption of electricity! 

This manual chopper is great for when you’re under a time crunch or have a large number of guests to cater to. 

Since there is no direct contact with the blades, this manual chopper can be used by kids too. (adult supervision advised)

Mishry Recommends– roughly dicing the vegetables before adding them to the chopper jar is essential. If not, there are chances the chopper won’t work as well and you may have to restart the entire process. 

This is because large chunks may get stuck between the blades and obstruct the motion of the cord and in turn the blades. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Ganesh Vegetable Chopper.

1. Is this chopper Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, the container can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The blades and lid must be manually washed. 

2. Can I make a paste or puree with it?

Yes, you can. Just pull the cord until the desired consistency is achieved. 

3. Is a Ganesh vegetable chopper worth it?

This manual chopper is recommended if you have large quantities of food to prepare or just prefer not using a knife. 

For instance, Indian staples like besan cheela, omelette, dosa, stir fried rice need enough quantities of veggies. All-in-all, the preparation time is reduced drastically with the use of a manual chopper. 

4. Is this chopper suitable for chopping vegetables & fruits?

Yes, you can chop vegetables in this manual chopper. However, be mindful of the size of cuts needed. 

Since fruits have a high moisture content, we recommend you to cut them using a knife or a cutter made specifically for fruits. 

5. Does this chopper require electricity to operate?

No, the Ganesh Quick chopper is a manual one. 

6. Is this chopper useful for nuts?

Yes, you can use this chopper for a variety of ingredients like peanuts, dried fruits, roasted nuts, bhuna chana, etc.

Final Words

Fin! After testing the Ganesh quick chopper in our test kitchen for over 10 days, we give it the green light!

Thumbs up for the jar capacity, the quality of the blades, and the overall ease. Whether it were some thin chilies or chunky pieces of garlic, and even roasted nuts- this manual chopper worked like magic!

We advise you to roughly chop the veggies before adding them to the container, ensure the pieces are evenly spread between blades, and fill only until 3/4th of the total capacity. This will not only ensure smooth operation of the cord and blades but also enhance durability. 

Have you ever used vegetable choppers before? If yes, manual or electric? 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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