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List of fruits beginning with the letter G

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Fruits are a perfect resort when you want to eat something light and healthy. Packed with the right nutrients and minerals, they offer tons of health benefits. Although the purpose of eating fruits is the same, not all fruits are similar. They constitute of different types. There are divided into four types: Simple, Aggregate, Multiple, and Accessory fruits. In this article, we will be exploring fruits that start with the letter ‘G’.

Simple fruits are those that develop from a single ovary of a single flower. They can be fleshy or dry. Grape is an example of a simple fruit. Fruits that contain a mass of small drupes that are individually developed from a separate ovary of a single flower are called aggregate fruits. A multiple fruit as the name suggests develops from the ovaries of many flowers that grow in a cluster. Accessory fruits contain tissue that develops from a ripened ovary.

Needless to say, all four types are equally important and widespread. But since it isn’t possible to know the names of all the fruits at once, let’s take one alphabet at a time. How about fruits that fall under the letter ‘G’? Here’s a list:

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Fruits Beginning With The Letter G 

We curated a list of the fruits that begins with the letter G. It won’t just enhance your fruit vocabulary, but also your fruit platter.

1. Gac Fruit

gac fruit
Gac Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This is the first fruit beginning with G, a type of melon that is common in Southeast Asia and Northeastern Australia. Its scientific name is Momordica cochinchinensis and is orange-reddish in color. The fruit is round in shape and has a mild taste.

2. Galia Melon

galia melon
Galia Melon [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Commonly known as Sarda in Asia, Galia melon is also a variant of melon. The second one on our list to begin with is the letter G, its scientific name is Cucumis melo var. Reticulates. It is round in shape, easy to grow and has a sweet taste.

3. Gamboge

gamboge fruit
Gamboge Fruit [ Image Credit: Wiktionary]
Yet another fruit that starts with G, the gamboge his is a small, round fruit with a thin, smooth skin. It is scientifically known as Garcinia xanthochymus and is rich in vitamin C.

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4. Genip Fruit

genip fruit
Genip Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Also known as the Spanish lime, The genip fruit, also to begin with the letter G, is mainly grown in South and Central America. Its scientific name is Melicoccus bijugatus. Genip is greenish-yellow in color and is bittersweet. 

5. Giant Granadilla

giant granadilla
Giant Granadilla [ Image Credit : ]
The giant granadilla, again beginning with the letter G, is scientifically known as the Passiflora quadrangularis and it is a species of the plant in the family Passifloraceae. The juice of this fruit is also consumed as a beverage.

6. Golden Apple

golden apple fruit
Golden Apple [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Common in South America, the flesh of this fruit beginning with the letter G is orangish in color and has green skin. In its ripe stage, it tastes a bit somewhat like a mango-pineapple. The scientific name of the golden apple tree that bears this fruit is Spondias dulcis.

7. Goumi

Goumi Berries [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Goumi is round in shape and tastes sweet. Its scientific name is Elaeagnus multiflora and is extremely delicate due to its thin skin. The plant is partially evergreen and is also often grown for ornamental purposes.

8. Governor’s Plum

governor plum
Governor Plum [ Image Credit: FruitiPedia ]
Also known as Indian plum, this fruit that starts with the letter G grows on a bushy shrub. Its scientific name is Flacourtia indica. The fruit can be eaten raw or stewed.

9. Grapefruit

grape fruit
Grapefruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This large round citrus has a beautiful color and is mostly sour and slightly sweet in taste. Its scientific name is citrus paradise and has several varieties. Incidentally, this fruit that begins with the letter G is a hybrid, an accidental cross between a sweet orange and a pomelo.

10. Grapple fruit

Invented by the US-based Snyder Bros, the grapple is a fruit product that’s made by soaking Fuji apples in the manufactured Concord grape flavor. The flavor, also called Methyl Anthranilate, is USDA and FDA-approved. It’s the same flavor that often goes into Kool Aid and chewing gum. More details on the Grapple fruit are available on

11. Greengage Fruit

greengage fruit
Greengage Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Ovalish-round in shape, the Grengage is green in color and cultivated in Western Europe. The scientific name of this fruit that starts with the letter G is Prunus domestica ssp. Italic.

12. Ground Plum

ground plum
Ground Plum [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
This fruit bears on a flowering plant and is scientifically known as Astragalus crassicarpus. The fruit is edible and can be eaten raw or cooked but the plant otherwise is poisonous.

13. Guanabana

This fruit starting with G grows on Annona muricata mostly in tropical regions. The taste is similar to strawberry and apple while the smell is similar to pineapple.

14. Guarana

Guarana [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is one of the Brazilian fruits that start with G and has a red or orange shell and black seed. Its scientific name is Paullinia cupana. The seeds of this fruit are used in making herbal teas.

15. Guavaberry

Guavaberry [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Not to be confused with the guava, the guavaberry’s scientific name is Myrciaria floribunda and it grows in the Caribbean. The fruit that starts with G is used to make jams and sometimes even added to cocktails.

16. Guava

guava fruit
Guava Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
One of the most common tropical fruits that start with G, the guava is yellowish-green in color, which can turn completely yellow when ripe. The guava is known for its health benefits and is often used to make jams and juices.

17. Grumichama

grumichama fruit
Grumichama Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is purple-to-black colored fruit is also known as the Brazilian cherry. Its scientific name is Eugenia brasiliensis and it tastes somewhat like a combination of cherry or plum.

18. Grapes


Grapes are one of the most popular fruits across the world. A kind of berry that grows on vines, grapes are eaten fresh, used in jams and squashes and of course fermented for making wine.

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Final Words

These are all the fruits starting with G.

Hope that you had fun reading about all the juicy and healthy fruits beginning with G. Learning never stops and it shouldn’t. Keep reading to know more about all the fruits and vegetables that begin with different letters of the alphabet, who knows when they might come in handy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After a long list of fruits that commence with the letter G, here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about which fruits are rich in Vitamin  E, calcium, protein and fiber content.

Here are a few fiber-rich fruits beginning with the letter G.

  • Gac Fruit
  • Gamboge Fruit
  • Genip Fruit
  • Giant Granadilla
  • Grapefruit Fruit

We curated the list of fruits that start with the letter G and are rich in Vitamin E, which are:

  • Goumi Berry
  • Ground Plum

The fruits that begin with the letter G and have calcium content in them are:

  • Gac Fruit
  • Gamboge Fruit

Here we are mentioning a few fruits, beginning with the letter G and are rich in protein.

  • Gac Fruit
  • Giant Granadilla
  • Grapefruit Fruit
  • Grapes

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