5 Best Kadai For Deep Frying in India with Buying Guide
best kadai for deep frying

5 Best Kadai For Deep Frying – Review, Buying Guide And Types (2024)

Want to learn more on how to choose the best kadai for deep frying? Our buying guide on the best kadai for deep frying is here!

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Different kitchen accessories have different purposes in the kitchen, be it a tawa you use for making the tortillas and pancakes or the casserole pot for making a family tuna casserole. Each of these utensils has a specific structure which is designated for some particular styles of cooking. Flat-faced cookware is used for cooking flat dishes while vegetables and other elements can only be sautéed in the sauté pan. Similarly, you need the best Kadai for deep frying to ensure that your favorite chicken nuggets or the pakodas are cooked to perfection.

We all know that a Kadai is an essential element in an Indian kitchen, especially when you are making a fried dish. That’s why people always look for the best one, with which they can not only prepare a series of dishes but also perform everyday tasks, deep frying being one of them. For this reason, we have described here all the relevant facts that you have to know about the best kadai for deep frying, starting with the types.

Summary Table: List Of Best Kadai For Deep Frying


Serial no. Product Name Buy Now On Amazon
1.  Prestige Aluminum Omega Select Check price here
2. Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai Check price here
3. Hawkins Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Kadai Check price here
4. Hawkins Futura 5 Litre Deep Kadhai Check price here
5. Madurai Sri Meenakshi Indolium Kadai Check price here

What Are The Top Kadai Utensil Pieces That You Can Buy?

Before we discuss something else about choosing the best Kadai for deep frying, we think it will be good to introduce you to the most popular Kadai names of this year. This will clear your confusion and will help you to choose the best one from amongst the list.

#1 Prestige Omega Select Plus Non Stick Kadai

This is perhaps the best Prestige non-stick cookware which you can buy for your home. It has a capacity of 2.2 liters, which is perfect for deep frying. It has an induction, making it the best Kadai for deep frying on induction and regular gas stove cooktop. It is made from nonstick material, which means that your food isn’t going to stick to the inner walls.

You can even use the metal spatula or the spoons for cooking your dishes.

prestige aluminium omega kadai
Prestige Omega Select Kadai

Product features

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  • Capacity – 2.2 litres
  • Dimensions – 46.5 x 30.5 x 34.5 Centimeters
  • Material – Non-stick Aluminium
  • Non induction base

#2 Indus Valley Cast Iron Cookware

If you want a deep-fry pan made out of cast iron with a heavy bottom, nothing can be as good as the Indus Valley Kadai. You can use this for a regular stove, gas, and even on the earthen stoves for cooking foods. Using the cast iron cookware will help you to make your dish healthier with higher iron ion concentration.

It is hard anodized because it is one of the most durable Kadai pieces you will find in the Indian market.

Owing to these features, it has become the best Kadai for deep frying made from aluminium.

indus valley kadai deep frying
Indus Valley Kadai for deep frying.


Product Features

  • No artificial coatings
  • 3.1 L capacity
  • Dimensions – 31.7 x 24.4 x 9.9 Centimeters

#3 Hawkins Stainless Steel SSD15 Kadai

If you want to buy a Hawkins Kadai, this SSD15 will be the best one, helping you cook all your favorite dishes in no time. High-quality stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of cookware, because of which it is considered the best Kadai for deep frying having stainless steel material.

This Kadai will work both on the gas stove and the induction cooktop, thereby making it possible for both traditional and modern homes to have this cookware.

hawkins tri ply stainless steel kadai
Hawkins Tri-Ply Kadai.


Product features

  • Capacity 2.5 Litre
  • Diameter 26 cm
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Comes with a glass lid

#4 Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Deep Fry Pan or Kadai

This is the best Futura Kadai online, which you get for your kitchen without any hassle. This non-stick cookware can be used on the gas flame easily, and it will take little time for the food to be cooked.

The high-quality nonstick element will help you prevent the burning of the food or grease the inner walls. It has a thick and hard anodized bottom, which will help you to deep fry anything for longer times on high flame.

hawkins futura non stick kadai
Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Kadai.

Product features

  • Dimensions – 41.5 x 30.4 x 17.4 Centimeters
  • 5 litre capacity
  • Comes with a wooden spatula and glass lid.

#5 Indolium Heavy Aluminum Kadai

For aluminium Kadai, this Indolium Kadai will be a perfect choice. It has a polished inner wall that acts as a protective barrier to prevent the burning of the food. Also, the Kadai has a thick aluminium bottom, which makes it possible for withstanding high heat at the time of cooking.

madurai sri meenakshi indolium kadai

Product features

  • Dimensions – 22.9 x 22.9 x 10.2 Centimeters
  • Capacity – 1.2 Litre

What Is The General Structure Of A Kadai?

The first thing which we are going to learn about Kadai is its structure. This particular cookware has its origin in the Indian subcontinent. Even though some chefs refer to the Kadai as the Indian version of the Chinese wok, both have considerable differences that set them apart.

A typical best Kadai for deep frying will be thick at the bottom- the only part of the utensil which comes in direct contact with the fire. Kadai’s wall ranges from being thick to thin, depending on the material you are buying. This pan has a depression right in the middle, which almost resembles a crater hole.

In some kitchen Kadai you will find two semicircular handles sitting at two ends of a straight line passing right along the center of the open circumference, while in cases, the cookware comes with no handles. The best part of this cookware is that it comes in various sizes and materials, thereby giving you an ample amount of options at the time of buying.

What Is The Difference Between A Kadai And A Wok?

Often we have seen people getting confused between a wok and kadai for deep frying. Both the cookware has more similarities as compared to the dissimilarities. But since some differences are there, we can’t put these two in the same category, making them the two faces of the same coin.

So, let’s find out the differences between a wok and a Kadai!

  • A wok will have a shallow depression as compared to the kadai in general.
  • If you take a close look at the Kadai, you will see that they are mainly used for deep frying, but a wok is used for normal frying, sautéing, or mixing something on high flame.
  • When you are using the kadai, you won’t have to repeatedly move it and keep the food jumping around inside the utensil to prevent burning. But, while using the wok, it has to be continuously moved to toss the ingredients and prevent the burning.
  • The wok comes with a long holder handle with or without a secondary, semicircular handle to the opposite. A Kadai will always have two circular handles.
  • The Kadai is best used for Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine, but the wok is used for Chinese cuisine.

type of kadai
type of kadai stainless steel

With What Materials The Kadai Vessel Is Made?

Before you buy the best Kadai for deep frying, your job is to know the materials with which this kitchen cookware is made. Learning about the pros and cons of each material will help you to understand the cookware easily, and there wouldn’t be any further problems.

#1 Stainless steel

The most common material used in the manufacturing of the Kadai cookware is stainless steel. The steel used here has a higher percentage of Chromium metal than carbon and iron, making the utensil heat resistant and corrosion-resistant. If you want the dish to be cooked faster without any damage imparted to the object, you must go with the stainless steel Kadhai.

#2 Aluminum

The next versatile element chosen for the fabrication of the cookware is aluminium. There are mainly two reasons for which aluminium is chosen. First, this metal is available in abundance, which reduces the price of the cookware. The second is because of the malleability of molten aluminium pellets. If you are using the induction cooktop for cooking, we would say that the aluminium material will be best for a deep fry kadai.

#3 Non-stick kadai 

In this technologically advanced world, the most preferred type of cookware for deep frying is the non-stick Kadai. Made from Teflon mostly, this particular cookware is loved for its properties to resist the sticking of oil and water particles to the internal walls, the capacity of cooking food fast without burning, and also the ease of cleaning. Several brands are there who have introduced the nonstick Kadai for deep frying, starting with Prestige to Hawkins and so on.

#4 Cast iron

The oldest material used to date in the manufacturing of the kadhai online is cast iron. This particular material helps in cooking the food faster without damaging the taste and the aromatic profile. Also, cast iron kadai is quite durable and sturdy because of which it is used in restaurants and other professional kitchens.

#5 Copper

The last element with which the cooking Kadai is made is copper. Usually, rather than pure copper, its alloys like brass and bronze are used for manufacturing since both these alloys can withstand a high amount of heat and cook the dishes faster.

non stick kadai
Non-stick kadai


How To Choose The Best Kadai For Deep Frying?

We have discussed several different types of kadhai online, which you can get for your kitchen. But do you know which one will be best for you? Here, we will discuss specific ways to buy the best Kadai for deep frying without putting much effort into the selection process.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s begin the discussion!

#1 Size

The size of any kitchen utensil is the first thing you have to consider, regardless of any other factor. As far as choosing the best Kadai is considered, you have to make sure that you have selected the perfect size of the utensil. The size of this particular cookware is measured by certain factors, like the diameter of the open-top, the depth of the Kadai, and the circumference. Based on these three dimensions, you will have to make your choice. Also, the size depends on the cooking you will do.

For example, people usually buy Kadai online, having a wider circumference for making samosas, pakodas, potato chips, etc. But, if you are looking for a utensil for preparing the deep-fried puri, you will need a small pan.

#2 Price

The next thing which you will have to consider is the price of the element. Yes, the Kadai is important for your kitchen, but not at the cost of your entire savings. Now, for understanding the price, there are certain things which you will have to consider. The price of the utensil will depend on the material and the size of the object which you are choosing.

Usually, when you are buying aluminium or a cast-iron Kadai, the price is determined by weighing it and then multiplying the total mass of the same with the rate of the material. The price sometimes depends on the shop from where you are buying. For this reason, it is advised to buy during festivities or when you will have discounts and offers going on. This way you can save money.

The next thing which will matter when deciding the price of the best Kadai for deep frying is whether you are buying a non-stick utensil or a simple one. Since nonstick technology uses special elements, the utensils are costly as compared to the normal ones.

#3 Material

As we have already discussed prior to this that various materials are available for Kadai cooking, which is why you will have to pay special attention to this factor at the time of cooking. Now, choosing the best material is quite difficult, and that’s why you can consider these tips before making the final decision:

While choosing the material, make sure it is the one which you need in your kitchen. Usually, in Indian homes following a traditional kitchen setup, you can see the big Kadai made from cast iron or copper alloys. Whereas, on the other hand, in modern Indian homes, nonstick utensils are chosen.

The material choice will also depend on the price factor. If you think that your chosen material is quite costlier for you, you need to find an alternative for that. For example, if a copper Kadai is becoming too expensive, you can go with its alloys like brass or a bronze pan.

While choosing the material, you need to pay special attention to the heat-conducting capacity of the element. For example, a non-stick kadai will never allow the food to stick to the inner walls despite having high heat-conducting capacity. On the other hand, a stainless steel iron will heat the food quite fast because of which you will find a bit of a problem in keeping the food safe from burning. You can find lots of non-stick kadai online as well.

#4 Brand

Your next job will be to look into the brand of the kadai. In India, many cookware brands are there, which manufacture the best of the best kadhais, and hence, you won’t fall short of choice. So, let’s find out a bit more about the brands which make this particular cookware and how you can choose the best one.

You need to choose quite a popular brand in the Indian market, like Prestige, Hawkins, Nirlon, and so on. These brands have never disappointed the buyers and hence, you should at least pay a look at their collections of the best Kadai for deep frying.

Next, you have to filter out the brand names based on the material of the Kadai they sell. For example, you would never find a cast-iron Kadai from Prestige or Hawkins. Similarly, the best stainless steel Kadai is manufactured by Futura and Vinod. So, be very practical about what material you are choosing.

#5 Color

If you are looking forward to buying the cookware based on the color, you will have to go for the Kadai non-stick pieces because the other materials usually aren’t available in colors. As for the nonstick ones, you will have two options for the color: the color of the outer wall and the inner one. Some of the most popularly available kadais come in colors like matt black, glossy red, voilet, pink, green and even blue.

#6 Capacity

The capacity of the best kadai for deep frying is measured in terms of the total volume of liquid that can be held by the utensil without spilling a single drop. The choice of the volume will depend on the purpose for which you are planning to buy the cookware. For example, if you want to buy it for your regular cooking schedules, you can choose a small nonstick kadai or go for a normal one.

white kadai
White kadai

What Dishes Can Be Cooked In A Kadai Pan?

No discussion about cookware is ever complete without discussing the recipes which you can cook in that utensil. This is why we will be talking about the dishes you can make in a normal or the best non stick cookware India in this section.

  • Methi mutter malai
  • Medu vada
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Donuts
  • Pakodas
  • Samosas
  • Meat balls
  • Cheeseballs
  • Fried rice
  • Stir fried noodles
  • Sauted vegetables
  • Mushroom curry
  • Bhindi do pyaza
  • Beetroot  or palak puri
  • Taco shells
  • Dal dhokli
  • Gobi vatana sabzi
  • Cheesy rice stick
  • Chilli paneer
  • Sabudana vada
  • Chicken curry
  • Other deep fried dishes

How To Clean The Deep Frying Pan After Cooking?

Often while cooking, you will find your best Kadai for deep frying has become the least favorite, thanks to all the burnt and cooked stains on the inner and outer walls of the utensils. Since most of you aren’t aware of the cleaning techniques of the Kadai, here we have described some for you.

Method 1: Baking Soda

  • If you are using a Teflon nonstick cookware, the best way to remove the grease or the food stains is by putting a solution of baking soda, mixture, and water inside the pan for five to ten minutes. Let the citrus and the baking soda do its wonders. Once the time is over, gently wash the inner surface of the pan with running water, and voila, your pan will become a new one.


Method 2: With Salt

  • Sometimes, we have seen the aluminium kadai having stubborn stains of both cooked and burnt food which are hard to remove. So, you can boil some water with salt, and then pour the boiling water into the stained Kadai. Keep it for at least a couple of minutes and allow the stains to dissolve in hot water.
  • If the stains are old and become hard, you will have to add baking soda or citric acid. Once the time is over, empty the kadai and gently scrub the inner walls with a steel wool scrubber.


Method 3: Tomato Juice or Sauce

  • If you are using a clay nonstick Kadai with a glass lid online, you can use tomato juice or sauce. Tomato has proven to be an effective cleaner of both grease and stains. We are not using boiling water or citric acid because those elements will react with the clay material, destroying your utensil. So, the next best option will be to use a tomato. Gently rub the sauce over the inner surface and leave the pan for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • After this, use a napkin or a paper towel to remove the sauce or the puree. Wash the dish with running tap water, and you will get a brand new Kadai pan.


Method 4: Dry Kosher Salt

  • When you are using your best kadai for deep frying made from cast iron, you have to extra careful about the cleaning method. Stains and greasy layers on the iron material can be quite stubborn. For this reason, you have to use special techniques that will easily remove these stains. One such way is to pour a generous amount of dry kosher salt in the pan and then adding a little amount of water, equivalent to one bifurcation in your finger.
  • Once added, use a scrubber to make a thick paste of the salt with water by rubbing the solid over the surface. The granular structure of the salt will act as an abrasive material, working nicely on the stains. Once you stop feeling bumps, you can wash off the remaining elements and then wipe the surface with a clean wiper cloth.


Method 5: High Quality Scrubbers

  • For stainless steel kadai, removing the stubborn marks from the surface is a bit easier than the previous methods we have discussed here. If it’s a regular grease stain after cooking, use steel wool or a high-quality scrubber to remove the marks. But, if you have burnt marks, you will have to use a paste of baking soda and a little amount of water. This will help you to remove the burnt marks, which indeed make the utensil look better.
  • Another pro tip to keep your stainless steel kadai clean is to remove the water spots from the internal walls as soon as you clean the cookware. The minerals present in the water can sometimes leave stains on the walls.



While buying the perfect kadai might seem easy, it isn’t. Which is why our buying guide on the best Kadai for deep frying will help you make a better choice. Keep the budget, color, material of the kadai and size of the utensil in mind before making a purchase

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