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List of Fruits That Start With E

Don’t you just love the freshness that fruits bring to the table? These wholesome foods that we obtain from nature can help us enrich our everyday diet and provide us with healthful goodness.

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Fruits are the sources of essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, vitamin C, dietary fiber. It is important to incorporate these fruits in your everyday diet to provide our body with the necessary minerals from these natural food items that are devoid of any adulteration. 

In order to include these wholesome food items in our everyday diet, here’s a glossary of fruits that will help you gain a little knowledge about them. Here’s a list of fruits that start with E. 

Fruits That Start With E

The list of five fruits that start with letter E are:

1. Elephant Apple Fruit

The first fruit from the list of fruits beginning with E is Elephant Apple Fruit. The scientific name of this fruit that starts with E is Dillenia indica.

elephant apple fruit
Elephant Apple Fruit

The fruits are edible and hard and it has been observed that Asian elephants have a particular fondness towards this fruit and thus the name. These are large size fruits that are greenish yellow in color. The pulp of the fruit is sour in taste and is used in Indian cuisine to make curries, jams and pickles. 

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2. Emu Berry

The second fruit in the list of fruits that start with E is Emu Berry. This is a small berry fruit which is also known as Dysentery Bush. Its scientific name is  Grewia retusifolia.

emu berry
Emu Berry [ Image Credit : ]
This fruit in the list of fruits of letter E is rich in calcium, dietary fibers, iron and vitamins. This fruit is a two lobed fruit with a fibrous pulp and acidic taste.  These berries have a very sweet taste. 

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3. Emu Apple Fruit

The third fruit in the list of fruits beginning with E is Emu Apple Fruit. This fruit is native to Australia. This fruit from the list of fruits of letter F are purplish-red in color. Also, it tastes heavenly!

emu apple fruit
Emu Apple Fruit [Image Credit : ]
The seeds of the fruit are large and stone-like. This was another fruit that starts with E.

4. Elderberry Fruit

This fruit in the list of fruits beginning with E is a juicy fruit with purplish pulp which turns red when mixed with water.

Elderberry [ Image Credit: Mother Earth News ]
These fruits are also used as natural coloration agents. Its scientific name is Sambucus. These fruits have 80% water content. It has many healthful and medicinal benefits. 

5. Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

The fifth fruit in the list of fruits starting with E is Eastern Hawthorn. Its scientific name is Crataegus aestivalis.

eastern hawthorn fruit
Eastern Hawthorn Fruit [ Image Credit : ]
These fruits have an acidic flavor and make delectable jams and jellies. This was the last fruit in the list of fruits starting with E. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know the list of fruits that begins with the letter E. Here are a few interesting FAQs regarding the fruits beginning with the letter E.

1. What are the health benefits of the fruits starting with E?

The fruits beginning with the letter E such as eastern may hawthorn, elderberry and elephant apple have medicinal properties. They are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The fruits that begin with the letter E are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

2. Which of the fruits beginning with E are rich in Vitamin C?

  • Elderberries
  • Emu Berry

3. Which of the fruits starting with E has the most fiber content?

  • Emu Berry
  • Eastern May Hawthorn
  • Elephant Apple 

4. Which fruits starting with E are helpful for weight loss?

The fruits loaded with dietary fiber and nutrients are great for weight loss. The fruits that commence with the letter E and are packed with dietary fiber are:

  • Elephant Apple
  • Emu Berry 
  • Eastern May Hawthorn

5. Are canned or frozen fruits lower in all the nutrients?

To get all the nutrients from the fruits it’s recommended to have fresh fruits. Frozen and canned fruits are lower in nutrients than fresh fruits due to certain factors such as storage, temperature and additives.

Final Words

This was all about the fruits that start with E. This glossary of fruits of letter E will help you narrow down the wide varieties of fruits available to us and hence will enrich your diet by helping you make informed choices about the things you eat.

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