Refreshing Drink Recipes For Mother's Day
refreshing drinks for mother's day

Flavorful Drink Recipes To Toast With This Mother’s Day!

This list gets you the best drink recipes you can prepare for your mom this Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and everyone has a unique way of celebrating this special day. The moms in our lives deserve to be made special and appreciated. Apart from getting your mom her favorite gift or watching her favorite movie, why not whip up a refreshing drink for her? We have curated a list of the best Mother’s Day Drink recipes that are simple to make and will surely leave your mom impressed.

Here’s a quick look at the same: 

10 Super Awesome Drink Recipes For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in different parts of the country to express love, respect and honor towards your mother. Mother’s play multiple roles in our lives from being a protector to a friend to being a mentor. 

To make your mom feel special this Mother’s day, we have curated different drink recipes. Here’s a list of easy to make Mother’s Day drink recipes that you must try giving a shot : 

1. Sparkling Basil Lemonade


Basil-infused vodka? Surprise your mom with this delicious blend of the sweetness of the herbs and spirit. For this recipe, start by tearing 5 basil leaves in small pieces, place it in a jar filled with vodka. Seal tightly then refrigerate it for 6 to 12 hours. After that, strain the vodka in a glass and add ½ cup lemonade. Garnish it with lemon slices for an enhanced look!

2. Mojitos (3 ways)


Serve these refreshing mojito options – strawberry, blueberry, or pineapple – to make Mother’s Day even more exciting. Whatever your mother picks, it will be a tasty one! To start with, take three glasses and evenly distribute the lime juice among them. Now stir in the sugar and two mint leaves. Muddle pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries in each glass with the mint, then fill two-thirds of the way with ice cubes. Serve it right away!

3. Gimlet

Gimlet is a classic cocktail recipe made with a combination of gin, lime juice, and sugar. With only three ingredients, this recipe can’t get easier! All you need to do is mix gin, sugar, and lime juice in a shaker. Shake the mix for 15 to 20 seconds until it turns frosty. Strain the mixture, garnish with a lime wheel on the rim, and serve.

4. Mango Dayspring


With mangoes all around, adding a cool mango based drink is a must. Here’s a recipe you can give a try. This recipe requires the following ingredients – mango juice, mango pulp, lime juice, grenadine syrup and some soda or sparkling water to top it up. 

5. Spiced Watermelon Margaritas


Margaritas are one of the most well-known and loved cocktails. This drink is a pleasant combination of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. The heat from the jalapenos paired with the sweetness of the watermelon juice makes it a must to add to your Mother’s Day drink recipe list. 

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Combine watermelon juice, tequila, lime juice, and triple sec in a cocktail shaker. Fill it with ice, add four jalapeño rounds and salt. Shake it with all your effort until it turns frosty. Enjoy it while it’s cold!

6. Mulberry Smoothie


What better way to make a delicious and nutritious drink for Mother’s Day than a delectable mulberry smoothie? Mulberries, bananas, and flavored frozen yogurt are all you need for this recipe. We’re sure your mother will appreciate it!

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7. Pineapple and Coconut Cooler


This cooler drink has all tropical and relaxing vibes and is sure to transport your mom near the blue waters and white sandy beaches. It’s a delectable concoction of coconut rum, gin, and pineapple juice. A refreshing drink with tropical flavors. A must have drink on the menu if your mom loves pineapple. 

8. Strawberry Champagne


Strawberry Champagne is a simple cocktail drink recipe. A delightful drink that is light and effervescent. With only four ingredients, this drink is really simple to make. Serve this during brunch or before dinner, your pick! The ingredients include strawberry puree, lime juice, and your favorite sparkling wine!

9. Classic Mimosa


A classic mimosa is a delightful combination of champagne and orange juice. It’s light, refreshing, zesty, and extremely easy to make. To prepare this drink at home, you’ll need chilled sparkling wine and orange juice. Fill a glass halfway with orange juice and top with champagne. If preferred, garnish with an orange slice!

10. Hibiscus Iced Tea

refreshing hibiscus iced tea

A refreshing, easy-to-make, and flavorful beverage, Hibiscus iced tea sports a vibrant red color. Made by steeping in dried hibiscus flowers, this iced tea has a tarty flavor with mild floral notes in the background. Serve this delicious and refreshing iced tea on Mother’s Day for a healthy twist. Dried hibiscus flowers, water, ice, and sweetener (honey, maple syrup or sugar) are the key ingredients required to whip up this drink.


Here are some of the best, light, refreshing and zesty drink recipes that your mom will surely love! Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, our list covers all. Serve these to your mom this Mother’s Day and bring a wide smile on her face. Prepare your favorite recipe from above and ring in this Mother’s Day with a blast.

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