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List of Fruits that start with B

Fruits are a major part of our everyday diet and help us to upkeep our health by providing us with important nutrients to nurture our bodies. But it becomes difficult for us to pick from a variety of fruits available.
We have curated a list for you to make this task easier.

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It’s important to take note of our health needs and enjoy these gifts from nature accordingly. Fruits are abundantly available in our surroundings but it’s important to read a little about them before we go to the market, in order to make an informed choice. All of these fruits are however a great source of vitamin C which helps our skin glow naturally and prevents inflammation and irritation while some are extremely rich in iron which helps our blood flow and nourishes our heart.

List of Fruits that start with B

In order to expand your knowledge about these fruits, we have made a list of fruits starting with the letter B.

1. Banana

banana fruit
Banana fruit [Image Credit : Wikipedia]
The first fruit in the list of fruits starting with B is obviously the banana. Bananas are elongated fruits with tender flesh inside a yellow/green/red peel. The banana plant is the largest herbaceous plant that also flowers.

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2. Bacuri Fruit

bacuri fruit
Bacuri Fruit [Image Credit : Wikipedia]

Its scientific name is Platonia insignis. It is native to South America. These fruits are used in condiments and beverages and are highly rich in Vitamin C.

3. Bael Fruit

bael fruit
Bael Fruit [Image Credit : Wikimedia]
Its scientific name is Aegle marmelos. It is also known as golden apple, stone apple, wood apple etc. It is commonly eaten in India and a beverage made out of the bael is an extremely popular drink.

4. Balsam Apple

balsam apple fruit
Balsam Apple Fruit [Image Credit : Wikipedia]
This fruit is native to Africa. These bright orange fruits with numerous seeds have an extremely slimy coating. They were traditionally used to treat wounds.

5. Barbados Cherry Fruit

barbados cherry fruit
Barbados Cherry Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The next in the list of fruits that start with B is Barbados Cherry Fruit. Its scientific name is Malpighia emarginata. They are also known as West Indian cherries. These drupes are produced in pairs or in a group of three and bear triangular seeds. These fruits are extremely juicy and filled with the goodness of Vitamin C.

6. Babaco Fruit

babaco fruit
Babaco Fruit [Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Babaco Fruit belongs to the Papaya family, but these cousins differ in shape; the babaco is narrower than the papaya. However, both contain papain.

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7. Barbadine Fruit

barbadine fruit
Barbadine Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
These belong to the Passiflora genus and are the largest fruit of any species with this family. Its scientific name is granadilla.

8. Batuan Fruit

batuan fruit
Batuan Fruit [ Image Credit: ]
The next fruit in the list of Fruits of letter B is Batuan Fruit. Its scientific name is Garcinia morella, it tastes sour and is native to the Philippines.

9. Barberry Buffaloberry Fruit

barberry buffaloberry fruit
Barberry Buffaloberry Fruit [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
The scientific name of this fruit is Shepherdia argentea. This fruit belongs to the berry category of the genus Berberis.

10. Beach Plum

beach plum
Beach Plum [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Prunus maritima, native to the United States. These are used in the making of delicious jam. These are sour and bitter in taste.

11. Bayberry Fruit

bayberry fruit
Bayberry fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This fruit of letter B has a deep sweet taste. They are purplish-red in color and are also known as Chinese strawberries.

12. Bearberry Fruit

Bear Berry [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
The scientific name of this fruit in the list of fruits that start with B is Vaccinium. This fruit has pulpy flesh and a sweet and sour taste.

13. Bignay Fruit

bignay fruit
Bignay Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Native to Southeast Asia, these are also known as Chinese-laur or Wild Cherry. This shrubby plant bears small berries of red/black colors.

14. Berry Fruit

berry fruit
Berry Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
These are small fruits with a sweet and sour taste. These fruits are pulpy small droops with bright colors.

15. Betel Nut Fruit

betel nut fruit
Betel Nut Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
These areca nuts grown in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa are commonly known as betel nut fruit. In India, they are commonly known as paan supari.

16. Bilberry Fruit

bilberry fruit
Bilberry fruit

Bilberries are also known as European Blueberries. They are dark blue in color and taste sour.

17. Bitter gourd fruit

bittergourd fruit
BitterGourd Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The scientific name of this fruit beginning with B is Momordica charantia. They are mostly used as a vegetable and is eaten in plenty of different ways in India.

18. Bilimbi fruit

bilimbi fruit
Bilimbi Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The scientific name of this fruit is Averrhoa bilombo and they belong to the family Oxalidaceae. They have a sour acidic flavor.

19. Black Cherry Fruit

black cherry fruit
Black Cherry Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The scientific name of this fruit is Prunus serotina. This cherry fruit is orange in color when unripe and then turns darker in color with ripening.

20. Black Apple Fruit

black apple fruit
Black Apple Fruit [ Image Credit: Krishi Jagran ]
This is an unusual fruit from the list of fruits beginning with B. These black apples are found in Tibet and China. They belong to the breed of Hua Niu apples.

21. Black Mulberry Fruit

black mulberry fruit
Black Mulberry Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Blackberries belong to the family Moraceae and are native to southwestern Asia. They are white or pale in color when young and turn dark black on ripening.

22. Black Sapote Fruit

black sapote fruit
Black Sapote Fruit [ Image Credit: Food For Net ]
The scientific name of this fruit in the list of fruits of letter B is Diospyros nigra. They are also known as Chocolate Pudding Fruit and are native to Mexico, Central America and Colombia. These are soft fruits and are evergreen.

23. Black Raspberry

black raspberry
Black Raspberry [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
These berries are not to be confused with blackberries. These are raspberries belonging to the species of Rubus native to North America. Its scientific name is Rubus occidentalis.

24. Blackberry

Blackberries [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Blackberries belong to the Rubus genus. These fruits are meant to pop in your mouth every now and then as a snack.

25. Blackcurrant Fruit

blackcurrant fruit
Blackcurrant Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This edible berry fruit belongs to the Grossulariaceae family. They are black in color and rich in taste and are used for cake and ice cream toppings.

26. Blood Lime Fruit

blood lime
Blood Lime [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a hybrid cross between Red finger lime and Ellendale Mandarin. Its scientific name is bCitrus Aurantifola.

27. Blueberry Fruit

blueberry fruit
Blueberry Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
These berries starting with the letter B are purple berries. Their scientific name is Vaccinium, sect. Cyanococcus.

28. Blue Tongue Fruit

blue tongue fruit
Blue Tongue Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This fruit that starts with B will leave your tongue blue when eaten, thus the name – Blue Tongue fruit. Its scientific name is Melastoma affine and they are extremely sweet in taste.

29. Blood Orange Fruit

blood orange fruit
Blood Orange Fruit [Image Credit : Wikipedia]
Blood Orange is a variety of fruit with dark colored flesh which is almost the color of blood. The skin of this blood Orange is harder to peel as compared to the normal orange.

30. Bottle Gourd Fruit

bottle gourd fruit
Bottle Gourd [ Image Credit: ]
This fruit in the list of fruits that start with B is bottle gourd, which is usually used as a vegetable for its culinary uses. These are edible fruits that come in various shapes and sizes and are generally green in color.

31. Bolwara Fruit

bolwara fruit
Bolwara Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This fruit is used as a condiment in cooking. Its scientific name is Eupomatia laurina.

32. Bramble Fruit

bramble fruit
Bramble Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Bramble belongs to the genus Rubus. They are made into delicious jams and are abundantly grown in Britain.

33. Boysenberry Fruit

Boysenberries [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This fruit that starts with B is a hybrid between Blackberry, raspberry, Dewberry and loganberry.

34. Breadfruit

Breadfruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This fruit starting with B is a species of mulberry and jack fruit family. It is a staple fruit in many different cultures.

35. Brush Cherry Fruit

brush cherry fruit
Brush Cherry Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This purple-colored cherry fruit is native to New Zealand and Australia and its scientific name is Syzgium australe.

36. Brazil Nut Fruit

brazil nut fruit
Brazil Nut Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia]
This nut tree native to South America has edible seeds. These are large nuts and are known for their micro-nutrient content.

37. Broadleaf Bramble Fruit

broadleaf bramble fruit
Broadleaf Bramble Fruit [Image Credit:]
In India, these are grown in the northeastern state of Assam, Meghalaya Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. Its scientific name is Rubus moluccanus and has a shape and size of a raspberry.

38. Burdekin Fruit

burdekin fruit
Burdekin plum tree [Image Credit : Wikipedia]
They are only edible when they have ripened. These are basically plums and are also known as the Tulip Plum. They are drought-resistant.

39. Burmese Grape Fruit

burmese grape fruit
Burmese Grape Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
These are egg-shaped fruits that come in diverse colors. Their scientific name is Basccaurea sapida.

40. Brazilian Guava Fruit

brazilian guava fruit
Brazilian Guava Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The last fruit in the list of fruits starting with B is Brazilian Grape Fruit. This is a pear-shaped guava fruit from Brazil. Its scientific name is Psidiym guineense.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a long list of fruits that commence with the letter B, here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about which fruits are rich in Vitamin D3, E, A and fiber content.

1. Is the sugar level in fruits starting with letter B high?

The fruit that begins with the letter B and has high sugar levels are:

  • Banana
  • Breadfruit
  • Berry

2. Which of the fruits starting with the letter B are rich in fibers?

Here are a few fiber-rich fruits beginning with the letter B.

  • Banana
  • Bolwara 
  • Bramble
  • Black Sapote
  • Bottle Gourd

3. Which of the fruits starting with the letter B are rich in Vitamin E?

This list contains the fruits starting with the letter B and has good vitamin E content in it.

  • Brazilian Guava
  • Berry

4. Which of the fruits starting with the letter B are rich in Vitamin A?

Here are a few fruits, beginning with the letter B and are rich in vitamin A.

  • Black Sapote
  • Brazilian Guava

Final Words

These were the fruits that start with B.

We hope it helped you widen your knowledge about fruits and will eventually broaden your diet chart and help you lead a healthy life.

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