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fruits that start with letter s

List of Fruits That Start With S

Fruits are such an important source of vitamins and nutrients that it is almost impossible for our body to survive without them. They must be consumed in some form or the other for a healthy lifestyle.

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Not only humans but animals also depend on this spectacular gift from Mother Nature. The natural sweetness and organic taste make fruit, the most desirable edible item on earth. From dry to juicy, there is an immense diversity of fruits all around the world.

If you have reached this far, either you want to learn as much as possible or you are probably playing some vocabulary game with your friends and are stuck on S and now looking for fruits that start with S. No matter what your situation is, we have compiled a list of fruits starting with S for you.

Read this list to emerge as a ‘know-it-all’ in the fruits category, at least for the fruits that start with S.

Fruits Beginning With S

Read this list to increase your knowledge in the fruits category, at least for the fruits that start with S.

1. Safou

safou fruit
Safou Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The first fruit that starts with S is Safou. Its scientific name is Dacryodes edulis and it is popular in Africa. The fruit is violet in color and the size varies from 4 to 12 cms. The fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or roasted. It is also known as bush pear or plum, bush butter tree, or butterfruit.

2. Salak

salak fruit
Salak Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Found in Indonesia, salak fruit is sweet and crunchy in taste with a slightly moist consistency. One of the fruits that start with S, Salak’s scientific name is Salacca zalacca and it grows on species of palm trees called salak. It is also known as snake fruit, which is also one of the fruits of the letter s.

3. Sandcherry

Sandcherry [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This is a North American cherry and a fruit that starts with s. Its scientific name is Prunus pumila. The size of the cherry is relatively small, around 13 to 15 millimeters in diameter.

4. Santol

Santol Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Sandoricum koetjape. This is a tropical fruit, found in Asia and also known as cotton fruit. Its taste is slightly sour.

5. Sapodilla

sapodilla fruit
Sapodilla Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This fruit grows on evergreen trees and is cultivated in large quantities in Asia. Its scientific name is Manilkara zapota. The fruit is large in size and has yellow and pale brown flesh that has a sweet flavor.

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6. Soncoya

soncoya fruit
Soncoya Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a round fruit with a dark brown textured skin known for its medicinal properties. Its scientific name is Annona purpurea.

7. Star Apple

star apple fruit
Star Apple Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a purple colored fruit also known as aguay and milk fruit. Its scientific name is Chrysophyllum cainito. The fruit is sweet and tastes best when served chilled.

8. Star Fruit

star fruit
Star Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Known as carambola, this fruit is widely found in South Asia. When cut, it looks exactly like a star and has a very strong tangy taste. One of the many fruits that start with S, this entire fruit is edible including the skin.

9. Strawberry

strawberry fruit
Strawberry Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Fragaria ananassa and is common fruit worldwide. It has juicy flesh and is red in color. This is one of the most famous fruits starting from the letter s.

10. Strawberry Guava

strawberry guava fruit
Strawberry Guava Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is again one of the many fruits that start with S. Its scientific name is Psidium cattleianum. The skin of the fruit is very thin and is dark red or purple in color.

11. Sugar Apple Fruit

sugar apple fruit
Sugar apple fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Also known as sweetsop, this fruit is mostly grown in America and West Indies. The color is pale-green and has an oval conical shape. The fruit’s taste is similar to custard.

12. Sugar Baby Watermelon

sugar baby watermelon
Sugar Baby Watermelon [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Citrullus lanatus. This fruit is the same as watermelon but is smaller in size.

13. Sugar Palm

sugar palm fruit
Sugar Palm Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This fruit is mildly sweet and has high water content. It has a black husk on the outside and jelly like fluid inside.

14. Sweet Pepper Fruit

sweet pepper fruit
Sweet Pepper Fruit [ Image Credit: Plants of the World Online ]
This is a variety of bell pepper that is less pungent. Its scientific name is Capsicum annuum Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the fruits that commence with the letter S.

1. Which of the fruits starting with the letter S are rarest?

 Safou fruits are nutritionally dense fruits that are native to central and western Africa. This fruit is only available in winter and grows in humid and tropical regions.

2. Which of these fruits are exotic?

Fruits like star fruit, santol, star apple and sapodilla are exotic fruits in India. While Indian sapodilla is commonly available in western and southern regions of India.

3. Which of the fruits that begin with the letter S are common in India?

 Here’s the list of fruits that begin with the letter S and are commonly available in India.

  • Strawberry
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon
  • Sugar Palm
  • Star Fruit

Final Words

There are a lot of fruits beginning with S and that too of different tastes and types. The versatility this alphabet has in the fruits category is indeed surprising. But as long as we all are learning about fruits that start with S, it is worth spending some time.

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