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List of Fruits That Start with letter I

Fruits aren’t only nutritious but also a lot of fun to experiment with. Make a sorbet, or blend the different flavors in a shake, the fruity punch can surprise you in so many ways.

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We have all grown up hearing the proverb: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, it’s true, but not just the apple but nearly all fruits. In this section, we focus on the fruits that begin with the letter I. Incorporating adequate fruits in our daily diet can prove to be miraculous for our health. People who eat more fruits are likely to have better immunity against chronic diseases. Moreover, fruits are also known to be great for our hair and skin.

From fruit chaats to flavored ice cream, fruits have proved to be our savior time and again. Summers would probably be unimaginable without dozens of fruits arriving at your doorstep every few days.

While we all are aware of the benefits of common fruits like the banana, guava or grapes, we have created a short listicle of fruits that begin with the letter ‘I’ for you to widen your spectrum and perhaps try some new fruits as well.

Major Fruits That Start With The Letter I

We curated a list of the fruits that begins with the letter I. It won’t just enhance your fruit vocabulary, but also your fruit platter.

1. Ice Apple

ice apple
Ice Apple [ Image Credit : Wikipedia ]
Ice Apple, the first on our list of fruits that start with the letter ‘I’, is scientifically known as Borassus Flabellifer and is a jelly-like fruit, similar to litchi. The skin is a bit hard to protect the soft flesh inside that is quite delicate to touch and holds a translucent fluid inside.

2. Icaco

icaco fruit
Icaco fruit also known as cocoplum. [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The second fruit that begins with the letter ‘I’ is the Icaco or paradise plum is another tropical fruit that’s found on the beaches of tropical islands. The fruit grows on a bushy tree and tastes mildly sweet. It is used in jams as well. Its scientific name is Chrysobalanus icaco and is commonly known as cocoplum.

3. Indian Plum

indian plum
Indian Plum or Osoberry [ Image Credit: Radical Botany ]
Also known as Osoberry, the Indian plum grows on a shrub and is one of the fruits starting with the letter I. This dark blue fruit can be infused in teas, to make jam and syrups. The Indian plum grows really fast and is the only species of the genus Oemleria. Its scientific name is Oemleria cerasiformis.

4. Indian Gooseberry

indian gooseberry
Indian Gooseberry commonly known as Amla.

The Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, is scientifically known as Phyllanthus emblica and grows on a deciduous tree. It is highly popular in India and is known for its Ayurvedic properties. Yet another fruit that starts with the letter I, the Indian gooseberry is known to improve eyesight, burn fat and build immunity against several diseases.

5. Indian Strawberry

indian strawberry
Indian Strawberry also known as Mock Strawberry. [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a slight variant of the true strawberry from the Rosaceae family. This fruit, starting with the letter I, bears on a flowering plant and is also known as mock strawberry, while its scientific name is Duchesnea indica. The fruit, however, is tasteless but is rich in protein, sugar and vitamin C. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

After a long list of fruits that commence with the letter I, here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about it.

1. Which of these fruits starting with the letter I have the highest sugar content?

Fruits contain natural sugar which is healthy. These fruits with a letter I have low sugar content in them. They are safe to be consumed by a diabetic person. Consult your physician before including any fruits in your diet.

2. Which of these fruits that start with the letter I are beneficial for eye problems?

Indian gooseberries are known for improving eyesight as it strengthens the eye muscle and help in attaining the better vision. It is believed that Indian gooseberry commonly known as amla helps in preventing cataracts too.

3. Which of these fruits beginning with the letter I are rich in fibers?

Here are a few fruits that start with the letter I and have fiber content in it.

  • Indian Plum
  • Indian Gooseberry
  • Indian Strawberry

4. Which of these fruits that begins with the letter I can be eaten for weight loss? 

For weight loss and quick fat burning, include these fruits that begin with the letter I in your healthy lifestyle.

  • Indian Gooseberry
  • Ice Apple
  • Indian Strawberries

5. Which of these fruits starting with the letter I are rich in Vitamin A?

Indian gooseberries are rich in Vitamin A, thus improving our eyesight and preventing cataracts. 

Final Words

These were all the fruits that start with the alphabet I.

Some of these fruits that start with the letter I might not be widely available but once you get your hands on them, every juicy bite will make you wonder why you never tried these before.

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