Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles: #FirstImpressions

Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles: #FirstImpressions

Are Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles the perfect on-the-go, anytime-anywhere food or do we have a tastier option?

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Instant meals are all the rage – Instant upma, poha, noodles, curries are stocked to the brim in every supermarket. Side note (the dadi-nani gang would be horrified to know about your instant cup meals!). Nevertheless, Cup noodles are a handy, convenient and hygienic option while traveling. What more could we ask for when Maggi came in a bright shiny cuppa-avatar to solve our ‘what to eat while traveling’ woes. Does the taste match with our good old trustworthy Masala Maggi or was our excitement for nothing?

Here is our #FirstImpression of Maggi masala cuppa noodles.

What you need to know – Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains gluten
  • Ready in 4 minutes
  • Provides 310 Kcal per serving
  • Contains thickeners and humectants

Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles

Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles are a warm, soupy delight perfect for an on-the-go meal.

MRP – Rs 45/-

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression of Maggi Masala Cuppa Noodles

We cooked the Maggi Masala Cuppa noodles as per the instructions on the packet. Appearance-wise, the noodles are thinner and flatter than the normal Masala Maggi. 

Now, let’s come down to the flavor. It definitely has that Maggi flavor, just not as power-packed as the one in the original cake noodles. Filled with dehydrated vegetables like peas and carrots, we could surely taste the jeera and dhaniya (cumin and coriander). It is tasty, but with milder signature-Maggi flavors.

This is a good option as an on-the-go meal or when you don’t want to experiment at local joints while traveling or if you want something warm and soupy on a wintery evening.

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