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fruits that start with f

List of Fruits That Start With F

Expand your love for fruits with new ones every now and then. Don’t stick to regular ones when there are juicier and sweeter options available.

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Fresh fruits are all that we are seeking when we go to buy groceries. Nobody wishes to pay money and receive fruits that have been injected or are coated with inedible wax. Dyes and sugar water is being injected to make fruits look colorful and sweeter. These fruits might look appetizing and appealing at first but are capable of causing great damage to our bodies. Calcium carbide and ethylene are the most common chemicals used in fruits that start with F and others as well. This article is all about fruits that start with F.

Here is a list of all fruits starting with F.

Fruits Beginning With F

In order to expand your knowledge about these fruits, we have made a list of fruits starting with the letter F.

1. Fairchild tangerine

fairchild tangerine fruit
Fairchild Tangerine Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is the first fruit that starts with F. Its scientific name is Citrus tangerina ‘Fairchild’. It looks similar to orange and has a sweet taste with thin skin. It is juicy and contains seeds.

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2. False mastic

false mastic fruit
False Mastic [ Image Credit: ]
The scientific name of this fruit that starts with F is Sideroxylon foetidissimum. It grows on a topical flowering plant, mainly in Florida. It is also known as yellow mastic.

3. Feijoa

Feijoa Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Commonly known as pineapple guava, this fruit is small in size and green in color. It is juicy and has a distinct aroma. Its scientific name is Acca sellowiana.

4. Fibrous Satinash

fibrous satinash
Fibrous Satinash Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Among other fruits that start with F, there is fibrous satinash. Its scientific name is Syzygium fibrosum. It grows on rainforest trees and has a sour taste. It is used in making jams and other items as well.

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5. Finger Lime

finger lime
Finger Lime Fuit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Citrus australasica and is commonly called caviar lime. It is one of the few fascinating fruits that start with F as it has pearls bursting out from it.

6. Figs

Figs [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is one of the most common fruits that start with F and is grown in Asia widely. Its scientific name is Ficus carica and is now being used for centuries.

7. Forest strawberry

forest strawberry
Forest Strawberry [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The scientific name of this fruit is Fragaria vesca and it belongs to the family Rosaceae. These are the most natural type of strawberry filled with flavor and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the fruits that commence with letter F.

1. Which of the fruits starting with the letter F are rarest?

Among other fruits mentioned in the list, Fibrous Satinash also known as small red apple and apricot satinash are rarely available. They are native to the rainforest of Indonesia, Oceania and Australia.

2. Which of these fruits are exotic?

The list of exotic fruits that starts with the letter  F is:

  • Forest Strawberry
  • False Mastic

3. Which of the fruits that begin with the letter F are common in India?

Fruits such as figs, fairchild tangerine and feijoa that begin with F are commonly available in India. Furthermore, dried figs are commonly available in all seasons across the country.

Final Words

This is all we have for the fruits of the letter F.

Some of them are common while others are quite exquisite. Nevertheless, you are on the winning side as long as you are learning. Also, keep reading about fruits beginning with other letters as well. Fruits starting with different letters have varied names but they all are beneficial to us in some way or the other, so eat them all.

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