Nutty Yogi Ragi Punch Khakhra: #FirstImpressions

Nutty Yogi Ragi Punch Khakhra: #FirstImpressions

Nutty Yogi’s ragi punch khakhra claims to be a healthy tea time snack. Is it what it professes to be? Let’s find out.

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Ragi (Finger millet) is a whole grain used extensively in South India. Ragi has slowly made it’s way to the other parts of the country in the form of flour, chips, laddoos, dosas, pancakes and tea-time snacks. Gluten-free and high in fiber content, ragi can also help in your weight loss journey.

As much as we love healthy tea-time snacks, we like to put flavor first. We tasted and reviewed a tea time snack from Nutty Yogi – Ragi punch khakhra. Here is our #FirstImpression.

Important Facts About Nutty Yogi Ragi Punch Khakhra

*as per information on the pack.

  • Contains palm oil
  • Low on sodium content
  • They are baked, not fried
  • It provides 470.52 KCal per 100 gms.

Nutty Yogi Ragi Punch Khakhra

A mild-flavored ragi based snack that definitely lacks a wow factor.

MRP – Rs 99/-

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression of Nutty Yogi Ragi Punch Khakhra

If you want something different from the daily staples in your tea time routine, you could try Nutty Yogi’s Ragi Punch khakhras. They are very mildly flavored with a peppery kick at the end. Made with ragi and wheat flour, the khakhras are average in taste. When you eat them, you can feel the fiber from the ragi in your mouth (which is a good thing), and the chips are reasonably crunchy.

Nutty Yogi Ragi Punch Khakhra – An experimental tea time snack

The product claims to be baked, providing low calories, the list of ingredients shows palm oil (percentage not mentioned), not making it particularly healthy. What works for it is the fibrous ragi flavor, the mild spicing and the product definitely tastes like it is low on salt (which the packaging mentions too).

However, the chiplets are prone to breakage. So both the boxes we received had more broken pieces than whole ones. At 99 rupees a box, it doesn’t seem to be a value for money proposition especially because half of what you receive is broken.

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