Sprig Tea Green Tea With Tulsi Review - Warming Herbal Tea

Sprig Tea Green Tea With Tulsi Review – Warming Herbal Tea

A cup of green tea can provide you with a healthy dose of antioxidants. Here are our first impressions of Sprig’s Green Tea with Tulsi, a herbal infusion that claims to provide its consumers a balance of taste and health.

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Made with the help of cold crafting technology, Sprig’s new Green Tea with Tulsi sachets claim to retain all of the natural flavor and goodness of tulsi leaves. These easy-to-use sachets contain a powder made from the juice of tender green tea leaves and fresh tulsi leaves. The powder simply needs to be mixed with hot or cold water for a refreshing cup of tea which is rich in anti-oxidants and contains zero calories. For this edition of our first impressions review process, we decided to grab onto this new variant of Tulsi Green Tea and check out its taste for ourselves. Here is what we found about Sprig Tea Green Tea with Tulsi Review .



Sprig’s 100% Green Tea With Tulsi – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all the information you must know before grabbing a pack. We have mentioned the ingredients, package information, pricing and so on.

Sr No.



(* As per information on the pack)

1. MRP Rs 179/- (* Price at the time of review)
2. Net Weight 12.5 grams/per sachet.
3. Technology Used Made from a technology that retains its original nutritional value.
4. Made From Green tea and fresh tulsi leaves.
5. Brewing No need for brewing and staining.
6. Does Not Contain It does not contain any artificial filler, color, flavor, or preservatives.
7. Avoid Boiling

Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi – Detailed Review

Here we reviewed Sprig’s Green Tea. Find out want we liked about it.



Price-wise, this may seem a little expensive to some. But you do get a lot of convenience and quality, but at Rs. 8 per sachet, Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi may not be everyone’s cup of green tea.



Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi is available in an interesting purple carton that looks and feels very premium.


premium packing of sprig green tea box
Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi makes for a warming cup of tea.



Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi has a natural tulsi aroma when put in hot water, and you can taste the fresh flavors thanks to the addition of no artificial color or preservatives. It doesn’t have the bitterness that is sometimes associated with green tea (which is often also the result of over-brewing).


sprig green tea with tulsi sachets
Sprig 100% Green Tea With Tulsi makes for a warming cup of tea.



Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi has a rich tulsi flavor throughout the sip, from the beginning right till the end. It is almost like smelling and tasting fresh tulsi leaves. We tried it without lemon or honey and liked it just as it is.

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Direction Of Use

*as per the information on the pack


#1 Hot Tea


Heat water (50-80℃) and pour over contents of the sachet.



#2 Iced Tea


Pour warm water over the content of the pouch and add it to the glass of ice.




ready to drink sprig green tea with tulsi
ready to drink sprig green tea with tulsi


Instruction on the Pack

We prefer this with hot water, though the instructions on the pack suggest you could have this with cold water, like iced tea as well.

Final Words

Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi makes for a warming cup of tea. The combination of green tea and tulsi provides an array of benefits like cleansing and healing in every cup. If you are looking to try a new tea this winter, Sprig Green Tea With Tulsi is definitely worth a try for the busy professional, homemaker or that friend of yours who is always on the go.


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