Paperboat Milkshakes: Multiple Variants Review: #FirstImpressions
FirstImpressions: Paperboat milkshakes

Paperboat Milkshakes: Multiple Variants Review: #FirstImpressions

Packed with vitamin D and loaded with calcium, these new milkshakes by paperboat might just be what you need.

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Though Paperboat had come into the market with its catalog that offered various traditional Indian beverages such as aam panna, aamras, kala khatta and jalzeera, the newly introduced milkshakes by Paperboat, although not ‘traditional’, are popularly consumed by the general public, nonetheless. Milkshakes are a common drink made in homes, available on several roadside carts, and now even sold in tetra packs and cans in supermarkets. Paperboat’s new milk-based drinks are available in three variants – Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate.


Things To Note About Paperboat’s New Milkshakes:


  1. These milkshakes are packed with vitamin D and calcium, which are quite essential for strengthening the bones and boost the body’s muscular development.
  2. There are absolutely no added preservatives or color, thus it increases the health factor of the drink and makes it much safer to consume.
  3. One pack contains about 50% of the daily requirement of calcium, hence it is advised not to have more than two packs per day.
  4. The drink must be immediately consumed after opening, and it comes in a fully recyclable carton, making it an eco-friendly as well as a healthy drink.



The Three Variants Of Paperboat Milkshakes:

The newly introduced Paperboat milkshakes come in three basic variants namely vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.


1. Paperboat Vanilla Milkshake

There is not a single soul on this planet that hates the sweet and sugary taste of vanilla. Its aroma itself is enough to make your day, but what if you could just have it anytime and anywhere? Well, this milkshake aims to do just that.

FirstImpressions: Paperboat milkshakes

Paperboat Vanilla Milkshake

This natural vanilla flavor is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth


2. Paperboat Strawberry Milkshake

The pink color and fruity aroma of strawberry flavored drinks are quite alluring, for its sweet fruity taste is something that one can’t get enough of. It wouldn’t surprise you if we point out the Paperboat’s strawberry milkshake is also quite the same.


FirstImpressions: Paperboat milkshakes

Paperboat Strawberry Milkshake

With its fruity taste, the strawberry milkshake is a great choice to get rid of your sulking mood.


3. Paperboat Chocolate Milkshake

Everybody once in a while loves to get the taste of cocoa. Did you know that in ancient times, chocolate milk was a beverage that was usually enjoyed by people in higher offices? Though there is no need for such formalities now, still the taste of chocolate does make you feel a little royal.


FirstImpressions: Paperboat milkshakes

Paperboat Chocolate Milkshake

The sweet and bitter taste of cocoa will leave you craving for more.

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