Celebrate Mother's Day with Indian Food: Top 14 Recipes To Try
celebrate mother's day with indian food

Mum Loves Indian Food? 14 Easy To Make Indian Recipes For Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with these delicious Indian recipes. From breakfast to dinner ideas, our list has it all!

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Make this Mother’s Day unforgettable by preparing her favorite meals throughout the day and giving her a much-needed break. 

If your mum loves Indian food more than anything else, here’s a list of different Indian food recipes for Mother’s Day that will make this day an unforgettable one. Our list has easy-to-prepare Mother’s Day dishes from which you can choose. So, let’s get started :

List Of The Best Indian Dishes To Celebrate Mama

Treat your mom with an extra special homemade meal this Mother’s Day with our list of traditional Indian recipes. We have segregated different based on breakfast, appetizers, lunch and dinner.  

What’s For Breakfast?

1. Indian Masala Omelet With Spinach

Indian Masala Omelet is a masaledaar twist to your regular omelet. Loaded with onions, tomatoes, spinach greens, freshly chopped green chillies and a whole lot of spices, this omelet version makes for a fulfilling breakfast. Add a little bit of cheese inside and the taste just gets a lot better. Serve it with a slice of whole wheat bread on the side and a glass of mango shake.

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Eggs, onions, tomatoes, green chillies, spinach, butter and spices.

masala spinach omelet

2. Grilled Aloo Sandwich

A toasted slice of bread topped with mashed potatoes, paneer and veggies has a burst of flavors and textures. Healthy, tasty and oh-so satisfying. Serve it with green chutney and ketchup.  

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Bread, paneer, potatoes, vegetables, and seasonings. 


Something To Snack On

3. Corn Pakoda/ Cutlets

Corn cutlets are a perfect vegetarian appetizer you can serve for your Mother’s Day brunch. Made using mashed potatoes, corn, and seasoned with basic Indian spices (salt, turmeric, red chili powder, chat masala), these are an excellent appetizer you can add for your Mother’s day menu. 

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Key Ingredients Needed : 

Corn, potatoes, spices, salt, bread, and coriander leaves.

4. Achari Paneer Tikka

While potato based appetizers are common, a protein rich paneer starter can never go wrong. Give it a desi twist by adding a slight achari kick and see how your mom will love every bite. Achari paneer tikka is a famous Indian starter made with paneer that is marinated in an achari masala. It is a healthy appetizer option and tastes absolutely amazing. You can grill the paneer pieces on a grill pan or microwave grill as per your convenience.

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Paneer, Green capsicum, spices, curd, achari masala, ginger and garlic. 

paneer tikka

5. Hara Bhara Kebab

It is a popular Indian appetizer made using lots and lots of greens including spinach, coriander leaves, potatoes, peas, spices and herbs. Filled with Indian spices, these are super addictive and appetizing. Goes perfect with green chutney or ketchup. You can make them in different ways – pan-fry, deep-fry or air-fry.

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Potatoes, spinach, peas, spices, and herbs.

It’s Lunch Time!

6. Soya Keema Roll

Soya kheema is a high-protein side dish made primarily using dry soya chunks and has a semi-thick masala gravy. It is best served in the form of a roll and makes for a satisfying side-meal.

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Soya chunks/granules, curd, spices, cooking oil, cumin, asafetida and whole wheat wraps.

7. Chicken Biryani

Time taking? Yes!

Worth it? Oh, absolutely.

What’s better than celebrating Mother’s Day by cooking her favorite Biryani recipe? Make her super proud this Mother’s Day by serving her a delicious, aromatic and flavorful Biryani. With layers of chicken, rice and aromatics, this dish is a perfect addition to a traditional Indian lunch menu. Serve it with some salan or some fresh vegetable raita.

You can modify the recipe with just vegetables or mutton as well.

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Chicken, basmati rice, spices and condiments, ghee, yogurt, and whole spices. 

chicken biryani

8. Maa Ki Dal

A simple, wholesome, nutritious yet a flavorful dish, Maa Ki Dal will leave your mom spellbound. Seasoned with a whole lot of Indian spices, this Punjabi dish will not disappoint your mom. Serve it with some piping hot chapatis, jeera rice or steamed rice. 

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Urad dal (soaked overnight), spices, whole spices, ghee, cardamom, butter, and cream. 

9. Kashmiri Rajma

Packed with protein and nutrition, this kidney beans curry recipe is loaded with flavors. If your mom’s comforting meal is a bowl of rajma and chawal, then Kashmiri rajma is a must to add to the lunch menu. Pairs well with steamed rice, jeera rice or with parathas. 

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Rajma, onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, yogurt, ghee and garam masala and a host of other spices. 

rajma masala

Winner, Winner! What’s For Dinner?

12. Vegetable Pulao

Something warm and comforting to end the day. An easy dish you can add for your Mother’s Day dinner menu is a vegetable pulao. It is a one pot dish made with rice, spices, vegetables, and herbs. Serve this alongside any gravy-based vegetable or dal and be rest assured. 

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Basmati rice, vegetables (carrots, peas, potatoes, french beans), whole spices(cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves) and ghee. 

13. Dum Paneer

Dum paneer is a perfect gravy-based dish to serve alongside jeera rice or vegetable pulao. It is a delectable vegetarian recipe made using paneer, onion and a mix of different spices. You can also serve this dish with some hot parathas, or naan on the side. 

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Paneer, onion, whole spices, seasoning and cooking oil. 

dum paneer

14. Tandoori Chicken

Looking for a super flavorful non-vegetarian dish? Enter : Tandoori chicken. This Indian inspired dish is flavored with warming and savory spices. It is juicy and tender on the inside and charred-crisp on the outside. You can either air-fry these or cook them on a tandoor, the choice is yours! 

Not only is this low in calories, but protein rich too.

Key Ingredients Needed : 

Chicken, yogurt, onion, spices (garam masala, paprika, salt, turmeric, red chili powder), lemon wedges and fresh cilantro. 

tandoori chicken

Conclusion: Indian Recipes For Mother’s Day

It’s time we give some love and comfort back to our mothers, who work tirelessly for us.

Here is a list of the best Mother’s Day recipes if you are planning an Indian inspired meal.

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